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Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Role: Elder Woudbe Actor: Este
Role: Young Woudbe Actor: Cross
Role: Trueman Actor: Turbutt
Role: Richmore Actor: Woodburn
Role: Subtleman Actor: Cole
Role: Alderman Actor: Salway
Role: Clear Actor: account-Wright
Role: account Actor: Wright
Role: Fairbank Actor: Dove
Role: Teague Actor: Jones
Role: Jack Actor: Leigh
Role: Constable Actor: Gray
Role: Mrs Midnight Actor: Topham
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Cantrell
Role: Steward's Wife Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Jones

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Music: As17350715

Dance: French Peasant by Vallois and Mrs Woodward. Two Pierrots by Vallois and Davenport. Le Gout Anglois by Mr and Mrs Davenport

Song: As17350718


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Entertainment: Divine Musick in Praise of Religion and Vertue-; both Vocal and instrumental, with new Anthems compos'd by Mr Blow; an Oration by Mr Collier; Pieces by Mr Tate, her Majesty's Poet Laureat. The edition of 1702 lists: The Introductory Poem Upon the Reformation of Poetry-Mr Tate Poet-Laureat to her Majesty; The First Anthem-, Compos'd by Dr Blow, and Sung in Westminster-Abbey, at Her Majesty's Coronation; The Oration-J. Collier/M.A.; The Second Anthem, Compos'd by Dr Blow: Te Deum Laudamus-; A Poem in Praise of Virtue- , Written by Mr Tate

Event Comment: Mr Diamond made his first appearance upon the Stage in the Part of Romeo he is very younge a Smart Figure good Voice & made a very tolerable first appearance he met with great Applause (Hopkins Diary). [Macmillan's note from Kemble differs slightly.] Paid Chorus 2 nights (this inc.) #5 1s.; Paid Mr French on acct #20; Paid printer's bill #11. Paid Mr Garland, for copper plate printing #10 17s. 6d.; Paid Mr Weston, per order #18 17s. 4d. [The printer's bill was paid regularly each Thursday, averaged #8 19s. per week, and will not be further noted. Total payments this season #353. See Town and Country Magazine for favorable review of Miss Mansell as Juliet and of Diamond as Romeo.] Receipts: #208 13s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Role: Romeo Actor: Young Gentleman, first appearance on any stage.
Role: Mercutio Actor: Dodd
Role: Friar Lawrence Actor: Packer
Role: Benvolio Actor: Davies
Role: Capulet Actor: Inchbald
Role: Tybalt Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Peter Actor: Burton
Role: Lady Capulet Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Juliet Actor: Miss Mansell
Role: Apothecary Actor: Castle
Role: Paris Actor: Fawcett
Role: Prince Actor: Keen
Role: Balthazar Actor: Wheeler
Role: With the Funeral Procession Actor:
Role: the Vocal Parts Actor: Champnes, Davies, Kear, Mrs Scott, Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Hunt
Role: a Masquerade Actor:
Role: a Dance Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Role: Harlequin Actor: Wright
Role: Mercury Actor: Davies
Role: Abram Actor: W. Palmer
Role: Gasconade Actor: Baddeley
Role: Snip Actor: Parsons
Role: Old Woman Actor: Dodd
Role: Bounce Actor: Bransby
Role: Simon Actor: Moody
Role: Justice Actor: Hartry
Role: Constable Actor: Griffith
Role: Forge Actor: Ackman
Role: Welshman Actor: Waldron
Role: Irishman Actor: Messink
Role: Dolly Snip Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Snip Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Sukey Chitterlin Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: To Conclude with a Grand Chorus Actor: Champness, Mrs Wrighten, Bannister, Dibdin, Davies, Kear, Fawcett, Wheeler, Mrs Scott, Mrs Hunt.
Event Comment: Benefit for Wild, prompter. 1st piece: Not acted these 20 years; altered from Dryden (by Joseph George Holman (Not. Dram.)]. 2nd piece [Ist time; M.INT 1, probably by John Cartwright Cross. MS: Larpent 1028; not published]. 3rd piece: In which an Engagement between an English and a French Man of War, a Shipwreck, and a Grand Military Procession as it pass'd, when the French Colours taken by the British Army were conveyed from St. James's to St. Paul's Cathedral [on 17 May 1794]. The above Procession is represented by Moving Figures, in which the Horse and Foot Guards, the Band of Music, the French Colours, &c. are seen to pass in the exact order they appeared on that memorable occasion. Morning Herald, 17 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #293 2s. 6d. (112/17/6; 14/2/0; tickets: 166/3/0)


