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Mainpiece Title: A Concert Of Vocal And Instrumental Musick

Performance Comment: Vocals-Sga Cremonini, Sg Quilici.
Role: Vocals Actor: Sga Cremonini, Sg Quilici.

Music: FFirst Violin solo-Barthelemon; Violincello Concerto-Ciri; Harpsichord and Organ-Miss Mozart, Master Mozart

Event Comment: Benefit for Sga Bossi DelCaro. 2nd ballet: 1st time; composed for the occasion by Dupret; the music by Bossi, composer and leader of the Band at the Opera House. Of Age To-morrow [advertised on playbill of 30 May] is obliged to be deferred on account of the indisposition of Bannister Jun. Morning Chronicle, 30 May: Tickets to be had of Sga Bossi DelCaro, No. 1, Great Suffolk-street, Charing-cross. Receipts: #327 5s. (212.10.0; 61.13.6; 2.18.0; tickets: 50.3.6) (charge: #215 13s. 7d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Castle-spectre

Role: Muley Actor: Caulfield
Role: Angela Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Osmond Actor: Barrymore
Role: Reginald Actor: Cory
Role: Percy Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Father Philip Actor: Palmer
Role: Motley Actor: Wathen
Role: Kenrick Actor: Holland
Role: Hassan Actor: Dowton
Role: Saib Actor: Trueman
Role: Alaric Actor: Wentworth
Role: Harold Actor: Webb
Role: Allan Actor: Maddocks
Role: Edric Actor: Chippendale
Role: Alice Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Evelina's Ghost Actor: Mrs Powell

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Role: Robin Actor: Wathen
Role: Frederick Actor: Kelly
Role: Nelly Actor: Miss B. Menage.
Role: Crop Actor: Dignum
Role: Endless Actor: Suett
Role: William Actor: Caulfield
Role: Servant Actor: Webb
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Wentworth
Role: Margaretta Actor: Miss Stephens

Dance: End II: New Divertisement Ballet-Sga Bossi DelCaro, Mme D'Egville, Gheri; a Pas Seul-Sga Bossi DelCaro; accompanied on the tamborine-Sga Bossi DelCaro; End: The Lucky Escape Principal Performers-St.Pierre, Grimaldi, Gheri, Miss B. Denis, Mrs Grimaldi, Miss E. Denis, Miss Lupini, Miss Cranfield, Mme D'Egville, Sga Bossi DelCaro, the whole Corps de Ballet

Performance Comment: Pierre, Grimaldi, Gheri, Miss B. Denis, Mrs Grimaldi, Miss E. Denis, Miss Lupini, Miss Cranfield, Mme D'Egville, Sga Bossi DelCaro, the whole Corps de Ballet.
Event Comment: Benefit for Sga Bugiani


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserv'd

Role: Jaffier Actor: Barry
Role: Pierre Actor: Sparks
Role: Priuli Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Bedamar Actor: Gibson
Role: Renault Actor: Ridout
Role: Belvidera Actor: Miss Nossiter, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: The What D'ye Call It

Dance: new Dance never performed before, Le Matelot-Maranesi, Sga Bugiani; Les Sabotiers-Maranesi, Sga Bugiani; being the first time of its being performed this season. By Particular Desire Minuet-Sga Bugiani, Sg Bugiani

Performance Comment: By Particular Desire Minuet-Sga Bugiani, Sg Bugiani.
Event Comment: Benefit for Fishar (ballet master) and Sga Manesiere. Charges #64 10s. Balance to the two dancers #19 7s. (#9 13s. 6d. apiece) plus Fishar #47 2s. from tickets (Box 54; Pit 130; Gallery 141); Sga Manesiere #26 19s. (Box 48; Pit 53; Gallery 70) (Account Book). Receipts: #83 17s


Mainpiece Title: The Wonder

Role: Felix Actor: Bensley, first time
Role: Briton Actor: Wroughton, first time
Role: Lopez Actor: Dunstall
Role: Pedro Actor: Morris
Role: Gibby Actor: Shuter
Role: Lissardo Actor: Woodward
Role: Frederick Actor: Gardner
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Inis Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Violante Actor: Miss Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Dance: II: By Particular Desire, a Minuet-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; III: A Hornpipe-Miss Capon , first time; I: A Serious and Comic Dance-. the serious part- Miss Capon, the comic part- Mas. Burton, Miss Besford (all apprentices to Fishar); IV: A New Grand Ballet called The Old Man Metamorphosed-. Old Man Fishar, Shepherdess Sga Manesiere, Cupid Mas. Burton; In which Dance will be introduced by Particular Desire the Allemande-Fishar, Sga Manesiere

