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Mainpiece Title: Variety

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Role: Solomon Actor: Parsons
Role: Actor: Suett
Role: Easy Actor: Wrighten
Role: Steady Actor: Bannister
Role: Gillian Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wrighten


Mainpiece Title: The Platonic Wife

Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Lord Frankland Actor: Powell
Role: Sir William Belville Actor: Holland
Role: Sir Harry Wilmot Actor: Griffith
Role: Mr Frankland Actor: Lee
Role: Ambrose Actor: Havard
Role: Patrick Actor: Moody
Role: Nicodemus Nicodemus Actor: Parsons
Role: Footman Actor: Ackman
Role: Lady Fanshaw Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Emilia Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Frontage Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Lady Frankland Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Clive


Afterpiece Title: A Duke and no Duke

Role: Trappolin Actor: Woodward.


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Dance: IIrish Dance-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; Scots Dance-Mrs Bullock; Serious Dance-Mrs Wall, Mrs Griffith, who never appear'd on this Stage before; French Peasant-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre; Flag Dance-Nivelon


Mainpiece Title: A Wife In The Right

Role: Lord Seaton Actor: Smith
Role: Ramsay Actor: Bensley
Role: Governor Anderson Actor: Shuter
Role: Bull Actor: Quick
Role: Squeezem Actor: Kniveton
Role: Varnish Actor: Morris
Role: Nicholas Actor: Wignell
Role: Lady Seaton Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Mrs Frankly Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Miss Melville Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Mrs Markam Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Gardner
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mattocks

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Drunken Col. Actor: Yates
Role: Goodall Actor: Dunstall
Role: Oldcastle Actor: Quick
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Helme
Role: Mrs Highman Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Green.


Mainpiece Title: Adventures In Madrid

Role: Gomez Actor: Freeman
Role: Gaylove Actor: Booth
Role: Bellmour Actor: Husbands
Role: Gusman Actor: Bowen
Role: Don Philip Actor: Cory
Role: Jo Actor: Pack
Role: Pedro Actor: Fieldhouse
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Lisset Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Page Actor: Miss Porter
Role: Prologue Actor: Booth
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Porter.


Dance: III: The Village Romps, as17651019


Mainpiece Title: The School For Rakes

Role: Frampton Actor: Reddish
Role: Lord Eustace Actor: Cautherly
Role: Sir William Evans Actor: Holland
Role: Willis Actor: Dodd
Role: Loyd Actor: King
Role: Evans Actor: Palmer
Role: Robert Actor: Baddeley
Role: Mrs Winifred Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Prologue Actor: King
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Clive

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Loverule Actor: Vernon
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Jobson Actor: Love
Role: Nell Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: I: The Wake, as17680929


Mainpiece Title: The Times

Role: Sir William Woodley Actor: King
Role: Counsellor Belford Actor: Bensley
Role: Mr Woodley Actor: Brereton
Role: Mr Bromley Actor: Aickin
Role: Forward Actor: Baddeley
Role: Sir Harry Granger Actor: Lamash
Role: Waters Actor: Wrighten
Role: James Actor: Burton
Role: Colonel Mountfort Actor: Palmer
Role: Mrs Bromley Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Spitfire Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Mrs Williams Actor: Mrs Colles
Role: Mrs Henpeck Actor: Miss Kirby
Role: Lady Mary Woodley Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Prologue Actor: King
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Farren.

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Mungo Actor: Holcroft.
Role: Leander Actor: Vernon
Role: Don Diego Actor: Gaudry
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Wright.


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Barber

Role: Count Almaviva Actor: Iliff
Role: Doctor Bartholo Actor: Moss
Role: Basil Actor: Aickin
Role: Argus Actor: Reeve
Role: Tallboy Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Notary Actor: Burton
Role: Alcade Actor: Chapman
Role: Lazarillo Actor: Edwin
Role: Rosina Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Afterpiece Title: The Portrait

Role: Leander Actor: Davies
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Reeve
Role: Columbine Actor: Mrs Iliff
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss George.