Mainpiece Title: Don Sebastian

Role: Don Sebastian Actor: Pope
Role: Muley Moluch Actor: Harley
Role: Muley Zeydan Actor: Middleton
Role: Don Antonio Actor: Lewis
Role: Abdallah Actor: Fawcett
Role: Don Alvarez Actor: Thompson
Role: M ustapha Actor: Quick
Role: Dorax Actor: HolmanMorayma-Mrs Mattocks
Role: HolmanMorayma Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Johayma Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Almeyda Actor: Mrs Pope


Role: Angelina Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Sir Gregory Forrester Actor: Quick
Role: Peregrine Forrester Actor: Munden
Role: Fieldair Actor: Incledon
Role: Peter Actor: Blanchard
Role: Cartridge Actor: Fawcett
Role: Forrester Actor: Macready
Role: Waiter Actor: Farley
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Bar Maid Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Clendining.
Role: Principal Pantomimic Characters Actor: Hawtin in place of _Simpson, Ledger of Hawtin
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Miss +Kirton, in place of Mrs _Masters.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Simpson
Role: Clown Actor: Follett
Role: Lover Actor: Farley
Role: Woodcutter Actor: Rock
Role: Bricklayers Actor: Evatt, Thompson
Role: Lover's Servant Actor: Rees
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Claremont
Role: Gardener Actor: Hawtin
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Shepherdess Actor: Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Colloony Actor: Middleton
Role: Murtoch Delany Actor: Johnstone
Role: Cymon Actor: Blanchard
Role: Frost Actor: Munden
Role: Edward Actor: Fawcett
Role: Captain Seymour Actor: Harley
Role: Caroline Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Cubba Actor: Mrs Fawcett

Afterpiece Title: THE SHIPWRECK; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: Cast not listed, but probably same as17930527: English Characters. Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons//Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi. French Characters. General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland. Indian Characters. Indian Chief-Follett//Female Savage-Mr Rock .

Music: End of Act II of 1st piece a Solo on the Union Pipes by Courtney; In the course of the Evening a Duetto on the Union Pipes and Harp by Courtney and Weippert

Event Comment: Benefit Mr Charles, Master of the French Horn. 51. 6 P.M


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: A Solo and several Pieces on the French Horn by Mr Charles. And several Songs and Duets by the two Miss Youngs. The German Flute by Mr Pelicour [Balicourt in Daily Advertiser], lately arrived from abroad; Being the first Time of his Performing in England

Event Comment: Benefit for Wild. 2nd piece [1st time; F 1, by Robert Woodbridge]. Morning Herald, 4 June 1793: This day is published The Pad (price not listed). 3rd piece [1st time; BALL. P 2 (?), by James Byrn, altered from his The Provocation!]: The Incidents partly new, and partly selected from the much admired Pantomime called Provocation. In the course of the Pantomime a representation of an Engagement between an English and French Man of War; A Ship-wreck; The original Allegoric Scene from Provocation: A View of an English Camp; A Naval and Military Procession. Morning Herald, 9 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #335 1s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Every One Has His Fault

Role: unassigned Actor: _Evatt, _Farley.
Role: Mr Placid Actor: Macready in place of Fawcett.
Role: Sir Robert Ramble Actor: Lewis
Role: Mr Solus Actor: Quick
Role: Mr Irwin Actor: Pope
Role: Lord Norland Actor: Farren
Role: Mr Harmony Actor: Munden
Role: Edward Actor: Miss Grist
Role: Hammond Actor: Powel
Role: Porter Actor: Thompson
Role: Miss Wooburn Actor: Mrs Esten
Role: Mrs Placid Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Miss Spinster Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Lady Eleanor Irwin Actor: Mrs Pope

Afterpiece Title: The Pad

Role: Sir Simon Meagre Actor: Quick
Role: Lovejoke Actor: Munden
Role: Captain Credulous Actor: Harley
Role: Clerimont Actor: Macready
Role: Gentlemen Actor: Farley, Evatt, Thompson
Role: Servants Actor: Simmons, Blurton
Role: Mrs Credulous Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Lady Meagre Actor: Mrs Webb.

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: English Characters : Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons; Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi; French Characters : General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland; Indian Characters : Indian Chief-Follett; Female Savage-Mr Rock.
Role: Captain Briton Actor: Byrn
Role: Boatswain Actor: Farley
Role: Midshipman Actor: Jackson
Role: Cabin Boy Actor: Simmons
Role: Captain's Lady Actor: Mme Rossi
Role: General Sanguinaire Actor: Cranfield
Role: Monsieur L'Ingrate Actor: Holland
Role: Indian Chief Actor: Follett
Role: Female Savage Actor: Mr Rock.

