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Mainpiece Title: Judas Maccabaeus [part I Only

Role: Principal Vocal Parts Actor:

Afterpiece Title: Favourite Selections from Samson

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah

Song: In 3rd piece: He was eyes unto the blind-Harrison [Siroe]; after violin concerto: The Woody Vale (composed by Miss Poole)-Master Welsh

Music: End 1st piece: a new concerto on the hautboy (composed by W. Parke)-W. Parke; End 2nd piece: a new concerto on the violin-Alday

Role: Actor: W. Parke
Role: a new concerto on the violin Actor: Alday.


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant

Role: George Barnwell Actor: Holland
Role: Uncle Actor: W. Vaughan
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Thorowgood Actor: Berry
Role: Trueman Actor: Blakes
Role: Blunt Actor: Mozeen
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Millwood Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Singing Actor: Miss Young.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Jefferson
Role: Gayless Actor: Jefferson
Role: Sharp Actor: Yates
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Miss Minors
Role: , Actor: Yates.

Dance: IV: The Drunken Peasant-Morris; The Clown-W. Vaughan; V: A Hornpipe-Morris

Role: A Hornpipe Actor: Morris.
Event Comment: Tickets delivered by Sherratt, Gibson, Gilles, W. Purser, Lyon, Pilsbury, Brady, Dowglas, Street, Gardner, Bayne, Standen, Mrs Brigg, Mrs Finney, Mrs Lewis will be admitted. Receipts: #284 19s. 6d. (36.2.0; 7.19.6; 0.15.0; tickets: 240.3.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Role: Alonzo Actor: Staunton.
Role: Prospero Actor: Bensley
Role: Stephano Actor: Moody
Role: Trincalo Actor: Baddeley
Role: Caliban Actor: Bannister
Role: Gonzalez Actor: Aickin
Role: Antonio Actor: Phillimore
Role: Sebastian Actor: Chaplin
Role: Francisco Actor: Wilson
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Barrymore
Role: Ariel Actor: Mrs Forster
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Crouch.

Afterpiece Title: The Humourist

Role: Aldobrand Actor: Suett
Role: Alice Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Coupee Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Blister Actor: Suett
Role: Quaver Actor: Barrymore
Role: Goodwill Actor: Packer
Role: Thomas Actor: Phillimore
Role: Miss Lucy Actor: Mrs Jordan.
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Ward.
Role: Frolick Actor: Baddeley.
Role: Sir Anthony Halfwit Actor: Parsons
Role: Beaumont Actor: Williames
Role: Blunt Actor: Alfred
Role: Dabble Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Mrs Meddle Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Mrs Matadore Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Dance: As17861205; End: Minuet and Cotillion-Master Warburton, Miss Taylor, others

Song: As17861205

Event Comment: Benefit for Portal, Shade, Hicks & W. Purser. Tickets delivered for Love in a Village will be admitted. Receipts: #264 10s. 6d. (18.8.0; 8.14.6; 2.0.0; tickets: 235.8.0) (charge: #106 14s. 11d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Teague Actor: Moody
Role: Careless Actor: Whitfield
Role: Blunt Actor: Williames
Role: Obadiah Actor: Suett
Role: Abel Actor: Burton
Role: Story Actor: Phillimore
Role: Committee@Man Actor: Waldron
Role: Porter Actor: Jones
Role: Servant Actor: Chaplin
Role: Jailor Actor: Wilson
Role: Coachman Actor: Alfred
Role: Soldier Actor: Spencer
Role: Mr Day Actor: Baddeley
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Mrs Chat Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Ruth Actor: Miss Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Humourist

Role: Mrs Matadore Actor: Mrs Booth.
Role: Dabble Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Frolick Actor: Baddeley
Role: Beaumont Actor: Williames
Role: Blunt Actor: Alfred
Role: Sir Anthony Halfwit Actor: Suett
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Mrs Meddle Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Tidswell

Dance: As17880313

Song: End IV: O Say bonny Lass, as17880506

Event Comment: Tickets delivered for this Evening [Account-Book: by Answorth, Appleby, Bayne, Daglish, Dale Jun., Gardner, George, Gillis, Keen, Pilsbury, W. Purser, Smith, Sherratt, Standen, Whittow, Woollams] will be admitted. Receipts: #303 8s. 6d. (33.11.0; 5.6.0; 0.1.6; tickets: 264.10.0)


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell

Role: George Barnwell Actor: Whitfield
Role: Trueman Actor: Barrymore
Role: Thorowgood Actor: Packer
Role: Uncle Actor: Chaplin
Role: Blunt Actor: Burton
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Millwood Actor: Mrs Ward.

