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Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first performance is not known, but it cannot be later than December 1698, for the play was advertised in the Post Man, 27-29 Dec. 1698. The play may have been produced earlier in the season, but it apparently followed the two operatic works (The Island Princess and Rinaldo and Armida), as the Epilogue alludes to the "late Singers." It also refers to Sigismondo Fideli, as being lately arrived, and he is known to have given a concert on 22 Dec. 1698


Mainpiece Title: Love And A Bottle

Role: Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue by and Actor: Jo. Haynes
Role: Roebuck Actor: Williams
Role: Lovewell Actor: Mills
Role: Mockmode Actor: Bullock
Role: Lyrick Actor: Johnson
Role: Pamphlet Actor: Haynes
Role: Rigadoon Actor: Haynes
Role: Nimblewrist Actor: Ashton
Role: Club Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Brush Actor: Fairbank
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Leanthe Actor: Mrs Maria Alison
Role: Trudge Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Bulfinch Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Pindress Actor: Mrs Moor.


Mainpiece Title: Arminio

Performance Comment: Edition of 1760 lists: Arminio-Emanuele Cornacchini; Tusnelda-Signora Colomba Mattei; Segeste-Gaetano Quilici; Varo-; Sigismondo-Ferdinando Tenducci; Ramise-Signora Angiola Calori; Tullo-Signora Laura Rosa.

Dance: Directed by Gallini. Giovanni Gallini, Mlle Asselin, Maranesi, Signora Provenzale

Event Comment: Flying Post, 21-23 Feb. 1699: The famous Italian, Seignor Fideli, is to Sing next Tuesday at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane; both in Italian and English; which he never yet performed


Mainpiece Title: Play Not Known

Event Comment: Post Boy, 13-15 April 1699: As both the Theatres have been very industrious to Entertain the Town with several eminent Master in Singing and Dancing, lately arrived, both from France and Italy, as Monsieur Balon, Signior Fideli, &c. we are now assured that the Masters of the Theatre Royal have engag'd Signior Clementine, the famous Eunuch, Servant of the Elector of Bavaria, to Sing on their publick Stage, for the short time of his stay in England. There is very great Expectation from his Performance as being a Person of that extraordinary Desert in Singing, that his yearly Salary on that Account is 500 #. a Year