Song: End: Captivity (Supposed to be sung by an Unfortunate Queen [Marie Antoinette] during her confinement)-; End 2nd piece: Black Eyed Susan-; In 3rd piece: Farewell to old England dear Mary adieu-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Role: Peg Actor: Miss Horsington
Role: Sir Wilful Actor: Hippisley
Role: Mirabel Actor: Ryan
Role: Fainall Actor: Walker
Role: Witwoud Actor: Chapman
Role: Petulant Actor: Neale
Role: Waitwell Actor: James
Role: Millamant Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Marwood Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Lady Wishfort Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Mrs Fainall Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Foible Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Mincing Actor: Miss Bincks

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Dance: 1: French Peasant by Tench and Miss Rogers. II: Comic Dance by Nivelon and his Scholar. III: Wooden Shoe Dance by Leviez. IV: By Desire, a Ball Dance by Dupre and Mlle Delorme. V: French Peasants by Lalauze and Mlle D'Hervigni. End Afterpiece: Scot's Dance by Glover and Miss Rogers

Performance Comment: II: Comic Dance by Nivelon and his Scholar. III: Wooden Shoe Dance by Leviez. IV: By Desire, a Ball Dance by Dupre and Mlle Delorme. V: French Peasants by Lalauze and Mlle D'Hervigni. End Afterpiece: Scot's Dance by Glover and Miss Rogers .


Mainpiece Title: The French Flogg'd; Or, The English Sailors In America

Performance Comment: Together with the Reception of Capt. Briton at the Indian courtv; the Manners, Customs, Peace, and presenting the Wampum Beltv for his Bravery in rescuing the Princess Sachema from the French Banditiv. Interspersed with the Droll Bahaviour and Odd Adventures of MacDermott Geoghaghan Ballingroguev, and the Witch of the Woods; or, a Woman without a Head.

Song: Diet, The Humours of Bartholomew Fair-Alley Croaker, Signora Ciperini; And a Song- on the late glorious success gained over the French by his Serene Highness Prince Ferdinand

Event Comment: Benefit Mechel, Mlle Mechel (the French Boy and Girl). Afterpiece: a new Pantomime Entertainment. [Tickets at Mechel's in Newport Street.] Receipts: money #70 8s. 6d.; seals #71 14s. (Account Book); #150 (Rylands MS.). [The two dancers were charged #60 for their benefit. This is the last entry in the incomplete Account Book.


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Role: Bolus Actor: Roberts
Role: Rhubarb Actor: Anderson
Role: Finder Actor: James
Role: Supple Actor: Clarke
Role: Old Wilful Actor: Mullart
Role: Old Atall Actor: Arthur
Role: Strut Actor: Oates
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Wishwell Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Situp Actor: Miss Burgess.
Role: Double Gallant Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Solomon Actor: Hippisley
Role: Dainty Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Clerimont Actor: Hale
Role: Careless Actor: Hallam
Role: Lady Sadlife Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Barber

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Master Ferg; Colombine-Mlle Mechel; Petit Maitre-Miss Woffington; Drawer-Little French Boy; Servant to Colombine-Miss Bellamy, who never appeared on any stage before; Pierot-Mechel Jr.

Dance: I: Concerto-Mlle Mechel; II: Minuet, French Rigadoon-Mechel the Father, who never appeared in any theatre in England, Mlle Mechel the Daughter; Minuet-Mechel the Son, Miss Polly Woffington, the first time of her appearing on the stage; IV: The Metamorphoses of the Windmills-Mechel, Mlle Mechel, Miss Woffington, Master Ferg, a little French Boy; lately come from France. End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy

Performance Comment: End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy.


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Mr Abell; having had the Honour lately, to Sing to the Nobility and Gentry of Richmond and the Neighbouring Towns, thinks himself bound in return his most Humble Thanks with a Performance of New Musick, in English, Latin, Italian, French-Mr Abell; &c....being Honour'd and Accompany'd-the Greatest Masters of Europe

Performance Comment: return his most Humble Thanks with a Performance of New Musick, in English, Latin, Italian, French-Mr Abell; &c....being Honour'd and Accompany'd-the Greatest Masters of Europe.


Mainpiece Title: The Fond Husband

Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Powell.
Role: Sneak Actor: Penkethman
Role: Rashly Actor: Powell
Role: Ranger Actor: Elrington
Role: Fond Husband Actor: Norris
Role: Sir Roger Actor: Leigh
Role: Emelia Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Spillar
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Sapsford
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pollet.

