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Event Comment: [Mrs King was from the Stamford theatre.


Mainpiece Title: The Heir At Law

Role: Daniel Dowlas Actor: Suett
Role: Dick Dowlas Actor: Barrymore
Role: Caroline Dormer Actor: Miss DeCamp.
Role: Doctor Pangloss Actor: Fawcett
Role: Henry Moreland Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Stedfast Actor: Davenport
Role: Zekiel Homespun Actor: Emery
Role: Kenrick Actor: Johnstone
Role: John Actor: Abbot
Role: Waiters Actor: Ledger, Chippendale
Role: Deborah Dowlas Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Cicely Homespun Actor: Mrs Gibbs

Afterpiece Title: My Grandmother

Role: Vapour Actor: Farley
Role: Gossip Actor: Suett
Role: Souffrance Actor: Caulfield
Role: Sir Matthew Medley Actor: Davenport
Role: Woodley Actor: Trueman
Role: Waiter Actor: Chippendale
Role: Servant Actor: Atkins
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Gaudry
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs King
Event Comment: 3rd piece [1st time; P 2, by John Fawcett. Text 1st published by Duncombe and Moon, c. 1825]: With entire new Scenes, Dresses, and Decorations. The Overture and most of the Musick composed by Dr Arnold. The Selections from eminent Masters, and the whole adapted by him to the Action of the Drama. The Scenery, comprehending a display of Views in the Island of Jamaicav, designed and painted [on playbill of 1 July: from Views taken on the Spot, and documents of undoubted authority] by S. Whitmore. The Machinery by Ronaldson, Sylvester, &c. The Dresses [on playbill of 1 July: made for the purpose by Persons acquainted with the spot where the Scene of Action lyes] by Gay, Mrs Egan, &c. A Prospectus of the Action with the Songs annexed, Price Six-pence, to be had at the Theatre [and reprinted in Dramatic Censor, III, 21-29]


Mainpiece Title: Blue Devils

Role: Megrim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Demisou Actor: Palmer
Role: James Actor: Wathen
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Gibbs.

Afterpiece Title: The Jew and the Doctor

Role: Abednego Actor: Fawcett
Role: Changeable Actor: Farley
Role: Doctor Specific Actor: Davenport
Role: Old Bromley Actor: Emery
Role: Charles Actor: Klanert
Role: William Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Gaudry
Role: Mrs Changeable Actor: Miss Chapman.
Event Comment: 1st piece: In one Act; 1st time at this Theatre [acted 19 June 1784]. 2nd piece [1st time; D 3, by Charles Kemble, based on Le Deserteur, by Louis Sebastien Mercier. Authors of Prougue and Ephlogue unknown]. Morning Chronicle, 1 Aug. 1800: This day is published The Point of Honour (2s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Tobacconist

Role: Abel Drugger Actor: Emery
Role: Subtle Actor: Caulfield
Role: Face Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Knowlife Actor: Whitmore
Role: Headlong Actor: Palmer
Role: Doll Tricksy Actor: Mrs Davenport.

Afterpiece Title: The Point of Honour

Role: Franc Actor: Barrymore
Role: Valcour Actor: Fawcett
Role: Durimel Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Steinberg Actor: Suett
Role: Officers Actor: Trueman, Atkins
Role: Zenger Actor: Klanert
Role: Steibel Actor: Chippendale
Role: Keeper of the Prison Actor: Abbot
Role: Mrs Melfort Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Bertha Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Prologue Actor: Barrymore
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss DeCamp.

Afterpiece Title: The Flitch of Bacon

Role: Captain Greville Actor: Trueman
Role: Major Benbow Actor: Davenport
Role: Wilson Actor: Bannister
Role: Justice Benbow Actor: Waldron
Role: Kilderkin Actor: Ledger
Role: Ned Actor: Abbot
Role: William Actor: Atkins
Role: Putty Actor: Chippendale
Role: Tipple Actor: Suett
Role: Eliza Actor: Mrs Mountain.
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by Joseph George Holman]: The Overture and the whold of the Musick by Davy. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. [Miss Wheatley was from cg.] Morning Chronicle, 20 Aug. 1800: This day at twelve o'clock is published What a Blunder! (2s.)


Afterpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Role: Meadows Actor: Palmer
Role: Old Wrongward Actor: Waldron
Role: Young Wrongward Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Groom Actor: Chippendale
Role: William Actor: Klanert
Role: Canteen Actor: Trueman
Role: Sternhold Actor: Atkins
Role: Sophia Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Miss Leserve
Role: Betsy Blossom Actor: Mrs Mountain.
Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; MF 2, by the younger George Colman]: To conclude with a View of the Camp near Windsorv. A Military Overture, and the New Musick composed by Dr Arnold. The Scenery painted by S. Whitmore. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. [For Colman's borrowing of the character of Caleb Quotem, see 6 July 1798.


Mainpiece Title: The Point Of Honour

Role: Megrim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Demisou Actor: Palmer
Role: James Actor: Wathen
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Gibbs.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Gibbs. 1st piece: Never acted here. 2nd piece [1st time; M. INT 1. In it the playbill lists Dicky Gossip by Suett, but "Fawcett came forward with an apology, stating that Suett had been suddenly taken ill, and was unable to attend the theatre. The galleries...insisted on Fawcett's singing the song in Suett's stead. Fawcett pleaded his incapacity, and at length, by dint of a little buffoonery and grimace (talents essentially necessary on such occasions) succeeded in a appeasing the tumult" (Dramatic Censor, III, 127)]


Mainpiece Title: The Birth Day

Role: Captain Bertram Actor: Emery
Role: Jack Junk Actor: Fawcett
Role: Harry Bertram Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Mr Bertram Actor: Davenport
Role: Circuit Actor: Caulfield
Role: William Actor: Abbot
Role: Mrs Moral Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Ann Actor: Mrs Whitmore
Role: Emma Actor: Mrs Gibbs

Afterpiece Title: A Song for Every Body

Event Comment: Benefit for Fawcett. "We were careful to repair to the Theatre at an early hour. But, to see the whole street lined with carriages and blockaded on both sides with pedestrians vainly pressing for admittance, was more than we had anticipated. Hundreds, who had purchased tickets, were under the necessity of returning home, without passing the threshold of the Theatre...Fawcett exerted the whole scope of his abilities, in grateful return for the patronage with which he was so profusely honoured...Whenever Fawcett moves in his proper sphere, as a comic actor, he is never known to fail" (Dramatic Censor, III, 129). Morning Chronicle, 6 Sept.: Tickets to be had of Fawcett, No. 3, Tanfield-court, Temple


Mainpiece Title: The Review

Afterpiece Title: A Mogul Tale

Role: Johnny Atkins Actor: Fawcett
Role: The Mogul Actor: Barrymore
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Gibbs.

Afterpiece Title: Obi

Role: Adelbert Actor: J. Palmer.
Role: Numpo Actor: Fawcett
Role: Don Gortez Actor: Emery
Role: Belgardo Actor: Farley
Role: Don Alphonso Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Mirtillo Actor: Klanert
Role: Sticko Actor: Chippendale
Role: Serjeant Actor: Abbot
Role: Servant to Don Gortez Actor: Atkins
Role: Don Testy Actor: Davenport
Role: Carolina Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Whitmore.
Role: Robin Rough@head Actor: Fawcett
Role: Snacks Actor: Davenport
Role: Frank Actor: Klanert
Role: Clown Actor: Chippendale
Role: Servant Actor: Abbot
Role: Countryman Actor: Atkins
Role: Rattle Actor: Palmer
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Miss Nancy Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Gibbs.

Song: End 1st piece: Half and Half (never before sung)-Fawcett; End of 2nd piece: Paddy's Description of Pizarro, as18000829