Entertainment: Imitations End: Theatrical Imitations Serious, Comic, Vocal, and Rhetorical,-Rees; Duologue End afterpiece: Hobby@Horses Describing the Statesman's Hobby, the Ladies' Hobby, the Lawyer's Hobby, the Physician's Hobby, the Manager's Hobby, and R. Palmer's own Hobby,-R. Palmer, Iliff


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Role: Senior] Actor: Aickin
Role: Frederick Actor: Maddocks
Role: Amiens Actor: Dignum
Role: Jaques Actor: Kemble
Role: Oliver Actor: Caulfield
Role: Jaques de Boys Actor: Holland
Role: Orlando Actor: Barrymore
Role: Adam Actor: Packer
Role: Touchstone Actor: King
Role: Corin Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Sylvius Actor: Trueman
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Celia Actor: Miss Mellon
Role: Phebe Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Audrey Actor: Miss Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Role: Henry Actor: Kelly
Role: Russet Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Simkin Actor: Russell
Role: Skirmish Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Flint Actor: Webb
Role: Serjeant Actor: Trueman
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Bland.

Song: V: a song, as17990214

Entertainment: Monologue End: The Picture of a Play House; or, Bucks have at ye all-R. Palmer; Vaudeville II 3rd piece: Military Manoeuvres-; The Dead March-; the Ceremony Shooting a Deserter-

Role: Military Manoeuvres Actor:
Role: The Dead March Actor:
Role: the Ceremony Shooting a Deserter Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Performance Comment: Colonel Feignwell-Palmer; Sir Philip Modelove-Baddeley; Obadiah Prim-Moody; Freeman-Philimore; Sackbut-Griffiths; Tradelove-Hurst; Simon Pure-R. Palmer; Perriwinkle-Parsons; Mrs Prim-Mrs Bradshaw; Masked Lady-Miss Kirby; Betty-Mrs Smith; Ann Lovely-Miss Farren (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Philip Modelove Actor: Baddeley
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Moody
Role: Freeman Actor: Philimore
Role: Sackbut Actor: Griffiths
Role: Tradelove Actor: Hurst
Role: Simon Pure Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Perriwinkle Actor: Parsons
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Masked Lady Actor: Miss Kirby
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Ann Lovely Actor: Miss Farren

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Role: Steady Actor: Gaudry
Role: Gillian Actor: Miss Simson.
Role: Lubin Actor: Vernon
Role: Solomon Actor: Parsons
Role: Easy Actor: Wrighten
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wrighten.

Dance: End IV: a Hornpipe-Walker

Entertainment: Monologue End: Bucks have at ye all-R. Palmer


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Role: Chambermaid Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: King
Role: Sterling Actor: Parsons
Role: Sir John Melvil Actor: Bensley
Role: Lovewell Actor: Brereton
Role: Serieant Flower Actor: Wrighten
Role: Traverse Actor: Phillimore
Role: Trueman Actor: Norris
Role: Canton Actor: Baddeley
Role: Brush Actor: Palmer If Miss Sterling-Miss Pope
Role: Palmer If Miss Sterling Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Hopkins

Afterpiece Title: The Divorce

Role: Tom Actor: Williames
Role: Sir Harry Trifle Actor: Palmer
Role: Qui Actor: Tam-Parsons
Role: Tam Actor: Parsons
Role: Timothy Actor: Phillimore
Role: Sambo Actor: Chaplin
Role: Dennis Dogherty Actor: Moody
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Mrs Anaseed Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Lady Harriet Actor: Miss Farren

Song: In Act IV of mainpiece Time bas not thinn'd my flowing Hair by Williames and Miss Phillips

Monologue: 1783 05 14 End of mainpiece The Picture of a Playhouse; or, Bucks have at ye all by R. Palmer

Event Comment: Benefit for Redman, R. Smith, Mrs Griffiths and Miss Ferguson. Tickets delivered out by Hurst, Paddick, Miss Cokayne &c. will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Griffith
Role: James Actor: R. Smith
Role: Poundage Actor: Stoppelaer.
Role: Townly Actor: Ryan.
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Copin.
Role: Richard Actor: Shuter
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Woffington.
Role: Manly Actor: Sparks
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Arthur
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Basset Actor: Dyer
Role: Moody Actor: Dunstall
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Ferguson

Afterpiece Title: The Schoolboy

Role: Young Rakish Actor: Hurst.
Role: Schoolboy Actor: Shuter
Role: Major Rakish Actor: Dunstall
Role: Benedict Actor: Holtom
Role: Friendly Actor: White
Role: Tom Actor: R. Smith
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Lady Manlove Actor: Mrs Pitt.