Entertainment: 1st: turns upon one Foot 300 times-A Young Gentlewoman, who never appear'd on a publick Stage, and as she is turning fixes 12 Swords points about her, 2 to her Eyes, 2 to her Eye-lashes, 2 to her Eye-brows, 2 to her Nose, 2 to her Lips, and 2 to her Breasts

Dance: French Peasant-; Scaramouch-; Wooden Shoe-; Dance by Harlequin Scaramouch Cooper and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-


Mainpiece Title: The Plain Dealer

Role: Widow Blackacre Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Plain Dealer Actor: Quin
Role: Plausible Actor: Hippisley
Role: Novel Actor: Chapman
Role: Varnish Actor: Ryan
Role: Freeman Actor: Hale
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Jerry Actor: Neale

Dance: French Sailor and his Lass by Malter and Mlle Salle. Pigmalion, as17340114


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Marriage

Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Baldwin Actor: Boman
Role: Villeroy Actor: Mills
Role: Biron Actor: Quin
Role: Carlos Actor: Cibber
Role: Frederick Actor: Este
Role: Belfont Actor: W. Mills
Role: Pedro Actor: Winstone
Role: Fabian Actor: Oates
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Fernando Actor: Griffin
Role: Sampson Actor: Harper
Role: Jaqueline Actor: Miller
Role: Victoria Actor: Mrs Thurmond

Afterpiece Title: An Old Man Taught Wisdom

Role: Goodwill Actor: Shepard
Role: Blister Actor: Harper
Role: Bookish Actor: Berry
Role: Coupee Actor: Laguerre
Role: Wormwood Actor: Mechlin
Role: Quaver Actor: Sal way
Role: Thomas Actor: Este
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive

Dance: French Peasant by Lalauze, Mrs Walter, Miss Mann. Tit for Tat, as17350215


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Role: Cato Actor: Lascells
Role: Juba Actor: Giffard
Role: Sempronius Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Syphax Actor: Rosco
Role: Portius Actor: Havard
Role: Marcus Actor: Woodward
Role: Lucius Actor: Lyon
Role: Marcia Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Decius Actor: Hamilton

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Dance: French Peasant by Vallois and Mrs Bullock. English Maggot by Haughton and Mrs Bullock

Event Comment: Paid Mr French on Acct #30; Paid Supernumeraries in Institution of the Garter 10 Nights (7th inst. incl.) #44 10s. (Treasurer's Book). [N.B. at the rate of 2s. 6d. a night for walking in a procession, this afterpiece would seem to have required about 35 supers for each performance.] Receipts: #243 9s. 6d. (Treasruer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Role: Kitely Actor: Garrick
Role: Old Knowell Actor: Hurst
Role: Young Knowell Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Wellbred Actor: Palmer
Role: Bobadill Actor: King
Role: Downright Actor: Bransby
Role: Brainworm Actor: Baddeley
Role: Justice Clement Actor: Hartry
Role: Cash Actor: Packer
Role: Matthew Actor: W. Palmer
Role: Cob Actor: Moody
Role: Master Stephen Actor: Weston, 1st time
Role: Bridget Actor: Mr Morland
Role: Tib Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Dame Kitely Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Fribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Loveit Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Jasper Actor: Ackman
Role: Puff Actor: Moody
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: V: Comic Dance, as17710921


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Role: Fair Penitent Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Sciolto Actor: Rosco
Role: Lothario Actor: Ryan
Role: Altamont Actor: Hale
Role: Lavinia Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Horatio Actor: Quin.

Dance: Mr Cook; being the 1st time of his performance since his arrival from the Opera at Paris. Also Les Demoiselles Anne and Janneton Auretti; Two French Girls, being the 1st time of their appearing on the English Stage

Performance Comment: Also Les Demoiselles Anne and Janneton Auretti; Two French Girls, being the 1st time of their appearing on the English Stage.
Event Comment: Benefit for Cibber. Mainpiece. Reviv'd, not acted these 4 years [see 1 March 1746]. Afterpiece: Taken from the French of Dancourt, a Ballad Opera, performed by particular desire. Tomorrow, The Jubilee, for Benefit of Mrs Horton. [Baker, Biographia Dramatica, lists the afterpiece as written by James Wilder, taken from Dancourt. Cibber had announced (General Advertiser, 27 Feb.) for his benefit The Man of Mode, with Pasquin, with Alterations. In which would be performed The Rehearsal of a Comedy call'd The Election; or, Bribes on Both Sides, by the Author of Tom Jones.


