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Event Comment: Benefit Signora Frasi. At the Great Room, Dean St. A Musical Entertainment by Handel. To begin at half after six


Mainpiece Title: L'allegro, Il Penseroso Ed Il Moderato

Performance Comment: The Principal Vocal Parts-Signora Frasi, Beard, Wass.

Music: A Concerto on the Organ-Stanley

Event Comment: Benefit for Signora Frasi


Mainpiece Title: Artaxerxes

Performance Comment: Artabanes-Vernon; Rimenes-Raworth (being his first appearance in that Character); Artaxerxes-Mrs Dorman; Artabaces-Signora Frasi, her first appearance in that Character; Semira-Mrs Scott; Mandane-Mrs Barthelemon, her first appearance in that Character.

Music: Concerto on the Hautboy-Fishar


Mainpiece Title: An Entertainment Of Music

Performance Comment: PartI. An Overture by Paradies-; Songs: Perdona Amato Bene (Lampugnani)-Saiz; Contento in Grembo a Morte (Cocchi)-Laschi; Ritorn' al Caro Bene (Bernasconi)-Sga Galli; Concerto-Pasqualino; Pupille Amobile (Jomelli)-Guadagni; Scherza il Nocchier (Brevio)-Sga Frasi; Part II. Concerto-Carbonelli; Songs: Peno si per un Ingrata (Jomelli)-Sga Mellini; Spezza lo Stral piagato (Jomelli)-Sga Saiz; Parto non ho Costanza (Galuppi)-Sga Frasi; Concerto-Miller; Ah! non lasciarmi No (Bertoni)-Guadagni; Prove Sono (Handel)-Sga Galli; Part III. Concerto-Vincent; Songs: Di questo Cor Fedele (Lampugnani)-Laschi; Horses When with Glory Burning (Handel)-Signora Galli; O Sleep (Handel)-Sga Frasi; Son Confusa Pastorella (Jomelli)-Sga Mellini; O Lovely Peace (Handel)-Signora Frasi, Signora Galli; A Grand Concerto of Handel's-.


Mainpiece Title: Entertainment Of Vocal And Instrumental Musick

Performance Comment: Part I. Overture. Della Caduta de Giganti by Gluck-;Airs: Care Paiple in La Caduti de Giganti-Jozzi; San Prigioniero in Il Trionfo della Continenza-Signora Pompeati; Bella consola-Ciacchi; Men Tedela by Handel-Monticelli; La Sortemia Tiranna in Il Trionfo-Signora Imer; Part II. Concerto-Weideman; Airs:Return O God of Hosts, Samson-Signora Frasi; Il Cormeo by Handel-Monticelli; Pensa che il Cielo trema in La Caduta-Ciacchi; Mai l'Amorio verace (La Caduta)-Signora Imer; Concerto-Carbonell; Air:O da Pastor Lampugani-Monticelli; Part III. Concerto-Miller; Airs: Per Pieta in Il Trionfo-Jozzi; Volgo Dubbiosa in La Caduta-Signora Pompeati; The Prince unable to conceal his Pain, Alexander's Feast-Signora Frasi; Duetto in Il Trionfo-Mosticelli, Signora Imer; A Grand Concerto of Mr Handel's-.


Mainpiece Title: Lucius Verus

Performance Comment: Lucius Verus-Signora Pirker, Soprano; Berenice-Signora Cassarini, Soprano; Lucilla-Signora Frasi, Soprano; Vologesus-Signora Galli, Mezzo-Soprano; Flavius-Signora Sibilla, Soprano; Anicetus-Signor Ciacchi?Tenor (Deutsch, Handel, p. 643).
Role: Lucius Verus Actor: Signora Pirker, Soprano
Role: Berenice Actor: Signora Cassarini, Soprano
Role: Lucilla Actor: Signora Frasi, Soprano
Role: Vologesus Actor: Signora Galli, Mezzo-Soprano
Role: Mezzo Actor: Soprano
Role: Flavius Actor: Signora Sibilla, Soprano
Role: Anicetus Actor: Signor Ciacchi?Tenor


Mainpiece Title: Temistocle

Performance Comment: Xerxes-Monticello; Themistocles-Amorevoli; Aspasia-Signora Visconti; Roxana-Signora Frasi; Lisimachus-Signora Galli; Sebastes-Signora Contini [from libretto at British Museum].from libretto at British Museum].
Role: Xerxes Actor: Monticello
Role: Themistocles Actor: Amorevoli
Role: Aspasia Actor: Signora Visconti
Role: Roxana Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Lisimachus Actor: Signora Galli
Role: Sebastes Actor: Signora Contini


