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Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Role: Townly Actor: Havard
Role: Manly Actor: Hulett
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Morgan
Role: Richard Actor: Norris
Role: Basset Actor: Giles
Role: Moody Actor: Pearce
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss M. Hughes
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss J. Hughes
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Vallois
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Leonard
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Christian
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Houghton.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: I: Minuet, a new Ragadoon-De Vallois, Madam De Vallois; II: French Peasant-; III: Pierrot and Pierroress-De Vallois and Madam De Vallois; IV: Pastoral-De Vallois and Madam De Vallois; V: Wooden Shoe Dance-De Vallois, Bowford, Pawlet

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; D 4, by Elizabeth Inchbald, adapted from Zelie; ou, L'Ingenue, by Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de Saint Aubin, Comtesse de Genlis. Beginning with 6 Dec. this was reduced to an afterpiece of 3 acts. Epilogue by Miles Peter Andrews (see text)]. Public Advertiser, 12 Dec. 1788: This Day is published The Child of Nature (price not listed). Afterpiece: Reduced [from 5] into 3 acts. Receipts: #150 15s 6d. (139.10.0; 11.5.6),


Mainpiece Title: The Child Of Nature

Role: Count Valentia Actor: Lewis
Role: Duke of Murcia Actor: Ryder
Role: Peasant Actor: Aickin
Role: Marquis Almanza Actor: Farren
Role: Seville Actor: Fearon
Role: Granada Actor: Macready
Role: 2nd Peasant Actor: Thompson
Role: Servant Actor: Evatt
Role: Marchioness Merida Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Amanthis Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: A Bold Stroke for a Wife

Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Ryder
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Booth
Role: Sir Philip Modelove Actor: Bernard
Role: Tradelove Actor: Thompson
Role: Freeman Actor: Davies
Role: Sackbut Actor: Fearon
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Blanchard
Role: Periwinkle Actor: Quick
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Ann Lovely Actor: Mrs Wells.
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Davenett.

Dance: As17880924


Mainpiece Title: Ines De Castro; Or, Royal Justice

Role: Don Pedro Actor: Francisque
Role: Alphonsus Actor: Verneuil
Role: Don Rodriques Actor: Le Sage Jr
Role: Don Henriquez Actor: Dubuisson
Role: Embassador Actor: Dessessars
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Verneuil
Role: Costantia Actor: Mrs Maker
Role: Ines de Castro Actor: Mrs Fompre

Afterpiece Title: La F1lle Cap1ta1n et Arlequin Son Sergeant: With the Scene of Le Professeur d'Amour

Role: Woman Captain Actor: Mrs Cochoy
Role: Serjeant Actor: Harlequin
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Francisque
Role: Tortillon Actor: Dessessars
Role: Ciel Actor: Dubuisson
Role: Octave Actor: Le Sage Sr
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Cochoy
Role: Pierrot Actor: Maker
Role: Le Professeur Actor: Harlequin unmasked

Dance: Tambourine by Miss Chateauneuf. La Frolick (Daily Advertiser only)


Mainpiece Title: Il Re Teodoro In Venezia

Role: Taddeo Actor: Morelli
Role: Acmet Actor: Morigi
Role: Gafforio Actor: Balelli
Role: Teodoro Actor: Calvesi
Role: Sandrino Actor: Fineschi
Role: Belisa Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Lisetta Actor: Sga Storace.

Dance: End Opera: Les Offrandes a l'Amour, as17871208; End I: New Dance, as17880221; Pas de Bernois, as17880221; Pas de Trois, as17880221; Pas de Deux, as17880221; Pas Seul, as17880221; Pas de Russe, as17880221; Pas de Cinq, as17880221; Pas de Sept, as17880221; General Dance, as17880221; omitted: Pas Seul by Chevalier, Hornpipe


Mainpiece Title: La Cameriera Astuta

Role: Don Pancrazio Garofano Actor: Morelli
Role: Gelsomino Actor: Fineschi
Role: Anselmo Buonvivente Actor: Morigi
Role: Gonzolini Actor: Calvesi
Role: Leonora Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Dirindina Actor: Sga Schinotti
Role: Violetta Actor: Sga Storace.