Performance Comment: the serious part- Miss Capon, the comic part- Mas. Burton, Miss Besford (all apprentices to Fishar); IV: A New Grand Ballet called The Old Man Metamorphosed-. Old Man Fishar, Shepherdess Sga Manesiere, Cupid Mas. Burton; In which Dance will be introduced by Particular Desire the Allemande-Fishar, Sga Manesiere.

Ballet: V: For First time this season, The Wapping Landlady. Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Miles; Orange Woman-Sga Manesiere; Double Hornpipe-[See17680416]

Performance Comment: Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Miles; Orange Woman-Sga Manesiere; Double Hornpipe-[See17680416].See17680416].
Role: Jack Actor: Fishar
Role: Landlady Actor: Miles
Role: Orange Woman Actor: Sga Manesiere
Role: Double Hornpipe Actor:
Event Comment: A New English Opera. The Music Compos'd by Mr Rush. Signora Cremonini, Clementini, made her first appearance on this Stage in the Character of Eliza. Sings very well, very Graceful Deportm[en]t & is a great Support to the Opera. many of the Songs were Encor'd. Some few Hisses. but upon the whole, was pretty well receiv'd (Hopkins). Books of the Opera to be sold at the Theatre. A new English Opera, the Royal Shepherd-the Musick composed by Mr Rush.-Siga Cremonini made her first appearance,--sings ver fine,--very graceful deportment, and is a great support to the Opera.--Some hisses--Many of the songs encored. Upon the whole was well liked...On this occasion the Stage was cut near two feet and a half to enlarge the orchestra, to make it contain the additional performers who belong to the Opera House, on whose account the Opera cannot be performed Tuesdays and Saturdays (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Shepherd

Performance Comment: Principals by Vernon, Champnes, Mas. Raworth, Miss Young, Miss Wright, Miss Williams, Mrs Dorman, Sga Cremonini. Alexander-Champnes; Amintas-Vernon; Eliza-Signora Cremonini; Thamiris-Miss Young; Camilla-Miss Wright; Agenor-Mrs Dorman (Edition of 1764).
Role: Alexander Actor: Champnes
Role: Amintas Actor: Vernon
Role: Eliza Actor: Signora Cremonini
Role: Thamiris Actor: Miss Young
Role: Camilla Actor: Miss Wright
Role: Agenor Actor: Mrs Dorman

Dance: I: A New Dance call'd The Hunters-Mas. Clinton, Miss Street, Miss Ford; II: The Faggot Binders-Aldridge, Miss Baker; End Opera: A Dance-Grimaldi, Lauchery, Miss Baker

Event Comment: Benefit for Sga Sestini. A Comic Opera; the Music by Anfossi. Tickets, 10s. 6d. each, to be had of Sga Sestini, No. 38, Mount-street, Berkeleysquare


Mainpiece Title: I Viaggiatori Felici; Or, The Happy Travellers

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Babbini, Tasca, Morigi, Schinotti; Sga Sestini, Miss Wheeler, Sga Ferrarese del Bene. [Cast adjusted from libretto Q. Jarvis, 1785): Giannetto-Babbini; Don Gastone-Tasca; Patterio-Morigi; Pasquino-Schinotti; Isabella-Sga Sestini; Lauretta-Miss Wheeler; Bettina-Sga Ferrarese del Bene.] hathi. hathi.
Role: : Giannetto Actor: Babbini
Role: Don Gastone Actor: Tasca
Role: Patterio Actor: Morigi
Role: Pasquino Actor: Schinotti
Role: Isabella Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Lauretta Actor: Miss Wheeler
Role: Bettina Actor: Sga Ferrarese del Bene.

Dance: End of Act I New Divertissement, as17860311but omitted: Mlle Mozon, Fabiani; End of Opera Divertissement Villageois, as17860218, but omitted: Mlle Mozon

Role: : Acis Actor: Vestris
Role: Thetis Actor: Mlle Mozon.