Mainpiece Title: Sirbace

Performance Comment: Sirbaces-Monticelli; Rosbales-Amorevoli; Eurene-Signora Visconti; Nerena-Signora Frasi; Astarbus-Signora Galli; Lesbano-Signora Contini [from libretto at British Museum].from libretto at British Museum].
Role: Sirbaces Actor: Monticelli
Role: Rosbales Actor: Amorevoli
Role: Eurene Actor: Signora Visconti
Role: Nerena Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Astarbus Actor: Signora Galli
Role: Lesbano Actor: Signora Contini


Mainpiece Title: Il Trionfo Di Camilla

Performance Comment: Camilla-Signora Frasi; Latino-Laschi; Turno-Signora Giacomazzi; Lavinia-Signora Mellini; Prenesto-Guadagni; Mezio-Signora Moretti.
Role: Camilla Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Latino Actor: Laschi
Role: Turno Actor: Signora Giacomazzi
Role: Lavinia Actor: Signora Mellini
Role: Prenesto Actor: Guadagni
Role: Mezio Actor: Signora Moretti.


Mainpiece Title: Tito Manlio

Performance Comment: Titus Manlius-Pazzagli; Manlius-Ricciarelli; Servilia-Signora Mingotti; Sabina-Signora Frasi; Lucius-Signora Mattei; Decius-Signora Mondini (1756 libretto).
Role: Titus Manlius Actor: Pazzagli
Role: Manlius Actor: Ricciarelli
Role: Servilia Actor: Signora Mingotti
Role: Sabina Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Lucius Actor: Signora Mattei
Role: Decius Actor: Signora Mondini

Dance: NNew Dances-


Mainpiece Title: Solimano

Performance Comment: Larpent MS lists: Solimano-Pazzaglia; Selim-Potenza; Narsea-Signora Mattei; Osmino-Signora Galori; Emira-Signora Frasi; Resteno-Signora Rosa; Maestra de Balli-Lescot.
Role: Solimano Actor: Pazzaglia
Role: Selim Actor: Potenza
Role: Narsea Actor: Signora Mattei
Role: Osmino Actor: Signora Galori
Role: Emira Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Resteno Actor: Signora Rosa
Role: Maestra de Balli Actor: Lescot.

Dance: Signora Forti, Signora Bonomi, Grimaldi, Signora Lescot


Mainpiece Title: L'incostanza Deluza

Performance Comment: First singers-Signora Frasi, Signora Galli [Deutsch, Handel, p. 607].Deutsch, Handel, p. 607].


Mainpiece Title: A Concert

Performance Comment: Vocal Parts-Signora Frasi, Signora Palma.


Mainpiece Title: Susanna, An Oratorio

Performance Comment: Parts were: Chelsias (Susana's father); Joacim (Her Husband); Daniel; 1st Elder; 2nd Elder; Judge-; [ Susannah; Attendant (Larpent MS). But Susanna-Signora Frasi; Attendant-Signora Sibilla; Daniel-the Boy; Joacim-Signora Galli; First Elder-Lowe; Second Elder-Rheinhold; Chelsias-Reinhold (Deutsch, Handel, p. 656).*c1749 2 10 cg [For Prices and times see Advertisement 2 Feb.] I think I never saw a fuller house. Rich told me that he believed he would receive near #400.--Deutsch, Handel, p. 657: Letter frmm Countess of Shaftesbury to James Harris, dated 11 Feb. 1749.For Prices and times see Advertisement 2 Feb.] I think I never saw a fuller house. Rich told me that he believed he would receive near #400.--Deutsch, Handel, p. 657: Letter frmm Countess of Shaftesbury to James Harris, dated 11 Feb. 1749.
Role: Judge Actor:
Role: But Susanna Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Attendant Actor: Signora Sibilla
Role: Daniel Actor: the Boy
Role: Joacim Actor: Signora Galli
Role: First Elder Actor: Lowe
Role: Second Elder Actor: Rheinhold
Role: Chelsias Actor: Reinhold


Mainpiece Title: Solomon

Performance Comment: Parts were: Zadoch (High Priest)-; a Levite-; Chorus of Priests-; Chorus of Israelite-s; Pharoah's Daughter-; Nicaule (Queen of Sheba)-; 1st Harlot-; 2nd Harlot- (Larpent MS). [Deutsch, Handel, p. 66o, lists cast as: Solomon-Signora Galli; Zadok-Lowe; Levite-Reinhold; Pharoah's Daughter, Nicaule, First Harlot-Signora Frasi; Second Harlot-Signora Sibilla.]
Role: Zadoch Actor:
Role: a Levite Actor:
Role: Chorus of Priests Actor:
Role: Chorus of Israelite Actor: s
Role: Pharoah's Daughter Actor:
Role: Nicaule Actor:
Role: 1st Harlot Actor:
Role: 2nd Harlot Actor:
Role: Solomon Actor: Signora Galli
Role: Zadok Actor: Lowe
Role: Levite Actor: Reinhold
Role: First Harlot Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Second Harlot Actor: Signora Sibilla.