Dance: End Opera: Les Fetes de Tempe, as17880301End I: New Dance, as17880226; Pas de Bernois, as17880226; Pas de Trois, as17880226; Pas Seul, as17880226; Pas de Russe, as17880226; Pas de Cinq, as17880226; Pas de Sept, as17880226; General Dance, as17880226


Mainpiece Title: Ines De Castro

Role: Rodrigo Actor: Rovedino
Role: Don Pietro Actor: Viganoni
Role: Alfonso Actor: Benelli
Role: Fernando Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Ines Actor: Mme Banti
Role: La Regina Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: End I: Peggy's Love, as17981211; End Opera: Les Deux Jumelles; ou, La Meprise-["The pas de deux of Didelot and Rose was particulary admired, and Madames Laborie and Hilligsberg, who appeared as the Twin Sisters, were most happily successful" (Morning Chronicle, 30 Jan.)]

Role: Ariadne et Bacchus Actor:


Mainpiece Title: The Drummer

Role: Sir George Actor: Ryan
Role: Tinsel Actor: Chapman
Role: Fantom Actor: Walker
Role: Lady Trueman Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Abigail Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Vellum Actor: Hippisley
Role: Butler Actor: Morgan
Role: Coachman Actor: Neale
Role: Gardener Actor: James

Afterpiece Title: The Toy-Shop

Dance: Scot's Dance by Glover, Miss Rogers, Le Sac, Miss Baston, De la Garde, Mrs De l'Orme. Tambourine by Miss Rogers. The Medley by S. Lally, de la Garde, Miss Baston


Dance: End I: Divertisement by D'Auberval-

Ballet: End II: an entire new Pantomime Ballet, in I act, composed by D'Auberval, Amphion et Thalie; ou, L'Eleve des Muses. Principal dancers-[Didelot, Duquesney, Vigano, Fialon, Duchesne, Rousseau, Boisgirard, St.Aumer, Schweitzer, [Mme Didelot, Mme Vigano, Mlle Theodore, [Mlle Gervaise Troche, Mlle Deligny, [Mlle L. Simonet, Mlle R. Simonet, Mlle Puisieux, [Mlle Bithmer Cadette, Mlle Bithmer, Mlle Rousseau, Mlle Vedie, Mlle Durand; [Cast from synopsis (H. Reynell [1791]:) Amphion (eleve des Muses)-Didelot; Bergers de la Phocide-Duquesney, Vigano; Thalie (Muse de la Comedie)-Mme Theodore D'Auberval; Jeune Nymphe de la Phocide (eleve de Terpsichore)-Mlle Gervaise Troche; Terpsichore (Muse de la Danse)-Mlle Leonore Simonet; Jeune Nymphe (favorite de Thalie)-Mlle Rosine Simonet; Melpomene (Muse de la Tragedie)-Mme Didelot; Clio (Muse de L'Histoire)-Mlle Augustine Bithmer; Erato (Muse de la Poesie Lyrique)-Mlle Bithmer; Euterpe (Muse de la Musique)-Mlle Rousseau; Uranie (Muse de l'Astronomie)-Mlle Jacobs; Calliope (Muse de l'Eloquence)-Mlle Birt; Polimnie (Muse de la Rhetorique)-Mlle Watson; Nymphes a la suite des Muses-Mlle Vedie, Mlle Durand, Mlle Berry, Mlle Bougier; Suite d'Amphion-Mme Fialon, Mme Duchesne, Mme Simonet, Mme Menage; Habitants de la Phocide-Mme Boisgirard, Mme Rousseau, Mme Omer, Mme Schweitzer


Mainpiece Title: The Mistake

Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Berriman.
Role: Alvarez Actor: Boheme
Role: Felix Actor: Hall
Role: Carlos Actor: Ryan
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Walker
Role: Metaphrastus Actor: Ogden
Role: Sancho Actor: Hippisley
Role: Lopez Actor: Chapman
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Camillo Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Jacinta Actor: Mrs Egleton.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: In Flora: Wrestling Dance-Lanyon, Newhouse; Entr'acte: French Peasant-de St.Luce; French Sailors-Salle, Mrs Laguerre; Pierrot-de St.Luce; Flag Dance-Nivelon

Role: French Sailors Actor: Salle, Mrs Laguerre
Role: Pierrot Actor: de St.Luce
Role: Flag Dance Actor: Nivelon.