Afterpiece Title: The First Floor

Role: Whimsey Actor: Baddeley
Role: Furnish Actor: Suett
Role: Young Whimsey Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Landlord Actor: Chaplin
Role: Snap Actor: Jones
Role: Postboy Actor: Alfred
Role: Frank Actor: Spencer
Role: Monford Actor: Whitfield
Role: Simon Actor: Burton
Role: Tim Tartlet Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Mrs Pattypan Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Dance: End: As17890415; End IV: Highland Reel, as17890527, but Whittow, _Hamoir

Song: As17880920

Event Comment: Benefit for Portal, Shade, Hicks & W. Purser, Kemble Mem.: Benefit the Box-keepers. Receipts: #343 10s. (22.13.0; 5.13.6; 1.2.6; tickets: 314.1.0) (charge: #106 19s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Role: Panthion Actor: Lyons
Role: Outlaws Actor: Phillimore, Burton, Webb, Jones.
Role: Protheus Actor: Wroughton
Role: Valentine Actor: Barrymore
Role: Duke Actor: Aickin
Role: Lord Thurio Actor: Suett
Role: Sir Eglamour Actor: Benson
Role: Antonio Actor: Maddocks
Role: Host Actor: Fawcett
Role: sic] Actor: Haymes
Role: Speed Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Launce Actor: Dodd
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Goodall.

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Role: Butler Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Squire Actor: Whitfield
Role: Candy Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Polly Pattens Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: with a song Actor: Mrs Crouch.
Role: Marcelina Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Agnes Actor: Miss Heard.
Role: Count Almaviva Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Antonio Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Doctor Bartholo Actor: Suett
Role: Page Actor: Miss Romanzini
Role: Bazil Actor: Phillimore
Role: Figaro Actor: Wroughton
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Susan Actor: Miss Farren.
Role: Steady Actor: Sedgwick.
Role: Solomon Actor: Suett
Role: Easy Actor: Burton
Role: Lubin Actor: Dignum
Role: Gillian Actor: Miss Hagley
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wilson.

Dance: As17900308

Song: In IV: a Serenade-Dignum; End: Poor Jack-Dignum


Mainpiece Title: Wat Tyler And Jack Straw: Being The Representation Of That Celebrated And Heroick Action Of Sir William Walworth A lord Mayor Of London, Perform'd In The Reign Of king Richard The Second; Shewing How He Stab'd The Insolent Rebel, wat Tyler, At The Head Of His Rout, In smithfield, For Which Reason The Dagger, Which He So Loyally Employ'd, Was Added To The City's Arms, And Loyalty

Role: Wat Tyler Actor: Penkethman
Role: Jack Straw Actor: Collet
Role: King Actor: Bardin
Role: Lancaster Actor: Huddy
Role: Suffolk Actor: Smith
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: W. Williams
Role: Young Walworth Actor: Havard
Role: Pease Stock Actor: W. Giffard
Role: 1st Mob Actor: R. Williams
Role: 2d Mob Actor: Pearce
Role: 3d Mob Actor: Wilcocks
Role: 4th Mob Actor: Machen.


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Afterpiece Title: Lethe; or, Aesop in the Shades

Role: Aesop Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Giffard
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: with The Life of a Belle Actor: .

Dance: III: Scots Dance-Mrs Bullock; V: Hornpipe-Yates


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Role: Lord Randolph Actor: Barrymore
Role: Anna Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Glenalvon Actor: Palmer
Role: Norval Actor: Kemble
Role: Stranger Actor: Bensley
Role: Donald Actor: Phillimore
Role: Officer Actor: Caulfield
Role: Servant Actor: Maddocks
Role: Prisoner Actor: Webb
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Siddons


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Role: Clodio Actor: W. Bullock
Role: Sancho Actor: H. Bullock.
Role: Choleric Actor: Spiller
Role: Antonio Actor: Bullock
Role: Charino Actor: Hippisley
Role: Charles Actor: Walker
Role: Duart Actor: Ryan
Role: Manuel Actor: Diggs
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Parker
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Rice, who never appear'd on any Stage before.

