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Mainpiece Title: The Farmer

Role: Valentine Actor: Clarke
Role: Rundy Actor: Gray
Role: Betty Blackberry Actor: Mrs Litchfield
Role: Ranger Actor: Lewis
Role: Strickland Actor: Murray
Role: Jack Meggot Actor: Knight
Role: Bellamy Actor: Toms
Role: Tester Actor: Townsend
Role: Buckle Actor: Farley
Role: Simon Actor: Abbot
Role: Ranger's Servant Actor: Simmons
Role: Chairmen Actor: Ledger, Rees
Role: Frankly Actor: Holman
Role: Mrs Strickland Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Jacintha Actor: Miss Mansel
Role: Milliner Actor: Mrs Follett
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Coates

Afterpiece Title: The Child of Nature

Role: Alberto Actor: Aickin
Role: Marquis Almanza Actor: Wilkinson
Role: Count Valentia Actor: Clarke
Role: Seville Actor: Hull
Role: Granada Actor: Evans
Role: Peasant Actor: Thompson
Role: Servant Actor: Abbot
Role: Duke Murcia Actor: Meredith
Role: Amanthis Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Marchioness Merida Actor: Mrs Litchfield.

Dance: End 1st piece: Peggy's Love- in which, by permission of the Proprietor of the Opera House, who has generously allowed Principal Dancers and Whole Corps de Ballet to appear, the following Ladies and Gentlemen will exert their well known Abilities:Laborie, Didelot, Mme Laborie, Mme Hilligsberg; End 2nd piece: La Vengeance d'Amour, in which the Pas de Quatre de Panurge-Laborie, Didelot, Mme Laborie, Mme Hilligsberg


Mainpiece Title: The Haunted Tower

Role: Lewis Actor: Trueman.
Role: Lord William Actor: Kelly
Role: Baron of Oakland Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Edward Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Robert Actor: Dignum
Role: Charles Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Baron de Courcy Actor: Holland
Role: Martin Actor: Wathen
Role: Hugo Actor: Dowton
Role: Lady Elinor de Courcy Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Adela Actor: Miss Dufour
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Maddocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Young Wilding Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Suett
Role: Young Philpot Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Sir Jasper Wilding Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Beaufort Actor: Trueman
Role: Dapper Actor: Maddocks
Role: Quildrive Actor: Evans
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Corinna Actor: Miss Tidswell.


Mainpiece Title: Antigona

Role: Principal Characters Actor: Viganoni, Benelli, Mme Banti.
Role: Creonte Actor: Viganoni
Role: Emone Actor: Benelli
Role: Adrasto Actor: Braghetti
Role: Nearco Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Antigona Actor: Mme Banti
Role: Ismene Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: As17980614

Ballet: Le Deserteur. As17980614

Role: Henry Actor: Didelot
Role: Louisa Actor: Mme Laborie
Role: Jenny Actor: Mme Hilligsberg
Role: Skirmish Actor: Laborie.


Mainpiece Title: A Grand Selection 0 Of Sacred Music, From The Works Of handel

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 1

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 2

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 3

Music: End II: Bach's concertante for violin oboe viola and violoncello-Messrs [G., R. and C.] Ashley, W. Parke


Mainpiece Title: Five Thousand A Year

Role: 990316but Speaking Characters Actor: Clarke, _Gray
Role: George Fervid Actor: Lewis
Role: Frederick Fervid Actor: Pope
Role: Sir Matthew Maxim Actor: Munden
Role: Henry Hastings Actor: H. Johnston
Role: Mr Goulding Actor: Murray
Role: Paragraph Actor: Farley
Role: Truepenny Actor: Waddy
Role: Dick Actor: Simmons
Role: Officer Actor: Rees
Role: Servants to Sir Matthew Actor: Abbot, Wilde
Role: Servant to Frederick Actor: Curties
Role: Boy Actor: Master Webb
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Betterton
Role: Lady Julia Actor: Mrs Pope
Role: Aurelia Actor: Miss Murray
Role: Lady Maxim Actor: Mrs Mattocks

Afterpiece Title: The Old Cloathsman

Afterpiece Title: The Tobacconist

Role: Face Actor: Claremont
Role: Miss Rantipole Actor: Miss Sims.
Role: Abel Drugger Actor: Emery
Role: Headlong Actor: Betterton
Role: Subtle Actor: Waddy
Role: Knowlife Actor: Thompson
Role: Doll Tricsy Actor: Mrs Litchfield.
Role: Lazarillo Actor: Munden
Role: Borachio Actor: Davenport
Role: Octavio Actor: Mansel
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Clarke
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Waddy
Role: Don Sancho Actor: Thompson
Role: Drunken Porter Actor: Rees
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Sims
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Leserve
Role: Donna Clara Actor: Miss Mansel.
Role: Principal Characters Actor: Hill, in place of _Incledon.
Role: Grub Actor: Munden
Role: Chapeau Actor: Knight
Role: George Bevil Actor: Clarke
Role: Robin Actor: Farley
Role: Frank Bevil Actor: Claremont
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Mansel
Role: Mrs Grub Actor: Mrs Davenport.


Mainpiece Title: Alexander's Feast 0; The Messiah; Grand Selection 0

Music: End II: a concertante for violin oboe tenor and violoncello-G. Ashley, W. Parke, R. Ashley, C. Ashley


Mainpiece Title: I Due Svizzeri

Afterpiece Title: Il Principe Spazzacamino

Dance: End: Le Mariage Mexicain, as18000225; End 2nd piece: Telemaque- [see18000619 and 18000621