Music: Preamble on Kettle Drum-Job Baker


Mainpiece Title: L Foire De St


Mainpiece Title: Le These Des Dames

Afterpiece Title: La Serenade



Mainpiece Title: De L'ecole Des Femmes

Afterpiece Title: Arlequin Esprit Folet


Mainpiece Title: De Montfort

Role: De Montfort Actor: Kemble
Role: Rezenvelt Actor: Talbot
Role: Count Freberg Actor: Barrymore
Role: Jerome Actor: Dowton
Role: Manuel Actor: Powell
Role: Grimbald Actor: Caulfield
Role: Jane De Montfort Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Countess Freberg Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Abbess Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Nuns Actor: Miss DeCamp, Miss Stephens
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: unassigned Actor: Cory, Packer, Holland, Archer, Maddocks, Clarke, Sparks, Trueman, Surmont, Fisher, Chippendale, Ryder
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Siddons.

Afterpiece Title: The Purse

Role: Will Steady Actor: Wathen
Role: Sally Actor: Miss Leak.

Song: Mainpiece: Vocal Parts-Sedgwick, Dignum, Danby, Wentworth, Maddocks, Evans, Cook, Danby Jun., Tett, Caulfield Jun., Sawyer, Aylmer, Willoughby, Bardoleau, Clark, Mead, Elliot, Ms Stephens, Ms Leak, Ms Arne, Ms Menage, Ms B. Menage, Ms Wentworth, Ms Roffey, Ms Jacobs, Ms Saunders, Ms Maddocks, Ms Bristow, Ms Butler, Ms Gawdry


Mainpiece Title: La Cameriera Astuta

Role: Don Pancrazio Garofano Actor: Morelli
Role: Gelsomino Actor: Fineschi
Role: Anselmo Buonvivente Actor: Morigi
Role: Gonzolini Actor: Calvesi
Role: Leonora Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Dirindina Actor: Sga Schinotti
Role: Violetta Actor: Sga Storace.

Dance: End Opera: Euthyme et Eucharis, as17880313End I: New Dance, as17880308Pas de Bernois, as17880308_Didelot, Coulon; +Pas de Trois, as17880308a Pas Seul-Chevalier; Pas de Deux, as17880308Pas Seul, as17880308Pas de Russe, as17880308Hornpipe, as17880308Pas de Cinq, as17880308Pas de Sept, as17880308General Dance, as17880308


Mainpiece Title: Gli Schiavi Per Amore

Role: Bastiano Ammazzagatte Actor: Morelli
Role: Don Berlicco Actor: Calvesi
Role: Perruque Actor: Morigi
Role: Mlle Neri Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Mlle Pate Actor: Sga Schinotti
Role: Gelinda Actor: Sga Anna Storace.

Song: As17880221

Dance: End Opera: Les Offrandes a l'Amour, as17871208; End I: New Dance, as17880221; Pas de Bernois, as17880221; Pas de Trois, as17880221; a Pas Seul, as17880221; Pas Seul, as17880221; Pas de Russe, as17880221; Pas de Cinq, as17880221; General Dance, as17880221; Pas de Sept, as17880221


Mainpiece Title: An Act Of La Sposa In Equivoco

Role: Tamburlano Actor: Morelli
Role: Pierotto Actor: Rovedino
Role: Conte Giacinto Actor: Viganoni
Role: Guglielmo Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Lesbina Actor: Sga Angelelli
Role: Ernesta Actor: Sga Colombati
Role: Lisetta Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Afterpiece Title: Act II of Semiramide

Dance: End 1st piece: Le Triomphe de Themis, as17980322End 2nd piece: La Vengeance de l'Amour, as17980322 Pas de Quatre of Panurge-_, and names of performers%


Mainpiece Title: The Blind Beggar Of Bednal Green; Or, The Woman Never Vex'd: With The Comical Humour Of Squire Souse Crown And His Man Gudgeon

Role: Souse Crown Actor: Norris
Role: Gudgen Actor: Egleton
Role: King Actor: Huddy
Role: Rakish Actor: Oates
Role: Montfort Actor: Orfeur
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Orfeur
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Middleton
Role: Lady Westford Actor: Mrs Egleton.

