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Event Comment: Benefit for Mr, Mrs and Master Simson. Tickets of Simson in Wild-Passage, Wild St., near Lincoln's Inn Fields, and at stage door. Mainpiece: Acted but once this season. Afterpiece: By Particular Desire. Receipts: #206 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Performance Comment: As17540220, but Fenton-Simson; William Page (to be restored)-Mas. Simson; Mrs Quickly-Mrs Simson; Mrs Ford-Mrs Pritchard; Jack Rugby-_; Robin-_.
Role: Fenton Actor: Simson
Role: William Page Actor: Mas. Simson
Role: Mrs Quickly Actor: Mrs Simson
Role: Mrs Ford Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Falstaff Actor: Berry
Role: Ford Actor: Havard
Role: Sir Hugh Evans Actor: Yates
Role: Shallow Actor: Taswell
Role: Page Actor: Burton
Role: Caius Actor: Blakes
Role: Slender Actor: Woodward
Role: Jack Rugby Actor: Marr
Role: Host of Garter Actor: W. Vaughan
Role: Robin Actor: Master Simpson
Role: Mrs Page Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Anne Page Actor: Miss Minors

Afterpiece Title: The Oracle

Performance Comment: Oberon-Mas. Simson; Cynthia-Miss Simson; the Statue-Granier; With an Occasional Prologue-Mas. Simson; The whole to conclude with a Minuet-the two principal characters of the Farce.

Song: I: Mary Scot (by particular desire)-Beard; III: A Scots Cantata-Beard; IV: Hooly and Fairly-Beard

Dance: CCountry Amusements, as17540416

Event Comment: At Bridges, Cross, Burton and Vaughan's Great Theatrical Booth in the George Inn Yard, will be presented an Historical Drama never acted before call'd The Northern Heroes; or, The Bloody Contest between Charles XII, King of Sweden, and Peter the Great, Czar of Muscovy, with the Loves of Count Gillensternia, a Swedish General and the Fair Elimira, a Russian Princess, Containing the most remarkable Events of that Time; and concluding with the Memorable Battle of Pultowav, and Charles's Retreat into the Turkish Dominionv. Interspers'd with a Comic Interlude (never perform'd before) called The Volunteers; or, the Adventures of Roderick Random and his Friend Strap. Also the Comical Humours and Amours of Corporal Garbage and Serjeant Slim, with Mrs Vanspriggen the Swedish Sutler's Widow; the merry Pranks of her foolish son Janny, and several other diverting incidents. Boxes 2s. 6d. Pit 1s. 6d. First Gallery 1s. Upper Gallery 6d. To begin each Day at Twelve o'clock. [This notice repeated during "the short Time of the Fair." Notice repeated 24, 26, 27 Aug.


Mainpiece Title: The Northern Heros

Performance Comment: Charles XII-Usher; Prince of Wurtemburgh-Jackson; Gillensternia-Hazard; Count Piper-Thomson; Mazeppa-Reid; Czar-Burton; Dolgoruki-Paget; Menzikoif-Jones; Ivan-Shawford; Elimira-Mrs Cross.
Role: Charles XII Actor: Usher
Role: Prince of Wurtemburgh Actor: Jackson
Role: Gillensternia Actor: Hazard
Role: Count Piper Actor: Thomson
Role: Mazeppa Actor: Reid
Role: Czar Actor: Burton
Role: Dolgoruki Actor: Paget
Role: Menzikoif Actor: Jones
Role: Ivan Actor: Shawford
Role: Elimira Actor: Mrs Cross.

Afterpiece Title: The Volunteers; or, The Adventures of Roderick Random and his Friend Strap

Performance Comment: Roderick Random-Cross; Garbage-Bridges; Slim-Storer; Strap-Paddick; Widow Vanspriggen-Mrs Bridges; Moll-Mrs Vaughan; Mrs Rank-Miss Ferguson; Mrs File-Mrs Shawford; Mrs Machegogan-Mrs Paddick; Madge-Miss Tyler; Janny-Vaughan.
Role: Roderick Random Actor: Cross
Role: Garbage Actor: Bridges
Role: Slim Actor: Storer
Role: Strap Actor: Paddick
Role: Widow Vanspriggen Actor: Mrs Bridges
Role: Moll Actor: Mrs Vaughan
Role: Mrs Rank Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Mrs File Actor: Mrs Shawford
Role: Mrs Machegogan Actor: Mrs Paddick
Role: Madge Actor: Miss Tyler
Role: Janny Actor: Vaughan.