Song: Sga Sestini will introduce some favourite songs


Mainpiece Title: Ezio

Performance Comment: Characters by Pacchierotti, Ansani, Manzoletto, Micheli; Sga Lorenzini, Sga Prudom. [Cast from libretto (E. Cox, 1782): Ezio-Pacchierotti; Massimo-Ansani; Valentiniano-Manzoletto; Varo-Micheli; Onoria-Sga Lorenzini; Fulvia-Sga Prudom.] hathi. hathi.
Role: : Ezio Actor: Pacchierotti
Role: Massimo Actor: Ansani
Role: Valentiniano Actor: Manzoletto
Role: Varo Actor: Micheli
Role: Onoria Actor: Sga Lorenzini
Role: Fulvia Actor: Sga Prudom.

Dance: End of Act I a Pastoral Dance (composed by Simonet) by Henry, Bournonville, Raymond, Sga Crespi, Mlle Dumont; End of Act II A Divertisement Dance (composed by Noverre) by Gardel, Mlle Baccelli, Nivelon, Mlle Theodore, Henry. Sga Crespi, Bournonville, &c; End of Opera a new Tragi-Pantomime Ballet (composed by Noverre), Les Amans Reunis, by Gardel, Mlle Baccelli, Nivelon, Mlle Theodore, Slingsby, Simonet, Henry, Bournonville, Raymond, Mlle Dumont, Sga Crespi. [Partial cast, with synopsis of action, from Morning Herald, 18 Dec: Alphonso-Gardel; Ines-Mlle Baccelli; Chief of the Island-Slingsby.]

Performance Comment: Sga Crespi, Bournonville, &c; End of Opera a new Tragi-Pantomime Ballet (composed by Noverre), Les Amans Reunis, by Gardel, Mlle Baccelli, Nivelon, Mlle Theodore, Slingsby, Simonet, Henry, Bournonville, Raymond, Mlle Dumont, Sga Crespi. [Partial cast, with synopsis of action, from Morning Herald, 18 Dec: Alphonso-Gardel; Ines-Mlle Baccelli; Chief of the Island-Slingsby.] hathi. hathi.


Mainpiece Title: Il Trionfo Della Costanza

Role: : Giorgio Actor: Viganoni
Role: Pasquale Actor: Morigi
Role: Il Baronedi Ripa Verde Actor: Bartolini
Role: Il Re Actor: Schinotti
Role: Giacomina Actor: Sga Gherardi
Role: Lisetta Actor: Sga Pollone
Role: Giannina Actor: Sga Allegranti.

Dance: End of Act I an entirely new Divertissement, composed by Lepicq, li Riposo del Campo; or, The Recreations of the Camp, in which a Pas de Deux, La Recrue par Force; or, The Kidnappers, by Lepicq and Mme Rossi, and the other characters by Slingsby, Henry, Zuchelli, Sga Crespi, Mlle Theodore; End of Opera a new Ballet (1st time), founded on the Fairy Tale by Voltaire, La Begueule; or, She Wou'd and She Wou'd Not, in which a Minuet by Lepicq and Mme Rossi, and the other characters by Slingsby, Henry, Degville Jun., Sga Crespi, Mlle Theodore, Mme Simonet

Performance Comment: , Sga Crespi, Mlle Theodore, Mme Simonet .
Event Comment: Sga Ferrarese continuing very much indisposed the new Serious Opera [Demetrio, announced in Public Advertiser, 3 Jan.] is unavoidably postponed [see 8 Jan.]


Mainpiece Title: I Rivali Delusi

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Tasca, Bartolini, Schinotti, Franchi; Sga Schinotti, Sga Catenacci, Sga Rachele Dorta. [Cast from libretto (H. Reynell, 1784): Titta-Tasca; Il Conte di Belfiore-Bartolini; Mingotto-Schinotti; Masotto-Franchi; Livietta-Sga Schinotti; La Contessa-Sga Catenacci; Dorina-Sga Rachele Dorta.] hathi. hathi.
Role: : Titta Actor: Tasca
Role: Il Conte di Belfiore Actor: Bartolini
Role: Mingotto Actor: Schinotti
Role: Masotto Actor: Franchi
Role: Livietta Actor: Sga Schinotti
Role: La Contessa Actor: Sga Catenacci
Role: Dorina Actor: Sga Rachele Dorta.