Dance: Dutch Skipper-Monsieur De Long Dens, Monsieur De Long Dens'@Two@Children , just arrived from Paris


Mainpiece Title: Pyramus And Thisbe

Role: Pyramus Actor: Penkethman
Role: Wall Actor: Norris.

Afterpiece Title: The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green; or, The Woman Never Vex'd

Music: Concerto on small Flute-John Baston

Dance: Several surprizing Entertainments of Rope Dancing-a Young Lad lately come from France, who flourishes the Colours, plays on the Violin, and turns several Times on the Rope without a Pole; Ladder Dancing-the greatest Performer in the World, who stands on the Top Round of the Ladder, drinks a Glass of Wine, with his other Hand above his Head in the Middle of the Stage; Dancing , both Serious and Comic,-Monsieur De Long Dents, Monsieur De Long Dents'@two@children , just arrived from Paris; To which will be added, Variety of Tumbling-Mons Tollard, others, just arrived from Madrid


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Role: Kite Actor: Hulett
Role: Plume Actor: Giffard
Role: Ballance Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Worthy Actor: Havard
Role: Brazen Actor: Bullock
Role: Pearmain Actor: Norris
Role: Appletree Actor: Rosco
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Melinda Actor: Mrs Purden
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Haughton
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Dance: SScotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; New French Peasants-de Valois and Mlle de Valois


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Role: Charles Actor: Giffard
Role: Cholerick Actor: Penkethman, from cg
Role: Dismallo Actor: Bullock
Role: Antonio Actor: Norris
Role: Charino Actor: Collet
Role: Governor Actor: Winstone
Role: Duart Actor: Bardin
Role: Manuel Actor: Havard
Role: Sancho Actor: Rosco
Role: Monsieur Actor: James
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Purden
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Dance: CChacone-Mrs Bullock; Sailor's Dance-Jones; Pierot and Pierate-de Vallois and Madam de Vallois; Harlequin by Master LeSac, the first time of his appearing on this stage


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Purden.
Role: Sir Joseph Actor: R. Wetherilt, from dl, being the first Time of his appearance on this Stage
Role: Laetitia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Giffard.
Role: Old Batchelor Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Belmour Actor: Giffard
Role: Vainlove Actor: Rosco
Role: Sharper Actor: Havard
Role: Setter Actor: Collet
Role: Bluff Actor: Morgan
Role: Fondlewife Actor: Norris
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Christian
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Morgan.

Dance: MMerry Lasses-Miss Wherrit, Miss Sandham; Sailor's Dance-Jones; Pierrot and Pierrate-de Vallois and Madam de Vallois


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Extravagance

Role: Bellmour Actor: Walker
Role: Courtney Actor: Hale
Role: Bargrave Actor: Aston
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Afterpiece Title: Momus Turn'd Fabulist

Role: Momus Actor: Hulett
Role: Jupiter Actor: Hale
Role: Neptune Actor: Aston
Role: Apollo Actor: Salway
Role: Mars Actor: Walker
Role: Vulcan Actor: Mullart
Role: Mercury Actor: Ray
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Cantrell
Role: Venus Actor: Miss Norsa
Role: Aegle Actor: Miss Rogers.

Dance: SSwedish Dal Karl-Delagarde, Mrs Ogden; French Peasants-de Vallois and Mlle de Vallois

Ballet: AAmorous Clowns. As17330626

Role: Clowns Actor: Pelling, Delagarde
Role: Their Wives Actor: Mrs Ogden, Miss Baston
Role: Courtezan Actor: Mrs Pelling.

Song: Cantata-Salway


Mainpiece Title: Arlequin Jouet De La Fortune

Afterpiece Title: Arlequin The French Lawyer; ou, Crapignant

Entertainment: As17190106


Mainpiece Title: Arlequin Jouet De La Fortune

Afterpiece Title: Le Scaramouche Pedant Scrupuleux



Mainpiece Title: La Vie Est Un Songe; Ou, Arlequin Boufon A La Cour De Naples; Or, Life Is A Dream

Role: Sigismond Actor: Le Sage Sr
Role: King Basil Actor: Verneuil
Role: Duke of Muscovy Actor: Le Sage Jr
Role: Clotalde Actor: Dessessars
Role: Ulric Actor: Dubuisson
Role: Sophronia Actor: Mrs Malter

Afterpiece Title: Arlequin Cartouche, Grand Provost & Judge