Dance: IItalian Peasants-Granier and Mrs Granier

Event Comment: 2nd piece: Not acted these 6 years. [Miss Griffiths is identified in European Magazine, June 1798, p. 397, and in playbill of 19 June.


Mainpiece Title: A Quarter Of An Hour Before Dinner

Role: Lord Simper Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Modish Actor: Trueman
Role: Plainwell Actor: Ledger
Role: Mr Level Actor: Caulfield
Role: Mrs Level Actor: Miss Heard.

Afterpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-Kelly (By Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane); Peachum-Davenport; Lockit-R. Palmer; Mat o'th' Mint-Trueman; Wat Dreary-Chippendale; Harry Paddington-Lyons; Ben Budge-Abbot; Jailor-Ledger; Drawer-Waldron Jun.; Filch-Suett; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Davenport; Lucy-Miss DeCamp; Jenny Diver-Mrs Edward; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Jones; Mrs Vixen-Mrs Benson; Mrs Slammekin-Mrs Cuyler; Sukey Tawdry-Mrs Hale; Molly Brazen-Mrs Haskey; Polly-A Young Gentlewoman (1st appearance on any stage [Miss Griffiths]).Miss Griffiths]).
Role: Macheath Actor: Kelly
Role: By Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre Actor:
Role: Royal Drury Actor:
Role: Peachum Actor: Davenport
Role: Lockit Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Mat o'th' Mint Actor: Trueman
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Chippendale
Role: Harry Paddington Actor: Lyons
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Abbot
Role: Jailor Actor: Ledger
Role: Drawer Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Filch Actor: Suett
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Mrs Edward
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Mrs Haskey
Role: Polly Actor: A Young Gentlewoman

Afterpiece Title: Blue Devils

Role: Gondibert Actor: Barrymore
Role: Barton Actor: Aickin
Role: La Varenne Actor: C. Kemble
Role: Marquis of Montague Actor: Caulfield
Role: Egbert Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Duke of Somerset Actor: Lyons
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Master Chatterley
Role: Fool Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Corporal Actor: Davenport
Role: Drummer Actor: Trueman
Role: Fifer Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Robbers Actor: Bannister, Davies, Abbot, Ledger
Role: Gregory Gubbins Actor: Fawcett
Role: Adeline Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Villagers Actor: Mrs Bland, Mrs Edward, Miss Menage
Role: Queen Margaret Actor: Miss DeCamp.
Role: Characters Actor: Fawcett, Munden, Wathen, Waldron Jun., Mrs Gibbs.
Role: Megrim Actor: Fawcett
Role: Demisou Actor: Munden
Role: James Actor: Wathen
Role: Bailiff Actor: Waldron Jun,
Role: Annette Actor: Mrs Gibbs.


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Valentine-Reddish; Sir Sampson Legend-Moody; Scandal-Bensley; Foresight-Parsons; Ben-Yates; Jeremy-Baddeley; Trapland-Waldron; Buckram-Wrighten; Officer-Griffiths; Tattle-King; Angelica-Miss Younge; Mrs Frail-Miss Pope; Mrs Foresight-Miss Sherry; Nurse-Mrs Bradshaw; Miss Prue-Mrs Abington; The new occasional Prologue-Dodd. [This was spoken, as here assigned, at the first 2 performances only (see17761205).]This was spoken, as here assigned, at the first 2 performances only (see17761205).]
Role: Valentine Actor: Reddish
Role: Sir Sampson Legend Actor: Moody
Role: Scandal Actor: Bensley
Role: Foresight Actor: Parsons
Role: Ben Actor: Yates
Role: Jeremy Actor: Baddeley
Role: Trapland Actor: Waldron
Role: Buckram Actor: Wrighten
Role: Officer Actor: Griffiths
Role: Tattle Actor: King
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Miss Prue Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: The new occasional Prologue Actor: Dodd.

Afterpiece Title: The Elopement

Role: Lover Actor: Burton.
Role: George Hargrave Actor: Smith
Role: Mr Drummond Actor: Bensley
Role: Justice Actor: Parsons
Role: Jarvis Actor: Palmer
Role: Mr Morley Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir Charles Seymour Actor: Brereton
Role: Mr Hargrave Actor: Yates
Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Lady Dinah Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Bella Actor: Miss Younge.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Wright
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Clown Actor: Carpenter
Role: Drunken Valet Actor: Griffiths
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Follett
Role: Country Girls Actor: Miss Jarratt, Miss Collett
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Sutton.