Dance: As17850101 throughout

Event Comment: Sga Campolini and Sg Guglielmi are extremely sorry that the New Dances intended to be performed this night are prevented on account of the indisposition of Sga Radicatti. The Poetry, taken from an old Book, is altered and adapted to the present Taste by Bottarelli; Music by Piccini. Benefit for Signora Campolini and Guglielmi. Scene Painters and Machinists-Bigari and Conti


Mainpiece Title: Sesostri

Performance Comment: Sesostris-Guarducci; Amasis-Moser; Artenices-Sga Campolini; Nitocris-Sga Quercioli; Fanetes-Savoi; Orgontes-Morigi (Edition of 1768).
Role: Sesostris Actor: Guarducci
Role: Amasis Actor: Moser
Role: Artenices Actor: Sga Campolini
Role: Nitocris Actor: Sga Quercioli
Role: Fanetes Actor: Savoi
Role: Orgontes Actor: Morigi
Event Comment: Sga Giuliani being very much indisposed, the Comic Opera is unavoidably obliged to be substituted for Il Disertore [advertised in World, 1 May]


Mainpiece Title: La Cosa Rara

Performance Comment: As17890110, but Queen of Spain-Sga Sestini in place of Sga Graziani.

Dance: End I: Les Jalousies du Serail, as17890317but Mlle Guimard; in which the favourite +Pas de Deux Russe-[See17890507]; End Opera: Admete-[, as17890428

Event Comment: [Sga Sestini's 1st appearance as Jessamy at this theatre was on 10 Aug. 1784.]


Mainpiece Title: Lionel And Clarissa

Performance Comment: Jessamy-Sga Sestini (2nd appearance in that character on this stage); Lionel-Brett; Sir John Flowerdale-Aickin; Jenkins-Bannister; Harman-Davies; Colonel Oldboy-Parsons; Diana-Miss George; Lady Mary-Mrs Webb; Jenny-Mrs Wells; Clarissa-Mrs Bannister .
Role: Jessamy Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Lionel Actor: Brett
Role: Sir John Flowerdale Actor: Aickin
Role: Jenkins Actor: Bannister
Role: Harman Actor: Davies
Role: Colonel Oldboy Actor: Parsons
Role: Diana Actor: Miss George
Role: Lady Mary Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Clarissa Actor: Mrs Bannister

Afterpiece Title: A Beggar on Horseback

Role: : Corny Buttercup Actor: Edwin
Role: Horace Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Cosey Actor: Baddeley
Role: Scout Actor: R. Palmer
Role: James Actor: Burton
Role: Old Barnavag Actor: Barrett
Role: Tweedel Actor: Lyons
Role: Billy Actor: Painter
Role: Old Codger Actor: Parsons
Role: Nancy Buttercup Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Mrs Neighborly Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Miss Barnavag Actor: Miss Francis
Role: Mrs Mummery Actor: Mrs Webb.

Dance: As17850617

Event Comment: [Sga Sestini's 1st appearance as Fanny was at this theatre on 17 Aug. 1784.]


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Performance Comment: Lord Aimworth-Brett; Sir Harry Sycamore-Edwin; Fairfield-Aickin; Ralph-Meadows (1st appearance in that character); Giles-Bannister; Fanny-Sga Sestini (2nd appearance in that character); Theodosia-Miss Langrish; Lady Sycamore-Mrs Webb; Patty-Mrs Bannister .
Role: Lord Aimworth Actor: Brett
Role: Sir Harry Sycamore Actor: Edwin
Role: Fairfield Actor: Aickin
Role: Ralph Actor: Meadows
Role: Giles Actor: Bannister
Role: Fanny Actor: Sga Sestini
Role: Theodosia Actor: Miss Langrish
Role: Lady Sycamore Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Bannister

Afterpiece Title: A Beggar on Horseback

Role: : Corny Buttercup Actor: Edwin
Role: Horace Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Cosey Actor: Baddeley
Role: Scout Actor: R. Palmer
Role: James Actor: Burton
Role: Old Barnavag Actor: Barrett
Role: Tweedel Actor: Lyons
Role: Billy Actor: Painter
Role: Old Codger Actor: Parsons
Role: Nancy Buttercup Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Mrs Neighborly Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Miss Barnavag Actor: Miss Francis
Role: Mrs Mummery Actor: Mrs Webb.