Afterpiece Title: a C Concerto


Mainpiece Title: A Pasticcio

Performance Comment: Vocal Parts-Signora Frasi, Signora Galli, Lowe, Mrs Arne, Master Arne; To be divided into three Interludes. After the first a new Concerto on the Organ by Arne-Master Arne; The second Interlude to conclude with a new Pastoral Scene-; the Words selected from Shakespear and composed by Mr Arne. After the third Interlude a Serenata- written by Congreve and set to music by Arne.

Afterpiece Title: The Judgement of Paris

Performance Comment: Paris-Master Arne; Mercury-Lowe; Venus-Signora Frasi; Pallas-Sga Galli; Juno-Mrs Arne.
Role: Paris Actor: Master Arne
Role: Mercury Actor: Lowe
Role: Venus Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Pallas Actor: Sga Galli
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Arne.


Mainpiece Title: Theodora

Performance Comment: Valens-Reinhold bass; Didimus-Guadagni alto; Septimus-Lowe tenor; Theodora-Signora Frasi soprano; Irene-Signora Galli mezzo-soprano; Chorus of Christians-; Chorus of Heathens- (Deutsch, Handel, p. 683).

Afterpiece Title: New Concerto on the Organ


Mainpiece Title: Jeptha

Performance Comment: Jeptha-Beard tenor; Storage-Signora Galli Mezzosoprano; Iphis-Signora Frasi soprano; Hamor-Brent alto; Zebul-Wass bass; Angel-the Boy (Deutsch, Handel, p. 719); Chorus of Israelites- (Larpent MS).
Role: Jeptha Actor: Beard tenor
Role: Storage Actor: Signora Galli Mezzosoprano
Role: Iphis Actor: Signora Frasi soprano
Role: Hamor Actor: Brent alto
Role: Zebul Actor: Wass bass
Role: Angel Actor: the Boy
Role: Chorus of Israelites Actor:


Mainpiece Title: Artaserse

Performance Comment: Artaxerxes-Passerini; Arbaces-Serafini; Mandana-Signora Visconti; Artabanes-Albuzio; Semira-Signora Frasi; Megabyses-Ranieri (Larpent MS).
Role: Artaxerxes Actor: Passerini
Role: Arbaces Actor: Serafini
Role: Mandana Actor: Signora Visconti
Role: Artabanes Actor: Albuzio
Role: Semira Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Megabyses Actor: Ranieri


Mainpiece Title: The Triumph Of Time And Truth

Performance Comment: See17580210. Time-Champness, bass; Counsel (or Truth)-Miss Young [Mrs Scott?] [mezzosoprano; Beauty-Signora Frasi[, soprano; Pleasure-Beard[, tenor; Deceit-Signora Beralta[, soprano (Deutsch, Handel, p. 783)., soprano (Deutsch, Handel, p. 783).
Role: Time Actor: Champness, bass
Role: Counsel Actor: Miss Young
Role: Beauty Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Pleasure Actor: Beard
Role: Deceit Actor: Signora Beralta


Mainpiece Title: A Concert

Performance Comment: A Concerto upon a New Instrument of 26 Glasses-Gluck; Song-Signora Frasi.


Mainpiece Title: L'allegro, Il Pensoroso

Performance Comment: Vocals-Signora Frasi, Miss Young, Beard, Wass, Baildon.


Mainpiece Title: Belshazzar

Performance Comment: Larpent MS lists parts: Belshazzar, Daniel, Cyrus, Gobryas (An Assyrian Noble revolted to Cyrus), Nitocris (Mother to Belshazzar), Arioch (a Babylonian Lord), Chorus of Babylonians , Jews , Medes , and Persians . [Deutsch, Handel, p. 794, lists: Belshazzar-Beard; Nitocris-Signora Frasi; Cyrus-Miss Young [Mrs Scott]; Daniel-Miss Frederick; Gobrias-Champness.
Role: Belshazzar Actor: Beard
Role: Nitocris Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Cyrus Actor: Miss Young
Role: Daniel Actor: Miss Frederick
Role: Gobrias Actor: Champness.


Mainpiece Title: Jeptha

Performance Comment: Jeptha-Beard; Iphis-Signora Frasi; Hamor-Miss Young [Mrs Scott]; Storage-Miss Frederick; Zebul-Champness (Dean, Handel's Dramatic Oratorios, p. 619).
Role: Jeptha Actor: Beard
Role: Iphis Actor: Signora Frasi
Role: Hamor Actor: Miss Young
Role: Storage Actor: Miss Frederick
Role: Zebul Actor: Champness


Mainpiece Title: Acis And Galatea

Performance Comment: Vocal-Signora Frasi, Miss Young, Champness, Beard.

Music: CConcerto on the Harpsichord-Stanley; solo on Violin-Hay


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah

Performance Comment: Parts-Signora Frasi, Mrs Scott, Battishall, Champnes.

Music: Instrumental parts-Hay, the most capital performers; with a solo on the violin-Hay