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Role: Sir Peter Teazle Actor: King
Role: Sir Oliver Surface Actor: Yates
Role: Sir Benjamin Backbite Actor: Dodd
Role: Joseph Surface Actor: Palmer
Role: Crabtree Actor: Parsons
Role: Moses Actor: Baddeley
Role: Rowley Actor: Aickin
Role: Snake Actor: Packer
Role: Careless Actor: Farren
Role: Trip Actor: Lamash
Role: Sir Harry Bumper Actor: Gaudry
Role: Gentlemen Actor: R. Palmer, Norris, Chaplin
Role: Charles Surface Actor: Smith
Role: Mrs Candour Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Maria Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Lady Sneerwell Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lady Teazle Actor: Mrs Abington

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Performance Comment: Henry-Davies; Russet-Bannister; Simkin-Carpenter; Skirmish-Parsons; Flint-Wright; Soldiers-Legg, Kear, Griffiths, Chaplin, Follett; Jenny-Mrs Davies; Margaret-Mrs Love; Louisa-Miss Collett.
Role: Henry Actor: Davies
Role: Russet Actor: Bannister
Role: Simkin Actor: Carpenter
Role: Skirmish Actor: Parsons
Role: Flint Actor: Wright
Role: Soldiers Actor: Legg, Kear, Griffiths, Chaplin, Follett
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Collett.
Event Comment: Afterpiece [by Bickerstaffe]: a Musical Entertainment never performed there before. The Cnaracters new dress'd. [Daphne identified by Winston MS 10 and by Kemble note on playbill.] Paid Cooper (printer) #42 1s. (Account Book). [Reviewer for Town and Country Magazine commends Miss Wewitzer for the lower register of her voice. Belives she will be a credit to her tutor, Griffiths the Organist."] Receipts: #181 4s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Role: Tamerlane Actor: Bensley
Role: Bajazet Actor: Smith
Role: Axalla Actor: Perry
Role: Dervise Actor: Gardner
Role: Moneses Actor: Wroughton
Role: Omar Actor: Morris
Role: Stratocles Actor: Fox
Role: Hali Actor: Davis
Role: Prince of Tanais Actor: R. Smith
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Arpasia Actor: Miss Miller
Role: The Original Song Actor: DuBellamy
Role: The Usual Prologue Actor: Wroughton.

Afterpiece Title: Daphne and Amintor

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17721012

Event Comment: Benefit for Shade, Cameron, Woollams, Wood, Wilson, Dangerfield, Irish, Edwards, Griffiths, Nix, Wooldridge, Panchaud & Cole [box-keepers]. [This was Dodd's last appearance on the stage.] "Dodd was one of the most perfect actors that I have ever seen. He was the fopling of the drama rather than the age. I mean by this, that his own times rarely shewed us anything so highly charged with the vanity of personal exhibition. He was, to be sure, the prince of pink heels, and the soul of empty eminence. As he tottered rather than walked down the stage, in all the protuberance of endless muslin and lace in his cravats and frills, he reminded you of the jutting motion of the pigeon. He took his snuff, or his bergamot, with a delight so beyond all grosser enjoyments that he left you no doubt whatever of the superior happiness of a coxcomb" (Boaden, Kemble, I, 55). Receipts: #580 17s. 6d. (25.17.0; 37.3.6; 11.0.0; tickets: 503.4.0; odd money: 3.13.0) (charge: #211 17s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Katharine And Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Palmer
Role: Baptista Actor: Packer
Role: Hortensio Actor: Trueman
Role: Grumio Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Music@master Actor: Banks
Role: Biondello Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Pedro Actor: Phillimore
Role: Taylor Actor: Burton
Role: Peter Actor: Evans
Role: Gabriel Actor: Cooke
Role: Nathaniel Actor: Webb
Role: Gregory Actor: Maddocks
Role: Katharine Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Bianca Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Curtis Actor: Mrs Booth.

Afterpiece Title: The Prize

Role: Lenitive Actor: Wathen
Role: Mr Caddy Actor: Maddocks.
Role: Heartwell Actor: Whitfield
Role: Label Actor: Suett
Role: Juba Actor: Master Welsh
Role: Mrs Caddy Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Caroline Actor: Sga Storace.