Dance: Mr Shawford, Mrs Shawford, Master Cross, Mrs Vaughan

Event Comment: [Mrs Siddons's 1st appearance as Horatia was at York, 10 May 1777. Afterpiece in place of The Wedding Day, advertised on playbill of 14 Nov.] Receipts: #350 11s. (270.10.6; 72.3.0; 7.17.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Father

Performance Comment: Tullus Hostilius-Aickin; Horatius-Bensley; Publius Horatius-Kemble (1st appearance in that character); Valerius-Barrymore; Volscinius-Phillimore; Cautus-Webb; Vindicius-Maddocks; Citizen-Trueman; Horatia-Mrs Siddons (1st appearance in that character [in London]); Valeria-Mrs Powell (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Tullus Hostilius Actor: Aickin
Role: Horatius Actor: Bensley
Role: Publius Horatius Actor: Kemble
Role: Valerius Actor: Barrymore
Role: Volscinius Actor: Phillimore
Role: Cautus Actor: Webb
Role: Vindicius Actor: Maddocks
Role: Citizen Actor: Trueman
Role: Horatia Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Valeria Actor: Mrs Powell

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Performance Comment: Sir John Loverule-Dignum; Butler-Sedgwick; Jobson-Moody; Doctor-Maddocks; Lady Loverule-Miss Heard; Lucy-Miss Collins; Lettice-Miss Tidswell; Nell-Mrs Jordan.
Role: Sir John Loverule Actor: Dignum
Role: Butler Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Jobson Actor: Moody
Role: Doctor Actor: Maddocks
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Lettice Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Song: In V: Triumphal Entry of Publius into Rome-; Chorus of Youths and Virgins [composed by Boyce]-Dignum, Master Welsh, Master Gregson, Cooke, Danby, Evans, Lyons, Welsh, Fisher, Annereau, Atkins, Aylmer, Boyce, Bardoleau, Brown, Cook, Denman, Dixon, Dorion, Dorion Jun., Mrs Bland, Miss Leak, Mrs Boimaison, Mrs Bramwell, Mrs Butler, Miss Chatterley, Miss Gawdry, Miss Granger, Miss Menage, Miss Redhead, Miss Stageldoir, Mrs Maddocks

Performance Comment: , Mrs Bland, Miss Leak, Mrs Boimaison, Mrs Bramwell, Mrs Butler, Miss Chatterley, Miss Gawdry, Miss Granger, Miss Menage, Miss Redhead, Miss Stageldoir, Mrs Maddocks.
Event Comment: Benefit for Simson Mrs Simson and Master Simson. Afterpiece: Acted there but once. Tickets to be had of Simson, in Wild-Passage, Wild St., near Lincoln's Inn Fields; Grigsby's Coffee House, behind the Exchange; and at the Stage Door. Receipts: #170 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: As17521204, but Macbeth-Mossop; Macduff-Havard; Ross-Simson; Lady Macduff-Mrs Simson; Hecate-Winstone; Sayward-_; Donalbain-_; Fleance-_; Young Sayword-_; Lenox-_; Angus-_.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Mossop
Role: Macduff Actor: Havard
Role: Ross Actor: Simson
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Mrs Simson
Role: Hecate Actor: Winstone
Role: Sayward Actor: Winstone
Role: particularly A Dance of Furies Actor: Devisse, others.
Role: Duncan Actor: Burton
Role: Malcolm Actor: Blakes
Role: Banquo Actor: Ross
Role: Angus Actor: Simson
Role: Lenox Actor: Scrase
Role: Young Sayword Actor: Marr
Role: Donalbain Actor: Master Cross
Role: Witches Actor: W. Vaughan, Yates, Shuter
Role: Fleance Actor: Berry
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Wilder, Mas. Vernon, Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: The Oracle

Performance Comment: See17530324 but Occasional Prologue-Miss Bellamy; Oberon-Master Simson; Cynthia-Miss Simson; Statue-The Little Swiss; To conclude with a Minuet-the two principal characters of the Farce.

Dance: DDance of Furies-Devisse, others

Song: A Song-Wilder

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Although this performance is not certainly the premiere, it is the earliest known acting of the play. This performance is on the L. C. lists at Harvard. See VanLennep, "Plays on the English Stage", p. 14. John Boyle, Fifth Earl of Orrery: Master Anthony too the sequel of Guzman was after Lord Orrery's Death brought upon the Stage, but being disrelish'd by the Audience appear'd only one Night. It is probable The Author had not supervis'd and corrected It sufficiently before he died (The Dramatic Works of Roger Boyle, ed. W. S. Clark II, II, 950). If these private notes, written some fifty years after the premiere, are correct, this performance may have been the premiere and the only day of acting it


