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Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never Acted before. [by Henry Fielding.] Afterpiece: Never perform'd before. By Scriblerus Secundus. [By Henry Fielding.] Afterpiece: Never perform'd before. By Scriblerus Secundus. [By Henry Fielding.] Books of the Tragedy, with Notes by Way of Key, &c. will be sold at the Theatre, as also Books of the Farce


Mainpiece Title: The Tragedy Of Tragedies; Or, The Life And Death Of Tom Thumb The Great

Role: King Arthur Actor: Mullart
Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Young Verhuyck
Role: Ghost of Gaffer Thumb Actor: Lacy
Role: Lord Grizzle Actor: Jones
Role: Merline Actor: Hallam
Role: Noodle Actor: Reynolds
Role: Doodle Actor: Wathan
Role: Foodle Actor: Ayres
Role: Bailiff Actor: Peterson
Role: Follower Actor: Hicks
Role: Parson Actor: Watson
Role: Queen Dollalolla Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Princess Huncamunca Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Glumdalca Actor: Mrs Dove.

Afterpiece Title: The Letter Writers; or, A New Way to Keep a Wife at Home

Role: Rakel Actor: Lacy
Role: Commons Actor: Mullart
Role: Wisdom Actor: Jones
Role: Softly Actor: Hallam
Role: Risque Actor: Reynhold
Role: John Actor: Wathan
Role: Sneaksby Actor: Davenport
Role: Mrs Wisdom Actor: Mrs Lacy
Role: Mrs Softly Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Stokes.
Event Comment: At the New Theatre in the Haymarket (where Mr Foote lately appeared), an Orator's head will be dissected secundum artem. The Orators will be shewn lying in state with Heiroglyphicks and Monumental Inscriptions. The Question will be whether they will be allow'd Christian burial? If t'is granted, a funeral Oration will be pronounced by Martinus Scriblerus. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the theatre. Thus orator to orator succeeds@Another and another after him@and the last.


Mainpiece Title: A Course Of Comic Lectures