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Role: Sir Patrick O'Neale Actor: Moody
Role: Whittle Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Nephew Actor: Caulfield
Role: Bates Actor: Maddocks
Role: Kecksey Actor: Dodd
Role: Thomas Actor: Burton
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Miss DeCamp.

Entertainment: MonologueEnd 2nd piece: Monsieur Tonson-Caulfield

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Griffiths, formerly of Drury-Lane Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:00. Tickets delivered by Griffiths for the 27th of February will be taken. Tickets and Places to be had of Griffiths, at the Theatre, every Morning from 10 till 12. Fires are kept to keep the Theatre warm


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane The Great

Role: Tamerlane Actor: Calvert
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal
Role: Moneses Actor: Kent
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: Axalla Actor: Diamond
Role: Dervise Actor: Nash
Role: Bajazet Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Clapham
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: Arpasia Actor: Miss Shelbourn
Role: from the Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Performance Comment: Major Sturgeon-Griffiths; Sir Jacob Jollup-Connell; Bruin-Kent; Crispin Heeltap-Nash; Roger-J. Bartholomon; Jerry Sneak-Decastro; Mrs Bruin-Miss Woodcock; Mrs Sneak-Miss Shelbourn .
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Griffiths
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Connell
Role: Bruin Actor: Kent
Role: Crispin Heeltap Actor: Nash
Role: Roger Actor: J. Bartholomon
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Decastro
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Woodcock
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Miss Shelbourn

Dance: After the Imitations, The Dwarf Dance by Powel

Song: Between the acts of mainpiece several Catches and Glees by some of the principal performers in London. imitations. End of mainpiece Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical, by Decastro

Event Comment: Benefit for Master Mattocks and Mlle L'Contri. Paid Salary List #296 10s. 6d.; Mrs Hobson a bill 3s. (Treasurer's Book). [The George Garrick Treasurer's Book breaks off at this point. It records for 165 nights, a total income of #17,296 9s. as against a total outlay of #12,055 14s. 5d. Cross, who jots down receipts in round figures, and is almost always high, indicates the income from the 164th to the 174th and last night to be #1,446, but since all except one night (11 May) were benefits, the theatre probably received only about #800 (At #63 per benefit). Total income for this season is estimated to be, therefore, #18,096 9s. It is difficult to estimate end of season expenditures. At least #789 10s. 6d. went out in the three final pay days of the season and probably another #500 went out in bills before the books were closed at Midsummer. From this it appears that the profits to the managers that year came to about #4,600.] This day is Publish'd The Actor at 3s. In One Volume (dedicated to the Managers of the British Theatre. A treatise on the art of playing, interspersed with theatrical anecdotes, critical remarks on plays and occasional observations on audiences Printed for R. Griffiths (General Advertiser). Receipts: #120 (Cross). [Income missing from Treasurer's Book.


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Role: Lord Fopington Actor: Woodward
Role: Lord Morelove Actor: Palmer
Role: Lady Betty Modish Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Lady Easy Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Edging Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Charles Easy Actor: Havard
Role: Lady Graveairs Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: King
Role: Mercury Actor: Master Mattocks
Role: Tattoo Actor: _ .
Role: Frenchman Actor: Blakes
Role: Mrs Tattoo Actor: Miss Cole.
Role: Old Man Actor: Taswell
Role: Charon Actor: Winstone.
Role: Aesop Actor: Bridges
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates
Role: Mrs Riot Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: I: The Highland Lad (set by Master Arne)-Master Mattocks; III: Singing-Master Mattocks

Dance: II: La Sabotiere-Master Maltere, Miss Foulcade; IV: Les Fantasies de la Dance-Mlle DelaContri; End: Minuet-Mathews, Mlle Contri

Event Comment: Publish'd at 3s. The Actor, in One Pocket Volume. A treatise on the art of playing, interspersed with Observations on the performances of Garrick, Quin, Barry, Berry, Macklin, Ryan, Havard, Woodward, Foote, &c; Mrs Cibber, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Woffington, Mrs Ward, Mrs Elmy, Mrs Green, Mrs Clive, Miss Bellamy, &c. Also some anecdotes of Betterton, Booth and Wilkes and other celebrated performers; together with occasional remarks upon managers and audiences, and upon the principal Tragedies, Comedies, Masques and Farces. Printed for R. Griffiths in Paul's Church-yard. Receipts: #130 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Role: Fondlewife Actor: Foote
Role: Bellmour Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Joseph Wittol Actor: Woodward
Role: Setter Actor: Blakes
Role: Noll Bluff Actor: Yates
Role: Vainlove Actor: Jefferson
Role: Sharper Actor: Havard
Role: Heartwell Actor: Berry
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Laetitia Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Belinda Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Cowper
Role: In Act III a Dance proper to the play, Actor: Gerard, Mad Lussant.