Dance: As17850623

Event Comment: MMarybone Gardens are now opened, and will be continued every evening during the summer season: There will be a musical performance in the orchestra, and after that an English burletta called La Serva Padrona. The music composed by Pergolesi, wherein Sga Seratina, who is now pretty well recovered of her late illness, and who has met with such universal applause in these performances, will perform the principal part. The doors will be opened at Five, the Music begin at Six, and the Burletta at Eight o'clock. Admittance 1s. The Books of the Burletta to be had at the Bar of the Gardens. N.B. Mr Truster's daughter continues to make the rich seed and plumb cakes so much admired by the Nobility and Gentry, and will be sent to any part of the town at 2s. 6d. each. She likewise makes almond cheesecakes that excels anything of that kind and are hot at One o'clock, and are sold at 21s. per dozen. [This notice repeated in subsequent bills.


Mainpiece Title: La Serva Padrona

Performance Comment: Sga Seratina.
Event Comment: Benefit for Sieur Daigville, Sga Vidini


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Role: Oakly Actor: Redish
Role: Major Oakly Actor: Love
Role: Charles Actor: Cautherly
Role: Lord Trinket Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Harry Beagle Actor: Palmer
Role: O'Cutter Actor: Moody
Role: Russet Actor: Burton
Role: Paris Actor: Baddeley
Role: Tom Actor: Ackman
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Toilet Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Baddeley.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Old Gerald Actor: Waldron
Role: M Le Medecin Actor: Baddeley, first time
Role: Crispin Actor: Dodd
Role: Burley Actor: Moody
Role: Young Gerald Actor: Wheeler
Role: Martin Actor: W. Palmer
Role: Doctor's Wife Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Waiting Woman Actor: Mrs Simson
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Love.

Dance: II: A New Dance call'd The European in America-Daigville, Sga Vidini, Sga Daigville, Miss Ross; IV: A New Dance call'd The Amusements of Strasburg-Daigville, Sga Vidini, Sga Daigville, Miss Ross, Miss Armstrong, others of Daigville's scholars; End: A Dance call'd The Ball-Children of Seven Years of Age; in which will be introduced some New Minuets, Allemandes, a Rigadoon, Cotillions-scholars of Daigville , who have been scholars of Daigville only five months

Event Comment: Benefit for Signr and Signa Crespi. Tickets deliver'd by Everard, Walker, Harwood, Miss Berkley, Mrs Hartle and Mrs Ling will be tataken Receipts: #166 7s. 6d. Charges: #65 7s. Profits to Como and Sga Crespi #101 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Role: Francis Actor: Everard
Role: Sir Benjamin Dove Actor: Dodd
Role: Belfield Sen Actor: Packer
Role: Belfield Jun Actor: Brereton
Role: Paterson Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Goodwin Actor: Jefferson
Role: Skiff Actor: Wright
Role: Philip Actor: Davies
Role: Ironsides Actor: Moody
Role: Jonathan Actor: Griffiths
Role: Sailors Actor: Carpenter, Blanchard
Role: Lucy Waters Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: first time Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Lady Dove Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Violetta Actor: Mrs Greville
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Davies.

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Cadwallader Actor: King
Role: Vamp Actor: Moody
Role: Governor Cape Actor: Bransby
Role: Young Cape Actor: J. Aicken
Role: Sprightly Actor: Packer
Role: Poet Actor: Waldron
Role: Robin Actor: Keen
Role: Printer's Devil Actor: Burton
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Jefferson
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: I: A Grand New Spanish Dance-Como, Sga Como, Sga Crespi; II: A New Dance called The School Master-Como, Sga Como; End: A Grand Dance-Como, Sga Crespi; End I Farce: A Hornpipe-Walker

Event Comment: Benefit Sga Campioni. Tickets of Sga Campioni at the Black Lion in King St., Covent Garden


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Role: Othello Actor: Quin
Role: Iago Actor: Ryan
Role: Cassio Actor: Hale
Role: Roderigo Actor: Woodward
Role: Brabantio Actor: Gibson
Role: Lodovico Actor: Rosco
Role: Montano Actor: Cashell
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs James
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bland.
Role: Jobson Actor: Dunstall.
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Sir John Actor: Beard

Dance: I: Serious Dance-Sga Campioni; III: Comic Dance call'd L'Allemande-Picq, Sga Campioni; V: Ball Dance call'd the Louvre-; concluding with: a Minuet-Picq, Sga Campioni

Event Comment: Benefit for Signr Como & Sga Crespi. Paid Mr Benonvilli for models of machinery #10 10s.; Mr J. French on acct (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #91 3s. Charges: #64 11s. Profits to Como & Sga Crespi: #26 12s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Role: Sterling Actor: Hurst
Role: Traverse Actor: Keen
Role: Fanny Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Ogleby Actor: King
Role: Sir John Actor: Aickin
Role: Lovell Actor: Cautherly
Role: Flower Actor: Bransby
Role: Trueman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Canton Actor: Baddeley
Role: Brush Actor: Palmer
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Mrs Heidleberg Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Fribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Loveit Actor: Davies
Role: Puff Actor: Moody
Role: Jasper Actor: Ackman
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Jarratt.