Mainpiece Title: Mr Anthony

Performance Comment: Edition of 1690 (licensed 27 Aug. 1689): Mr Anthony-$Nokes; Mr Plot-$Hains; Mr Art-$Batterton; Pedagog-$Underhil; Mr Cudden-$Angel; Trick-$Samford; Mrs Philadelphia-$Mrs Jennings; Mrs Isabella-$Mrs Batterton; Mrs Betty-$Mrs Long; Goody Winifred-$Mrs Norris; Prologue-; Epilogue-.
Role: Mr Anthony Actor: Nokes
Role: Mr Plot Actor: Hains
Role: Mr Art Actor: Batterton
Role: Pedagog Actor: Underhil
Role: Mr Cudden Actor: Angel
Role: Trick Actor: Samford
Role: Mrs Philadelphia Actor: Mrs Jennings
Role: Mrs Isabella Actor: Mrs Batterton
Role: Mrs Betty Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Goody Winifred Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .
Event Comment: Benefit for Will Hill. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire of his friends. N.B. The Gentlemen are desired to meet Mr Hill after the Play at the Rose Tavern, Temple Bar. [He had advertised since 15 April that "Gentlemen and Ladies who intend to honour him with their presence," should take tickets at: the Thatched House, St. James's St; Jack Bridell's, the One Tun in the Strand; Half moon in Holborn; Rose, Temple Bar; King's Head, in the Poultry; Castle, Lombard St; Bell, East cheap; King's Head, Tower Hill, Rummer, Bishopsgate St; West India and Jerusalem Coffee Houses near the Royal Exchange; Chapman's, Swordcutler, in Exchange Alley; and at Will Hill's Lodgings, Mr Geves's in Abchurch Lane.


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Aimwell Actor: Delane.
Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Sullen Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Bonniface Actor: Marten
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Anderson
Role: Foigard Actor: Arthur
Role: Gibbet Actor: Bencraft
Role: Scrub Actor: Collins
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Gipsy Actor: Miss Young
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Phillida Actor: Miss Young.
Role: Damon Actor: Lowe
Role: Arcas Actor: Anderson
Role: Corydon Actor: Arthur
Role: Cymon Actor: Collins
Role: Mopsus Actor: Dunstall

Dance: Master J. Granier, Master J. Granier's Sister

Performance Comment: Granier, Master J. Granier's Sister.
Event Comment: A New English Opera. The Music Compos'd by Mr Rush. Signora Cremonini, Clementini, made her first appearance on this Stage in the Character of Eliza. Sings very well, very Graceful Deportm[en]t & is a great Support to the Opera. many of the Songs were Encor'd. Some few Hisses. but upon the whole, was pretty well receiv'd (Hopkins). Books of the Opera to be sold at the Theatre. A new English Opera, the Royal Shepherd-the Musick composed by Mr Rush.-Siga Cremonini made her first appearance,--sings ver fine,--very graceful deportment, and is a great support to the Opera.--Some hisses--Many of the songs encored. Upon the whole was well liked...On this occasion the Stage was cut near two feet and a half to enlarge the orchestra, to make it contain the additional performers who belong to the Opera House, on whose account the Opera cannot be performed Tuesdays and Saturdays (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Shepherd

Performance Comment: Principals by Vernon, Champnes, Mas. Raworth, Miss Young, Miss Wright, Miss Williams, Mrs Dorman, Sga Cremonini. Alexander-Champnes; Amintas-Vernon; Eliza-Signora Cremonini; Thamiris-Miss Young; Camilla-Miss Wright; Agenor-Mrs Dorman (Edition of 1764).
Role: Alexander Actor: Champnes
Role: Amintas Actor: Vernon
Role: Eliza Actor: Signora Cremonini
Role: Thamiris Actor: Miss Young
Role: Camilla Actor: Miss Wright
Role: Agenor Actor: Mrs Dorman
Related Works
Related Work: Amintas Author(s): Ferdinando Tenducci

Dance: I: A New Dance call'd The Hunters-Mas. Clinton, Miss Street, Miss Ford; II: The Faggot Binders-Aldridge, Miss Baker; End Opera: A Dance-Grimaldi, Lauchery, Miss Baker


Mainpiece Title: The Connoisseur; Or, Every Man In His Folly

Performance Comment: Parts by Quin, Cibber, Griffin, W. Mills, Mecklin, Salway, Mrs Clive, Miss Holliday, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Cross; but edition of 1736 lists: Lord Constant-Quin; Lord Modely-Cibber; Sir Godfrey Trinket-Griffin; Sir Harry Gaylove-W. Mills; Cheatly-Mechlin; Signior Bagatelli-Salway; Tom-Turbutt; William-Cross; Flavia-Mrs Clive; Araminta-Miss Holiday; Mrs Freelove-Mrs Pritchard; Lucy-Mrs Cross. Prologue written by Aaron Hill and spoken by Quin. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Clive .
Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Everard. 1st piece [1st time; PREL 1, by Sarah Gardner. Larpent MS 1101; not published]. 2nd piece: Never acted here [acted 19 Aug. 1784]. [3rd piece: Prologue by Samuel Foote.] Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:15. Tickets to be had at No. 21, Carey-street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields; New Slaughter's Coffee-house, St. Martin's-lane; of Adams, the Duke of Clarence Coffee-house, Haymarket; and of Everard, at Mr Shade's, Woburn-street, near Drury Lane Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Mrs Doggrell In Her Altitudes; Or, The Effects Of A West India Ramble

Performance Comment: Characters-Everard, Mrs Gardner; [Larpent MS lists the parts: Freeman , Hearley , Trunnell , Tom , Mrs Doggrell .] A new Occasional Prologue-Thornton.

Afterpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Performance Comment: Lord Ogleby (for that night only)-Thornton (of the Theatre-Royal Windsor; 1st appearance in London); Canton-Everard (late of the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane); Miss Sterling-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Mrs Heidelberg-Mrs Gardner (1st appearance since her return from the West Indies).
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: Thornton
Role: Theatre Actor: Royal Windsor
Role: Canton Actor: Everard
Role: late of the Theatre Actor:
Role: Royal Drury Actor:
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Gardner

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Cadwallader (with the original Prologue)-Everard; Prologue-Everard; Mrs Cadwallader-Mrs Gardner.
Role: Cadwallader Actor: Everard
Role: Prologue Actor: Everard
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Gardner.
Event Comment: [Mainpiece in place of NOTORIETY, advertised on playbill of 23 Oct.] Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2 , by Mrs Burke. MS: Larpent 992; not published]: With new Music [by Tommaso Giordani (Morning Herald, 25 Oct.)). Scenery, Dresses and Decorations. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Receipts: #228 0s. 6d. (206/10/6; 21/10/0)


Mainpiece Title: How To Grow Rich

Role: : Plainly Actor: Powel
Role: Nab Actor: Cubitt
Role: Formal Actor: Thompson
Role: Pave Actor: Lewis
Role: Smalltrade Actor: Quick
Role: Warford Actor: Pope
Role: Sir ThomasRoundhead Actor: Munden
Role: Sir Charles Dazzle Actor: Farren
Role: Hippy Actor: Blanchard
Role: Latitat Actor: Fawcett
Role: Rosa Actor: Mrs Esten
Role: Miss Dazzle Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Lady Henrietta Actor: Mrs Pollock

Afterpiece Title: THE WARD OF THE CASTLE

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Incledon, Johnstone, Munden// Mrs Clendining, Mrs Martyr. [Cast from Songs (T. Cadell, 1793): Sir Bertram-Incledon; Duke of Alberossa-Johnstone; Geoffrey-Munden// Matilda-Mrs Clendining; Jacquenetta-Mrs Martyr.] hathi. hathi.
Related Works
Related Work: The Ward of the Castle Author(s): Mrs. Burke

Song: In afterpiece Chorusses by Linton, Tett, Sawyer, Little, Street, Kendrick//Miss Stuart, Mrs Watts, Mrs Follett, Mrs Castelle, Miss Kirton, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Paye, Miss Leserve, Mrs Bayzand, Mrs Blurton

Event Comment: 3rd piece [Ist time; MF 2, attributed to Mrs Rainsford, for whom see Morning Herald, 9 May; London Chronicle, 23 May, states that it was written by "A Lady," but gives no name. MS: Larpent 1025; not published]: The Music composed by Webbe. Receipts: #118 4s. (109/3; 9/1)


Mainpiece Title: Netley Abbey

Afterpiece Title: THE SIEGE OF MEAUX

Role: : Earl of Douglas Actor: Holman
Role: Pol Actor: Pope
Role: Duke of Orleans Actor: Farren
Role: Dubois Actor: Harley
Role: Captal de Buche Actor: Middleton
Role: Clermont Actor: Macready
Role: Laroche Actor: Claremont
Role: Duchess of Orleans Actor: Miss Morris
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Pope. Thompson is unassigned.
Role: . Oakland Actor: Inclcdon
Role: Oakland Actor: Munden
Role: Jeffery Actor: Blanchard
Role: Gunnel Actor: Fawcett
Role: Rapine Actor: Cubitt
Role: Mr Sterling Actor: Powel
Role: Charles Actor: Claremont
Role: McScrape Actor: JohnstoneEllen Woodbine-Mrs Mountain
Role: JohnstoneEllen Woodbine Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Lucy Oakland Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Martyr.


Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Quick, Incledon, Munden, Cubitt, Richardson, Rees, Campbell// Miss Poole, Miss Stuart, Mrs Martyr. [Cast from Songs (W. Woodfall, 1794): William-Quick; Colin-Incledon; Hodge-Munden; Moody-Cubitt; Parchment-Richardson; Dick-Recs; Mercury-Campbell//Susan-Miss Poole; Alice-Miss Stuart; Margaret-Mrs Martyr .
Role: : William Actor: Quick
Role: Colin Actor: Incledon
Role: Hodge Actor: Munden
Role: Moody Actor: Cubitt
Role: Parchment Actor: Richardson
Role: Dick Actor: Recs
Role: Mercury Actor: CampbellSusan-Miss Poole
Role: CampbellSusan Actor: Miss Poole
Role: Alice Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Martyr
Related Works
Related Work: The Speechless Wife Author(s): Mrs. Rainford
Event Comment: [By Mrs Aubert.] Never Acted before. In Daily Courant, 26 May: Never acted before, being unfortunately prevented on Friday last, by the unexpected Arrest of the Person who was to have played the Doctor


Mainpiece Title: Harlequin Hydaspes; Or, The Greshamite

Performance Comment: Harlequin the Author,-Mrs Aubert; Doctor-C. Bullock.
Role: Harlequin the Author, Actor: Mrs Aubert
Role: Doctor Actor: C. Bullock.
Related Works
Related Work: Harlequin Hydaspes: or, The Greshamite Author(s): Mrs. Aubert
Event Comment: Benefit Charles, Master of the French-Horn. 6:30 P.M. 3s


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: By the best Masters. Mr Charles will perform several new Pieces on the French Horn and Clarinet

Performance Comment: Mr Charles will perform several new Pieces on the French Horn and Clarinet .
Event Comment: Mr Weedon's Entertainment. Benefit of the Ticket money for Poor Decay'd Gentlemen, and Maintenance of a School for the Education of Youth. The Subscribers and the best Places at 5s. The other Places at 2s. 6d. At Twelve Noon


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Entertainment: Divine Musick in Praise of Religion and Vertue-; both Vocal and instrumental, with new Anthems compos'd by Mr Blow; an Oration by Mr Collier; Pieces by Mr Tate, her Majesty's Poet Laureat. The edition of 1702 lists: The Introductory Poem Upon the Reformation of Poetry-Mr Tate Poet-Laureat to her Majesty; The First Anthem-, Compos'd by Dr Blow, and Sung in Westminster-Abbey, at Her Majesty's Coronation; The Oration-J. Collier/M.A.; The Second Anthem, Compos'd by Dr Blow: Te Deum Laudamus-; A Poem in Praise of Virtue- , Written by Mr Tate

Performance Comment: The edition of 1702 lists: The Introductory Poem Upon the Reformation of Poetry-Mr Tate Poet-Laureat to her Majesty; The First Anthem-, Compos'd by Dr Blow, and Sung in Westminster-Abbey, at Her Majesty's Coronation; The Oration-J. Collier/M.A.; The Second Anthem, Compos'd by Dr Blow: Te Deum Laudamus-; A Poem in Praise of Virtue- , Written by Mr Tate.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Simson and 3 Children. Afterpiece: At the Particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Being the last time of performing it this season. Receipts: #200 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Performance Comment: As17571007, but Occasional Prologue-Master and Miss Simson.

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Role: Codicil Actor: Vernon.
Role: Quidnunc Actor: Yates
Role: Razor Actor: Woodward
Role: Pamphlet Actor: Garrick
Role: Bellmour Actor: Palmer
Role: Rovewell Actor: Usher
Role: Feeble Actor: Blakes
Role: Brisk Actor: Vernon
Role: Slipslop Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Rovewell Actor: Palmer
Role: Bellmour Actor: Usher
Role: Termagant Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: III: A Minuet, Louvre-Master Simson, Miss Simson

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Simson & Kids (Cross). Epilogue and Afterpiece By Particular Desire. Receipts: #140 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Performance Comment: As17590417 but Hamlet-Mossop; Guildenstern-Scrase; Laertes-Austin; Ophelia-Miss Macklin; a new Dramatic Epiloguea Dialogue-Master Simson, Miss Simson; the Prologue-_.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Mossop
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Scrase
Role: Laertes Actor: Austin
Role: Ophelia Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: a new Dramatic Epiloguea Dialogue Actor: Master Simson, Miss Simson
Role: Ghost Actor: Bransby
Role: Polonius Actor: Blakes
Role: and his Works Actor: Garrick.
Role: Claudius Actor: Davies
Role: Horatio Actor: Havard
Role: Osric Actor: Palmer
Role: Rosencrantz Actor: Packer
Role: Bernardo Actor: Marr
Role: Marcellus Actor: Bransby
Role: Player King Actor: Burton
Role: Player Queen Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Yates, Vaughan
Role: Gertrude Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Loveit Actor: Miss Bride
Role: Fribble Actor: Master Simson
Role: Flash Actor: Master Atkins
Role: Puff Actor: Master Hurst
Role: Jasper Actor: Master Pope
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Simson
Role: Tag Actor: Miss Mathews
Role: Louvre Actor: Master Simson, Miss Simson.