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Role: Buck Actor: Foote
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Other characters Actor: Lacey.
Event Comment: This day publish'd at 3s. The Actor; or, A Treatise on the Art of Playing. A New Work written by the Author of the former [See dl 30 Oct. 1753]; and adapted to the present state of the Theatres. Containing impartial Observations on the Performance, Manner, Perfections, and Defects of: Garrick, Barry, Woodward, Foote, Havard, Palmer, Ryan, Berry, Mrs Cibber, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Woffington, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Clive, Mrs Green, Miss Nossiter, Mrs Bellamy, &c., &c., in their capital parts. Printed for R. Griffiths


Mainpiece Title: Judas Macchabaeus

Role: Judas Actor:
Role: Israelite Man Actor:
Role: Israelite Woman Actor:
Role: Chorus Actor:
Role: Simon Actor:
Role: Messenger Actor:
Role: Eupolemus Actor:
Event Comment: Some Noise at the Dancers, but not great (Cross). Tomorrow will be publish'd The Dancers Damn'd; Or The Devil to Pay at the old House. Price 6d. Printed for R. Griffiths. [Appears to be an eyewitness, journalistic account, but turns into a considered attack upon mob patriotism. Author purports to describe the action which took place Wednesday night 12 Nov. 1755: 'When the Chinese scene was expos'd, the leader of the Loyal party advanced to the front of the Gallery and thus bespake the House: "O Britons! O my Countrymen! Ye will certainly not suffer these foreign clogs to amuse us. Our destruction is at hand. These sixty dancers are come over with a design to undermine our constitution. This Navarre is Marshall Lewendahl, and the least amongst them is an ensign, disguised in order to perpetrate our ruin!"' After alternate encouragement and abuse Reason, who had descended from the clouds, spoke: "I came hither by the persuasion of Truth and Justice to tell you that amongst all this number of dancers that now stand ready to entertain you there are no more than Four French men and about the same number of females; that their Chief is a Swiss Protestant, who, had not his merit protected him would have been hiss'd off the stage at Paris, for being a Swiss Protestant. And will you damn him for the same reason? Will you pay less regard to Genius than a French Audience? Here a cat-call and one cried out: 'Swiss! What the devil do we know of Swiss! a Swiss is a foreigner, and all foreigners are Frenchmen; and so damn you all!"'] Receipts: #140 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Role: Orlando Actor: Palmer
Role: Jaques Actor: Berry
Role: Duke Senior Actor: Blakes
Role: Oliver Actor: Burton
Role: Adam Actor: Havard
Role: Silvius Actor: Jefferson
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Bransby
Role: Amiens Actor: Beard
Role: Corin Actor: Taswell
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Rosalind Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Touchstone Actor: Woodward.

Afterpiece Title: The Chinese Festival

Role: Parts Actor: Miss Young, _Lewis, _Robinson.
Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Desire. This Morning at Ten will be publish'd at 6d. An Epistle from Mr The. Cibber to David Garrick, Esq; to which are prefix'd some occasional verses, Petitions, &c.: @Lowliness is young Ambition's ladder,@Whereto the Climber upwards turns his face;@But when he once attains the upmost Round,@He then unto the ladder turns his back,@Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees@By which he did ascend.@Shakespeare@"Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so we would have it; let them not say, we have swallow'd him up," Ps. XXXV. v.25. Printed for R. Griffiths. [A thirty-five-page apologia, and bitter attack upon Garrick for supposed complicity in prohibiting the license of the Haymarket to him.] Receipts: #180 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Role: Ranger Actor: Garrick
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Strictland Actor: Berry
Role: Frankly Actor: Palmer
Role: Bellamy Actor: Blakes
Role: Jack Meggot Actor: Woodward
Role: Jacintha Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Mrs Strictland Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Lucetta Actor: Miss Minors
Role: to conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters of the play.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Loverule Actor: Beard
Role: Jobson Actor: Berry
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bennet.