Dance: FFrench Peasant-Nivelon, Mrs Bullock; Pasacaille-Mrs Bullock; Scottish Dance-Mrs Bullock

Ballet: GGrand Dance. As17260430


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Role: Horatio Actor: Milward
Role: Ghost Actor: Hulett
Role: Bernardo Actor: Houghton
Role: Fop Actor: W. Bullock
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Vincent.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Ryan
Role: King Actor: Quin
Role: Polonius Actor: Hippisley
Role: Laertes Actor: Walker
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Bullock, Spiller.

Dance: WWooden Shoe Dance-Nivelon; Peasant-Poitier, Mrs Bullock; French Sailor-Salle, Mlle Salle


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor; Or, The Humours Of Sir John Falstaff

Role: Falstaff Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Ford Actor: Giffard
Role: Sir Hugh Actor: Penkethman
Role: Shallow Actor: Collet
Role: Page Actor: Huddy
Role: Caius Actor: Bardin
Role: Fenton Actor: Lacy
Role: Host Actor: R. Williams
Role: Pistol Actor: Pearce
Role: Bardolfe Actor: Machen
Role: Slender Actor: Bullock
Role: Mrs Ford Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Mrs Page Actor: Mrs Haughton
Role: Ann Page Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Mrs Quickly Actor: Mrs Kirk.

Song: Miss Thornowets

Dance: SShepherd's Holiday, Two Pierrots, Turkish Dance-


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Role: Hamlet Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Polonius Actor: Penkethman
Role: 2d Gravedigger Actor: W. Williams.

Song: Miss Thornowets

Dance: FFlag Dance-Burny; Dutch Skipper-Sandham


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Sir Charles Actor: W. Mills. With an entire New Prologue and the Free Mason's last new Epilogue.
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Aimwell Actor: Mills
Role: Archer Actor: Wilks
Role: Sullen Actor: Harper
Role: Foigard Actor: Miller
Role: Boniface Actor: Shepard
Role: Gibbet Actor: Oats
Role: Scrub Actor: Norris
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Wetherilt
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Mills.

Song: A new Song proper to the Occasion-

Dance: WWhitson Holyday-Boval, Mrs Mills; Dutch Boor and his Wife-Roger, Rainton; Sultana-Miss Robinson


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Role: Macbeth Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Macduff Actor: Giffard
Role: Hecate Actor: Rosco
Role: Witches Actor: Collett, Morgan, Pearce.


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Role: Osmyn Actor: Delane
Role: King Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Gonsalez Actor: Rosco
Role: Garcia Actor: Bardin
Role: Heli Actor: Havard
Role: Selim Actor: Young Woodward
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Tollet.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: 7320330 but Jobson Actor: Miller.

Dance: SScotch Dance-Burney, Miss Wherrit


Mainpiece Title: The Tender Husband; Or, The Accomplish'd Fools

Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Clerimont Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Harper
Role: Humphrey Actor: Miller
Role: Tipkin Actor: Griffin
Role: Pounce Actor: Shepard
Role: Mrs Clerimont Actor: Miss Holliday
Role: Fainlove Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Mrs Tipkin Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Captain Clerimont Actor: W. Mills

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Doctor Actor: Cibber
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Clive

Music: Select Pieces

Dance: II: English Maggot by Villeneuve and Mrs Walter. III: Drunken Peasant by Phillips. IV: Serious Dance by Mlle Roland. V: Rover by Essex, Mrs Walter, Miss Mann, &c


Mainpiece Title: 1 Henry Iv

Role: King Henry Actor: Peterson
Role: Prince Actor: Giffard
Role: Hotspur Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Falstaff Actor: a Citizen of London.

Afterpiece Title: 1 The Lying Valet

Role: Lying Valet Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Scott.


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Role: Macbeth Actor: Garrick, 1st time
Role: Macduff Actor: Giffard
Role: Witches Actor: Arthur, Neale, Yates
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Lady MacDuff Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Duncan Actor: Mills
Role: Banquo Actor: Havard
Role: Malcolm Actor: Blakes
Role: Donalbain Actor: Green
Role: Lennox Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Seyward Actor: Winstone
Role: Seyton Actor: Ray
Role: Hecate Actor: Berry
Role: Ross Actor: Bridges
Role: Young Seyward Actor: Cross
Role: Fleance Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Angus Actor: Turbutt
Role: Doctor Actor: Taswell
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: With the Songs Actor:
Role: Dances Actor: , other Decorations.