Dance: II: Louvre, Minuet-Master Simson, Miss Simson

Event Comment: Benefit for the Simsons. Tickets of Simson in Wild Passage, Wild St., Lincoln's Inn Fields; Grigsby's Coffee House behind the Royal Exchange, and of Varney at the Stage Door, where places may be taken. Afterpiece: By Desire. Receipts: #180 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Performance Comment: As17570111, but Indiana-Mrs Cibber; Sir John-Burton.
Role: Indiana Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Sir John Actor: Burton.
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Young Bevil Actor: Ross
Role: Myrtle Actor: Palmer
Role: Tom Actor: Woodward
Role: Phyllis Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Mrs Sealand Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Sir John Bevil Actor: Burton
Role: Sealand Actor: Berry
Role: Cimberton Actor: Taswell
Role: Humphry Actor: Blakes
Role: Singing Actor: Beard.

Afterpiece Title: The Oracle

Performance Comment: By Children-Cross. Fairy Queen-Miss Pope; Statue-Master Roger; Cynthia-Miss Simson; Oberon-Master Simson.

Entertainment: A Cento on the Birth@day of Shakespeare , selected from his own Works, by particular Desire-Master Simson

Dance: LLouvre and Minuet-Master Simson, Miss Simson


Mainpiece Title: The Cheats Of Scapin

Afterpiece Title: The Comical Rivals; or, The School Boy

Music: As17030423

Dance: The Devonshire Girl, being now upon her Return to the City of Exeter, will perform three several Dances, particularly her last New Entry in Imitation of Mademoiselle Subligni, Whip of Dunboyn by Mr Claxton, her Master-The Devonshire Girl; ...And at the desire of several Persons of Quality (hearing that Mr Pinkeman hath hired the two famous French Girls lately arriv'd from the Emperor's Court), They will perform several Dances on the Rope upon the Stage, being improv'd to that Degree, far exceeding all others in that Art.-two famous French Girls; Newest Humours of Harlequin , as perform'd by him before the Grand Signior at Constantinople-father of two famous French Girls; Also the Famous Mr Evans, lately arriv'd from Vienna, will shew you Wonders of another kind, Vaulting on the Manag'd Horse, being the greatest Master of that kind in the World-Mr Evans

Performance Comment: ..And at the desire of several Persons of Quality (hearing that Mr Pinkeman hath hired the two famous French Girls lately arriv'd from the Emperor's Court), They will perform several Dances on the Rope upon the Stage, being improv'd to that Degree, far exceeding all others in that Art.-two famous French Girls; Newest Humours of Harlequin , as perform'd by him before the Grand Signior at Constantinople-father of two famous French Girls; Also the Famous Mr Evans, lately arriv'd from Vienna, will shew you Wonders of another kind, Vaulting on the Manag'd Horse, being the greatest Master of that kind in the World-Mr Evans.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Siddons. Part of the Pit will be laid into the Boxes. To prevent confusion Ladies are desired to send their Servants by half past Four o'clock. Mainpiece: Not acted these 4 years [acted 15 May 1782]. Afterpiece: Not acted these 5 years [not acted since 25 Mar. 1775]. [In mainpiece the playbill assigns Banquo to Bensley, but "Poor Bensley's illness last night took him off; but on another night he will give and take in the triumph" {Public Advertiser, 4 Feb.). In afterpiece he is assigned to The Guardian. On the Kemble playbill in both cases his name is deleted and MS annotations substitute Hull's.] "Macbeth at Drury-lane will. . . gag the drivellers who, on the failure of Constance [in King John], ventured a sweeping prophecy of condemnation that 'the Siddons never could play Shakespeare.' Would it not have been better to have borrowed Farren, rather than Hull, for Banquo?" (Public Advertiser, 4 Feb.). "'Why,'say some of the critics, 'should Mrs Siddons wear a white dress in her last scene of Lady Macbeth? She is supposed to be asleep, not mad.' What reason except custom can be given for a mad heroine appearing in white we know not [and see DL, 20 Dec. 1782]. Yet there is an obvious reason why a person walking in their sleep should wear a white dress of the loose kind worn by Mrs Siddons ... It [is] the nearest resemblance which theatrical effect will admit, to the common sort of night-dresses" (Public Advertiser, 7 Feb.). Receipts: #346 16s. (198/10/0; 7/2/6; 0/8/6; tickets: 140/15/0) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Smith; Banquo-Hull [of CG]; Duncan-Packer; Ross-Aickin; Malcolm-R. Palmer; Macduff-Brereton; Hecate-Bannister; Witches-Parsons, Moody, Baddeley; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Siddons .
Role: Macbeth Actor: Smith
Role: Banquo Actor: Hull
Role: Duncan Actor: Packer
Role: Ross Actor: Aickin
Role: Malcolm Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Macduff Actor: Brereton
Role: Hecate Actor: Bannister
Role: Witches Actor: Parsons, Moody, Baddeley
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Siddons