Dance: III: New Grand Spanish Dance-; End: A New Ballet, call'd The Pirates-Como, Sga Crespi, Sga Chiringhelli, being her first appearance in England; After I Farce: A Grand Serious Dance-Como, Sga Crespi

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Sherry & Sga Crespi. Tickets delivered by Harwood will be taken. Afterpiece: Not acted these 2 years [see 31 Mar.]. Public Advertiser, 17 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Miss Sherry, at Nicholl's, Baker, Bridge's-street, Covent Garden; of Sga Crespi, Poland-street, opposite the Back Door of the Pantheon. Receipts: #257 0s. 6d. (91.14.0; 23.0.6; 0.0.0; tickets: 142.6.0) (charge: #70 17s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Miss Sherry.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Smith
Role: Macduff Actor: Reddish
Role: Duncan Actor: Bransby
Role: Ross Actor: Aickin
Role: Malcolm Actor: Davies
Role: Banquo Actor: Packer
Role: Lenox Actor: Grist
Role: Donalbain Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Angus Actor: Chaplin
Role: Seward Actor: Hurst
Role: Doctor Actor: Wright
Role: Captain Actor: Farren
Role: Fleance Actor: Master Pulley
Role: Seyton Actor: Griffiths
Role: Hecate Actor: Bannister
Role: Witches Actor: Parsons, Moody, Baddeley

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Role: Irishman Actor: Moody
Role: LeBrush Actor: Palmer
Role: Gulwell Actor: Packer
Role: Scotchman Actor: Parsons
Role: Frenchman Actor: Baddeley
Role: Frankly Actor: Davies
Role: Harwood Actor: Lamash
Role: Lord Brilliant Actor: Fawcett
Role: Williams Actor: Wrighten
Role: Margery Moorpout Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Melpomene Actor: Miss Stageldoir
Role: Mrs Doggerel Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: End II: a New Pastoral Ballet, composed by Helme, The Garden of Love-Helme, Sga Crespi, Miss Armstrong, Sga Ricci; End: Chaconne-Sga Crespi

Song: original Music by Matthew Locke-Bannister, Legg, Kear, Fawcett, Follett, Chaplin, Carpenter, Mrs Scott, Miss Abrams, Mrs Greville, Mrs Davies, Miss Jarratt, Miss Collett, Mrs Love, Mrs Booth, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Smith, Gaudry

Event Comment: Benefit for Frantzel and Sga Rosina Balbi. No Building on stage


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Role: Mrs Wisely Actor: Mrs Copin.
Role: Miser Actor: Shuter
Role: Frederick Actor: Gibson
Role: Clerimont Actor: Ridout
Role: James Actor: Collins
Role: Decoy Actor: Marten
Role: Ramilie Actor: Dyer
Role: Mariana Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Wheedle Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Lappet Actor: Mrs Green

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Flash Actor: Shuter
Role: Fribble Actor: Cushing.
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Loveit Actor: Anderson
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Vincent

Dance: II: New Comic Dance-Frantzel, Sga Balbi; III: New Comic Dance-Frantzel; which introduces a Drunken Peasant-Frantzel; IV: Chinese Dance, as17550104; V: a New Pastoral Pantomime-Frantzel, Sga Balbi; a Comic Minuet-Frantzel, Sga Balbi

Event Comment: Benefit for Duquesney and Sga Manesiere. None admitted behind the Scenes