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode; Or, Sir Fopling Flutter

Role: Sir Fopling Actor: Cibber
Role: Dorimant Actor: Ryan
Role: Medley Actor: Sparks
Role: Old Bellair Actor: Arthur
Role: Young Bellair Actor: Gibson
Role: Shoemaker Actor: Collins
Role: Smirk Actor: Cushing
Role: Handy Actor: Anderson
Role: Fopling's Page Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Townley's Page Actor: Miss Morrison
Role: Orange Woman Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Miss Copen
Role: Lady Woodville Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Busy Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Bullies Actor: Dunstall, Bencraft, Oates
Role: Aemilia Actor: Mrs Copen
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Bellamy
Role: Loveit Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Gentleman Gardiner

Dance: Mr J. Granier, J. Granier's sister


Mainpiece Title: Mr Anthony

Role: Mr Anthony Actor: Nokes
Role: Mr Plot Actor: Hains
Role: Mr Art Actor: Batterton
Role: Pedagog Actor: Underhil
Role: Mr Cudden Actor: Angel
Role: Trick Actor: Samford
Role: Mrs Philadelphia Actor: Mrs Jennings
Role: Mrs Isabella Actor: Mrs Batterton
Role: Mrs Betty Actor: Mrs Long
Role: Goody Winifred Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Mr Turbulent; Or, The Melanchollicks

Role: Timothy Turbulent Actor: Underhil
Role: Furnish Actor: Jevon
Role: Hangby Actor: Gillow
Role: Grin Sneak Actor: Norris
Role: Finical Cringe Actor: Nokes
Role: Rabsheka Sly Actor: Bowman
Role: Abednego Suck Thumb Actor: Anthony Leigh
Role: Fairlove Actor: Williams
Role: Friendly Actor: Wiltsher
Role: Dr Quibus Actor: Peircival
Role: Pollux Actor: Richards
Role: Mrs Turbulent Actor: Mrs Norris
Role: Lady Medler Actor: Mrs Currer
Role: Lucia Actor: Lady Slingsby
Role: Priscilla Actor: Mrs Price
Role: Mrs Sly Actor: Mrs Osborn
Role: The Prologue Actor: Lady Slingsby
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Mr Turbulent.


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Afterpiece Title: Britain's Happiness

Song: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Tofts

Dance: l'Abbe, duRuel, Cherrier, Mrs Elford, Mrs Campion, Mrs Mayers, Devonshire Girl


Mainpiece Title: Mad Tom Of Bedlam; Or, The Distress'd Lovers: With The Comical Humours Of squire Numscul

Role: Numscul Actor: Penkethman
Role: Mad Tom Actor: Wm. Giffard
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Haughton
Role: Sir William Friendly Actor: Huddy
Role: Jeremy Actor: R. Williams
Role: Cook Actor: Pearce
Role: Butler Actor: Machen
Role: Gardener Actor: W. Williams
Role: Robin Actor: Eaton
Role: Lady Numscul Actor: Mrs Thomas
Role: Lady Friendly Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Justice Gripeall Actor: Collett.

Song: Mr Corse, age 12

Dance: DDutch Skipper-Sandham; Drunken Man-Wilcox; (On 8 Aug. and there after:) Mad Dance, Pierrot-Le Sieur Labisle, from France


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Shepherd

Role: Alexander Actor: Champnes
Role: Amintas Actor: Vernon
Role: Eliza Actor: Signora Cremonini
Role: Thamiris Actor: Miss Young
Role: Camilla Actor: Miss Wright
Role: Agenor Actor: Mrs Dorman

Dance: I: A New Dance call'd The Hunters-Mas. Clinton, Miss Street, Miss Ford; II: The Faggot Binders-Aldridge, Miss Baker; End Opera: A Dance-Grimaldi, Lauchery, Miss Baker


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Shepherd

Role: Alexander Actor: Champnes
Role: Amintas Actor: Vernon
Role: Eliza Actor: Signora Cremonini
Role: Thamiris Actor: Miss Young
Role: Camilla Actor: Miss Wright
Role: Agenor Actor: Mrs Dorman

Dance: I: The Sheep Shearers, as17640308 II: The Shepherdesses, as17640113; End Opera: Dance, as17640301


Mainpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Afterpiece Title: La Guinquette; or, Harlequin Turned Tapster

Role: Apparently Parts Actor: Sorin, Baxter.

Dance: An Entertainment of Mimick Dancing, call'd, La Caprice-Harlequin (in Imitation of Mlle Provost, the Famous Dancer in the Opera at Paris)


Mainpiece Title: The Connoisseur; Or, Every Man In His Folly