Afterpiece Title: The Guardian

Performance Comment: The Guardian-Hull [of CG]; Sir Charles Claclcit-Parsons; Young Clackit-Dodd; Lucy-Mrs Wilson; Harriet-Miss Kemble .
Role: The Guardian Actor: Hull
Role: Sir Charles Claclcit Actor: Parsons
Role: Young Clackit Actor: Dodd
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Kemble
Related Works
Related Work: L'Honorata Poverta di Rinaldo: viz, The honourable Poverty of Rinaldo, false accused by the Maganzesians: With Harlequing Guardian to his Master's Family and Defender of his Castle Author(s): Giacinto Andrea Cicognini

Song: In mainpiece: The Original Music by Matthew Locke, with additional Accompaniments, by Bannister, Dignum, Suett, Chapman, Barrymore, Williames, Wilson, Fawcett; Miss Phillips, Miss Field, Mrs Love, Mrs Booth, Miss Barnes, Mrs Burnett, Miss Simson, Miss Cranford, Miss Burnett, Mrs Smith, the Miss Stageldoirs, Miss George, Mrs Wrighten. [This was sung, as here assigned, in all subsequent performances, except on 4 Feb.]

Event Comment: [Mrs Ward was from the Manchester theatre.] Afterpiece: To conclude with a perspective Representation of the Grand Camp at Cox-Heathv [see 15 Oct. 1778. This was included in all subsequent performances.]. Receipts: #225 11s. (179.2.0; 44.19.6; 1.9.6)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Hastings-Brereton (1st appearance in that character); Gloster-Aickin; Bellmour-Packer; Ratcliff-R. Palmer; Catesby-Phillimore; Derby-Chaplin; Shore-Bensley; Alicia-Mrs Ward (1st appearance on this stage); Jane Shore-Mrs Crawford.
Role: Hastings Actor: Brereton
Role: Gloster Actor: Aickin
Role: Bellmour Actor: Packer
Role: Ratcliff Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Catesby Actor: Phillimore
Role: Derby Actor: Chaplin
Role: Shore Actor: Bensley
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Crawford.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: Gage-Parsons; O'Daub-Moody; Mons. Bluard-Baddeley; Sir Harry Bouquet (1st time)-R. Palmer; William (1st time)-Du-Bellamy; Serjeant Drill-Bannister; Nancy-Miss Kirby; Nell-Mrs Wrighten; The other Characters-Burton, Wrighten, Wright, Chaplin, Holcroft, Fawcett, Phillimore, Norris, Griffiths, Nash, Mrs Cuyler, Miss Simson, Miss Collett.


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: As17491117, but Jeremy-Shuter; Miss Prue-Mrs Clive; Nurse-_.
Role: Jeremy Actor: Shuter
Role: Miss Prue Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Valentine Actor: Havard
Role: Scandal Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Bridges
Role: Tattle Actor: Woodward
Role: Foresight Actor: Taswell
Role: Trapland Actor: Ray
Role: Ben Actor: Yates
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Willoughby
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pit
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Pritchard

Afterpiece Title: The Chaplet

Performance Comment: Mr Beard ill; Master Mattocks did his part in ye Chaplet (Cross); As17500111, but Dancers As17500104, but Damon-Mattocks.

Ballet: II: Savoyard Travellers. Principal Savoyards-Grandchamps, Mlle Auretti, Mathews, Mrs Addison; Children Savoyards-Little Swiss, Miss Popling; Peasants-M'Neil, Mlle delaContri; see17491110

Performance Comment: Principal Savoyards-Grandchamps, Mlle Auretti, Mathews, Mrs Addison; Children Savoyards-Little Swiss, Miss Popling; Peasants-M'Neil, Mlle delaContri; see17491110. see17491110.
Event Comment: Mrs Mills, a Drury Lane actress, died on this day


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant; Or, The Sick Lady's Cure

Performance Comment: Sir Solomon-Johnson; Clerimont-Booth; Atall-Cibber; Careless-Wilks Jr; Old Wilful-Miller; Lady Dainty-Mrs Oldfield; Lady Sadlife-Mrs Bicknell; Clarinda-Mrs Mountfort; Silvia-Mrs Santlow; Wishwell-Mrs Saunders.
Role: Sir Solomon Actor: Johnson
Role: Clerimont Actor: Booth
Role: Atall Actor: Cibber
Role: Careless Actor: Wilks Jr
Role: Old Wilful Actor: Miller
Role: Lady Dainty Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Lady Sadlife Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Silvia Actor: Mrs Santlow
Role: Wishwell Actor: Mrs Saunders.