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Sullen Actor: Gibson.
Role: Archer Actor: Smith
Role: Aimwell Actor: Ross
Role: Foigard Actor: Barrington
Role: Gibbet Actor: Bennet
Role: Scrub Actor: Shuter
Role: Boniface Actor: Anderson
Role: Freeman Actor: R. Smith
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Vincent
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Ward.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Woodward
Role: Grumio Actor: Shuter, 1st time
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: II: A New Pastoral Dance-Duquesney, a Young Gentlewoman, his scholar, who never appeared before; III: A Hornpipe-Sga Manesiere; IV: A Minuet-Duquesney, Sga Manesiere; End: A New Grand Ballet, call'd Les Caprices de Galatee-Duquesney, Leppie, Sga Manesiere, Miss Wilford, Miss Valois

Event Comment: Benefit for Sg Daigville & Signa Vidini. [24 April letter signed Ned Shuter dated from his Majesty's Bench of Justice, St Georges Fields: "Theatrical Memoirs giving circumstantial account of my family-Admit my father was a chairman, my mother sold oysters in winter and cucumbers in summer. I was not born in a cellar but in a two pair of stairs front room at one Mrs Merit's an eminent Chimney Sweeper, Vine Street, St Giles" (Winston MS 10). Thomas Weston's apology for the delay of his Benefit. It was owing to his distressed affairs which he had new laid open to the managers. See comment form Edinburg Evening Courant, 29 April.] Paid Renters #88 for Oratorio nights; Mr Dibdin's draft on managers #50; Master Brown 5 nights, #1 17s. 6d.; Rec'd from Messrs Smith and Stanley charges for 11 Oratorio nights at 28# per night, plus candles &c . #342 4s.; Rec'd stopages #9 16s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #151 4s. Charges: #65 11s. Profits to Daigville & Sga Vidini: #85 13s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Twelfth Night

Role: Sir Toby Belch Actor: Dunstall
Role: Malvolio Actor: King
Role: Sebastian Actor: Cautherly
Role: Sir Andrew Actor: Dodd
Role: Orsino Actor: Jefferson
Role: Sir Toby Actor: Love
Role: Antonio Actor: Davies
Role: Fabian Actor: Waldron
Role: Captain Actor: Wright
Role: Priest Actor: Griffiths
Role: Valentine Actor: Wheeler
Role: Officers Actor: Wrighten, Follett
Role: Viola Actor: Miss Young
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Olivia with a song Actor: Mrs Abington.
Role: with song Actor: Mrs Abington, 1st time
Role: song in character Actor: Vernon

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Dance: I: The European in America (for 1st time this Season)-Messieurs Daigvilles, Miss Ross, Sga Vidini; II: A Comic Dance, as17720326 V: Psiche, a Grand Historical Ballet (Never performed before)-Daigville, Giorgi, Sga Daigville, Miss Ross, Sga Vidini

Event Comment: Pit and Boxes Half a Guinea. Gallery 5s. Second Gallery 3s. To begin at 7:00 p.m. Director-Vento; Ballet Master-Bouqueton, A New Comic Opera. Music by the most celebrated masters. [The Public Advertiser on 13 Sept. (notice dated 9 Sept.) had inserted a plea from the managers of the Opera to the Nobility and Gentry to enter their names at the office for season subscriptions in order that their names might be engraved. The singers and dancers who had been engaged for the season: Serious Opera. First Man-Venanzio Rauzzini; First Woman-Caterina Gabrielli; Tenor-Onofrio; Second Man-Manzoletto; Second Woman-Francesca Gabrielli; Last Man-Vincenzo Sestini. Comic Opera: First buffo-Trebbi; First buffa-Sga Sestini; Serious Man-Manzoletto; Serious Woman-Francesca Gabrielli; Second buffo-Fochetti; Second buffa-Sga Cardarelli; Third buffo-Vincenzio Sestini; Ballet Master: Bouqueton. Dancers: Fierville, Palladini, Helm, Mlle Escoelil, Sga Tinti, Mlle Sophie. Managers: Mrs Yates and Mrs Brook; Treasurer-Crawford.