Afterpiece Title: Columbine Courtezan

Role: Harlequin Actor: Yates
Role: The Petit Maitre Actor: Blakes
Role: Pierot Actor: Liviez
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Mann
Role: Concluding with a New Dance Actor: Muilment.


Mainpiece Title: Alzira; Or, Spanish Insult Repented

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Old Gerald Actor: Collins.
Role: M Le Medicin Actor: Blakes
Role: Crispin Actor: Yates
Role: Young Gerald Actor: Green
Role: Martin Actor: Morgan
Role: Simon Actor: Turbutt
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Doctor's Wife Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Waiting Woman Actor: Miss Cole.

Dance: III: Mlle Auguste


Mainpiece Title: The Tragical History Of King Lear

Role: Lear Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Edgar Actor: Cushing
Role: Gloucester Actor: Furnival
Role: Bastard Actor: Lee
Role: Kent Actor: Paget
Role: Usher Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Burgundy Actor: Miles
Role: Cornwall Actor: Shuter
Role: Albany Actor: Wignell
Role: Old Man Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Captain Actor: W. Hallam
Role: Aranthe Actor: Mrs Dove
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs Bainbridge
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Cordelia Actor: Miss Budgell.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Song: Brett

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Role: John Moody Actor: W. Vaughan.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Ross, first time
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Yates
Role: Count Basset Actor: Blakes
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Shuter
Role: Manly Actor: Havard
Role: Moody Actor: Winstone
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Willoughby
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs James
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Miss Minors.

Afterpiece Title: Don Quixote

Role: Fairlove Actor: .
Role: Don Quixote Actor: Scrase
Role: Squire Badger Actor: Shuter
Role: Sancho Actor: Costollo
Role: Jezebel Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Guzzle Actor: Taswell
Role: Loveland Actor: Simpson
Role: Dorothea Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Dance: II: The Pierrots-Roger, Shawford Jun; III: A Scotch Dance, as17520427 IV: A Hornpipe-Shawford Jun; V: A Comic Dance-Shawford Jun, Miss Shawford


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Role: Richard Actor: Mossop
Role: Tyrell Actor: W. Vaughan
Role: Buckingham Actor: Palmer
Role: Richmond Actor: Havard.
Role: Duke of York Actor: Master Simson.
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Davies second appearance
Role: Catesby Actor: Marr
Role: King Edward V Actor: Miss Minors
Role: King Henry Actor: Berry
Role: Stanley Actor: Winstone
Role: Tressel Actor: Blakes
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Mozeen
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment

Role: Isabel Actor: Miss Hippisley.
Role: Loveless Actor: Master Vernon
Role: Jeremy Actor: Clough
Role: Phelim Actor: Shuter
Role: Fanfaron Actor: Blakes
Role: Gripe Actor: Winstone.

Song: Wilder


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Role: Osmyn Actor: Holland
Role: Gonzales Actor: Havard
Role: King Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Perez Actor: Keen
Role: Alonzo Actor: Ackman
Role: Heli Actor: Hurst
Role: Garcia Actor: Aickin
Role: Selim Actor: Strange
Role: Lenora Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs W. Barry
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Role: Harlequin Actor: King
Role: Mercury Actor: Dodd
Role: Snip Actor: Parsons
Role: Abram Actor: Weston
Role: Gasconade Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bounce Actor: Bransby
Role: Simon Actor: Moody
Role: Forge Actor: Burton
Role: Justices Actor: Hartry, Clough, Castle, Strange
Role: Irishman Actor: Messink
Role: Coachman Actor: Watkins
Role: Mrs Trumbel Actor: Johnston
Role: Welshman Actor: Wright
Role: Jenkins Actor: Palmer
Role: Constable Actor: Ackman
Role: Mrs Snip Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Sukey Chitterlin Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Mrs Harslet Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Miss Harslet Actor: Miss Smith
Role: Dolly Snip Actor: Miss Pope
Role: other characters Actor: Miss Matthews
Role: with Proper Dances Actor: .