Dance: Mrs Santlow; New Dance-Miss Lindar

Event Comment: Benefit for Fox, Mrs Cross, Miss Simson. By Particular Desire. House charges #64 7s. [Profit to actors #1 2s. 6d. plus tickets. Received Mr Dickinson's deficiency #54 14s.] Rec'd of Clutterbuck #100. Paid French on account #40. Paid Florio for 7 nights in Cymon #7 7s.; Chorus singers #2 10s. 6d.; Rec'd repayment of Arne's note #50 and of Hopkins' note #28; Stopages #2 3s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #65 9s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: As17661121, but Monimia-Miss Simson, 1st appearance in this character; Acasto-Bransby; Serina-Mrs Hippisley; Florella-Mrs Simson.
Role: Monimia Actor: Miss Simson, 1st appearance in this character
Role: Acasto Actor: Bransby
Role: Serina Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Simson.
Role: Chamont Actor: Holland
Role: Castilio Actor: Powell
Role: Polydore Actor: Bensley
Role: Chaplain Actor: Love
Role: Ernesto Actor: Castle
Role: Page Actor: Miss Rogers

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Role: Le Brush Actor: King
Role: Gulwell Actor: Packer
Role: Harwood Actor: Aickin
Role: Irishman Actor: Moody
Role: Frenchman Actor: Baddeley
Role: Scotchman Actor: Love
Role: Frankly Actor: J. Palmer
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Mills
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Williams Actor: Ackman
Role: Lord Brilliant Actor: Fawcett
Role: Trickit Actor: Fox.

Dance: End: A Double Hornpipe, as17670511; End I Farce: The Louvre and Minuet-Giorgi, Miss Simson

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Downes (p. 30): This Comedy in general was very well Perform'd. Pepys, Diary: I alone to the Duke of York's house, to see the new play, called The Man is the Master, where the house was, it being not above one o'clock, very full. But my wife and Deb. being there before, with Mrs Pierce and Corbet and Betty Turner, whom my Wife carried with her, they made me room; and there I sat, it costing me 8s. upon them in oranges, at 6d. apiece. By and by the King come; and we sat just under him, so that I durst not turn my back all the play. The play is a translation out of French, and the plot Spanish, but not anything extraordinary at all in it, though translated by Sir W. Davenant, and so I found the King and his company did think meanly of it, though there was here and there something Pretty: but the most of the mirth was sorry, poor stuffe, of eating of sack posset and slabbering themselves, and mirth fit for clownes; the prologue but poor, and the epilogue little in it but the extraordinariness of it, it being sung by Harris and another in the form of a ballet


Mainpiece Title: The Man's The Master

Performance Comment: Edition of 1669: Prologue-; Epilogue in a Ballad-Two; [Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 30): Master-Harris; The Man-Underhill; Singing the Epilogue [like two Street Ballad-Singers-Mr Harris, Mr Sandford. [According to the Catalogue of the MS Music, Christ Church, John Bannister set a song for this play.]According to the Catalogue of the MS Music, Christ Church, John Bannister set a song for this play.]
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue in a Ballad Actor: Two
Role: Master Actor: Harris
Role: The Man Actor: Underhill
Role: like two Street Ballad Actor: Singers-Mr Harris, Mr Sandford.
Role: Singers Actor: Mr Harris, Mr Sandford.


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-Berry; Peach'em-Turbutt; Lucy-Mrs Charke; Lockit-Mullart; Mrs Peach'em-Mrs Mullart; Polly-Miss Oates. hathi.
Role: Macheath Actor: Berry
Role: Peach'em Actor: Turbutt
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Charke
Role: Lockit Actor: Mullart
Role: Mrs Peach'em Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Oates. hathi.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Performance Comment: Major Rakish-Topham; Young Rakish-Turbutt; Friendly-Este; Lady Manlove-Mrs Mullart; Monsieur-Jones; Tom-Gray; Lettice-Miss Mann; School Boy-Miss Oates .
Role: Major Rakish Actor: Topham
Role: Young Rakish Actor: Turbutt
Role: Friendly Actor: Este
Role: Lady Manlove Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Monsieur Actor: Jones
Role: Tom Actor: Gray
Role: Lettice Actor: Miss Mann
Role: School Boy Actor: Miss Oates

Dance: Irish Trot by Master Oates. A comic Peasant Dance by Master Oates and Miss Oates Jr. Pierrot by Topham and Mrs Davenport. Scotch Dance by Mr and Mrs Davenport

Performance Comment: A comic Peasant Dance by Master Oates and Miss Oates Jr. Pierrot by Topham and Mrs Davenport. Scotch Dance by Mr and Mrs Davenport .