Mainpiece Title: La Sposa Fedele

Performance Comment: Parts by Trebbi, Fochetti, Savoi; Sga Francesca Gabrielli, Sga Cardarelli, Sga Sestini. Marchese-Trebbi; Pasqualino-Fochetti; Count Lelio-Savoi; Valerio-Sestini; Camilla-Francesca Gabrielli; Dorinella-Sestini (Libretto 1775).
Role: Marchese Actor: Trebbi
Role: Pasqualino Actor: Fochetti
Role: Count Lelio Actor: Savoi
Role: Valerio Actor: Sestini
Role: Camilla Actor: Francesca Gabrielli
Role: Dorinella Actor: Sestini

Dance: I: New Pantomime Ballet, Apollon e Daphne-Helm, Mlle Sophie; with new Pastoral Entree-Sga Tinti; End Opera: New Grand Pantomime Ballet, PigmalionAmoureuse de La Statue-Fierville, Helm, Mlle Baccelli, Sga Tinti, Mlle Sophie

Ballet: II: Le Triomphe D'Euthime sur Le Genie de Liba. Euthime-Fierville; La Victime-Baccelli; L'Ombre-Helm; with Pas de Deux-Henery, Mlle Sophie

Role: Euthime Actor: Fierville
Role: La Victime Actor: Baccelli
Role: L'Ombre Actor: Helm
Role: with Pas de Deux Actor: Henery, Mlle Sophie.
Event Comment: By Command of their Majesties. [Sga Spagnolla had been ill and missed a number of performances. For singers and dancers see following letter.] Sir: I am one of those to whom an Oratorio or an Opera (whether Italian or English) gives exquisite delight; and am therefore glad that, as the town is now full, those entertainments will, very probably, be crowded; and thus amply repay the several managers, for the great risk they run, as to their property, as well as for the vast pains they take to amuse us; for the labour employed, on those occasions, is infinitely greater than is usually imagined. The Italian opera has suffered considerably, this season, by the inability of Sga Spagnoli to exert her musical talents, owing to a most severe cold; but as she has now recovered her voice, 'tis presumed that she will be a source of as great pleasure, among us, to persons of a musical ear, and who have a true taste for that species of dramas, as she was in her native country, where she was always heard with great applause. I myself find great charms in the entertainments, as now exhibiting at the King's Theatre: for, besides Sga Spagnoli's taste I do not perceive the least diminution in Sg Elisi's voice or action, both of which pleased us so much two or three years ago. Ciprandi appears to me a fine player as well as singer; and with regard to Sg Savoi, he is generally thought to have a pleasing voice. [Comments on competence of the Orchestra.] The principal dancers are likewise acknowledged to have considerable merit. The gracefulness and the ease of Sg Adriani are very pleasing, as is the elegant agility of Sga Fabris Monari....Sg Sodi has so often diverted us by his compositions as Ballet master that it were superfluous to bestow any encomiums on him in this place. [Long comment on agreeable performance of Sofonisba, Scenery, etc. A puff by Musidorus in Public Advertiser.


Mainpiece Title: Sofonisba

Dance: Adriani, Sga Fabris Monari

Event Comment: Benefit for Sga Hidou. Paid 1 yrs. Poor's Rate for Covent Garden parish to Lady Day last #2 16s. 8d.; one yrs. ditto for St Martin's to Xmas last #60 6s. 7d. (Treasurer's Book). Main characters in the New Ballet New Dressed. Receipts: #170 3s. 6d. Charges: #66 4s. 6d. Profits to Sga Hidou: #103 9s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Role: Belville Actor: Brereton, first time
Role: Savage Actor: a Gentleman, first appearance on this stage.
Role: Leech Actor: Wrighten
Role: Wolf Actor: Carpenter.
Role: General Savage Actor: King
Role: Crow Actor: Wright
Role: Connolly Actor: Moody
Role: Torrington Actor: Weston
Role: Leeson Actor: Palmer
Role: Spruce Actor: Burton
Role: Mrs Belville Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Lady Rachel Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Miss Leeson Actor: Miss Jarratt
Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Miss Walsingham Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Ghastly Actor: Waldron
Role: Mrs Tempest Actor: Mrs Greville.

Afterpiece Title: The Ladies Frolick

Role: Oliver Actor: Dodd
Role: Justice Clack Actor: Parsons
Role: Hilliard Actor: Davies
Role: Meriel Actor: Miss Jarratt
Role: Rachel Actor: Mrs Smith, first time
Role: Vincent Actor: Fawcett
Role: Beggars Actor: Wright, Legg, Messink, Griffiths, Carpenter, Blanchard, Mrs Love, Mrs S. Smith
Role: In Act I a Crutch Dance Actor: .

Dance: I: A New Ballet (for that Night Only) call'd The Force of Love-M LaRavier (his first appearance on that stage), Sga Hidou, Como, Sga Como, Two Children, first appearance; End: The Grand Provencalle Dance, as17750202