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Mainpiece Title: The Anatomist; Or, The Sham Doctor

Afterpiece Title: The Loves of Mars and Venus

Role: Mr Finger Actor:
Role: Erato Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Thalia Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Terpsichore Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Mars Actor: Bowman
Role: Vulcan Actor: Reading
Role: Gallus Actor: Lee
Role: Cupid Actor: Jemmy Laroche
Role: Momus Actor: Sherburn
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Aglaia Actor: Mrs Hodgson
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Ayliff
Role: Hora Actor: Mrs Perrin
Role: Jealousy Actor: Mrs Hudson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Bowen.


Mainpiece Title: Achilles; Or, Iphigenia In Aulis

Role: Cheek Esq Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Mr Motteux Actor: Mr Norris
Role: Eriphile Actor: Mrs Wilkins.


Mainpiece Title: The Marriage-hater Matched

Role: Brainless Actor: Bowman
Role: Sir Philip Freewit Actor: Monfort
Role: Limber Actor: Sandford
Role: Darewell Actor: Hodson
Role: Myn Here Van Grin Actor: Leigh
Role: Bias Actor: Bright
Role: Solon Actor: Dogget
Role: Callow Actor: Bowen
Role: MacBuffle Actor: Trefuse
Role: Thummum Actor: Smeaton
Role: Splutter Actor: Colly Cibber?
Role: Lady Subtle Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Lady Bumfiddle Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Phaebe Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Berenice Actor: Mrs Lassels
Role: La Pupsey Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: speaks Actor: Mr Monford
Role: Epilogue Actor: La Pupsey with her Lapdog in Masquerade.


Mainpiece Title: The Citizen Turned Gentleman

Role: Mr Jorden Actor: Nokes
Role: Young Jorden Actor: Cademan
Role: Mr Cleverwit Actor: Crosby
Role: Sir Simon Softhead Actor: Underhil
Role: Trickmore Actor: Harris
Role: Cureal Actor: Sandford
Role: Maistre Jaques Actor: Angel
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Bitterton
Role: Marina Actor: Mrs Burroughs
Role: Betty Trickmore Actor: Mrs Leigh
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor: . See also below.


Mainpiece Title: The Deceiver Deceived

Role: Meleto Bondi Actor: Betterton
Role: Gonsalvo Actor: Arnold
Role: Count Andrea Actor: Hodgson
Role: Fidelio Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Count Insulls Actor: Bowman
Role: Gervatio Actor: Bowen
Role: Actwell Actor: Trafuse
Role: Hiordouble Actor: Knap
Role: Strechwell Actor: Watson
Role: Olivio Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Ariana Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Lady Temptyouth Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Bradshaw.


Mainpiece Title: The Duke Of Guise

Role: Mr Dryden Actor: Mr Smith
Role: King Actor: Kynaston
Role: Guise Actor: Betterton
Role: Mayenne Actor: Jevon
Role: Crillon Actor: Smith
Role: Cardinal Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Archbishop Actor: Perrin
Role: Corso Actor: Montfort
Role: Polin Actor: Bowman
Role: Aumale Actor: Carlile
Role: Bussy Actor: Saunders
Role: Curate Actor: Underhill
Role: Malicorne Actor: Percival
Role: Melanax Actor: Gillo
Role: Sheriffs Actor: Bright, Samford
Role: Queen Mother Actor: Lady Slingsby
Role: Marmoutier Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Mr Dryden Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Another Epilogue Intended to have been Spoken to t Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Imposture Defeated; Or, A Trick To Cheat The Devil

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Mills
Role: Duke of Venice Actor: Thomas
Role: Hernando Actor: Powell
Role: Gusman Sr Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Gusman Jr Actor: Evans
Role: Pedro Actor: Penkethman
Role: Artan Actor: Mills
Role: Alonza Actor: Horden
Role: Bonde Actor: Cibber
Role: Delay Actor: Smeaton
Role: Peter Actor: Smith
Role: Senator Actor: Rogers
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Serena Actor: Mrs Andrews
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Endimion The Man in a Moon Actor:


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks

Music: A piece of Instrumental Musick- to be perform'd on the Stage

Song: Mr Laroon, Mrs Hughs; particularly a Two/part Song-Mr Laroon, Mrs Hughs compos'd by the late Mr Henry Purcell

Song: Country Farmer's Daughter, Highland Lilt-the Devonshire Girl; The Whip of Dunbyn-Claxton; a new Entry-Mrs Campion, others; A Scotch Dance-Mrs Bicknell; a new Scaramouch Man and Scaramouch Woman-Laferry, Mrs Lucas


Mainpiece Title: The Rover

Entertainment: Young Gentlewoman, as17100817; Likewise a Vaulting the Managed Horse-famous Master who never appear'd on the Publick Stage

Dance: Ladder Dance-; French Peasant-; Wooden Shoe-; Harlequin Scaramouch Cooper and Wife-


Mainpiece Title: Fatal Curiosity

Afterpiece Title: The Historical Register

Role: Medley Actor: Roberts
Role: Sourwit Actor: Lacey
Role: Lord Dapper Actor: Ward
Role: Ground Ivy Actor: Jones
Role: Hen Actor: Mrs Charke
Role: Apollo's Bastard Son Actor: Blakes
Role: Pistol Actor: Davis
Role: Quidam Actor: Smith
Role: Politicians Actor: Jones, Topping, Woodburn, Smith, Machen
Role: Patriots Actor: Topping, Machen, Pullen, Woodburn
Role: Banter Actor: Smith
Role: Dangle Actor: Lowther
Role: Mrs Screen Actor: Mrs Haywood
Role: Mrs Barter Actor: Miss Kawer
Role: Ladies Actor: Mrs Charke, Mrs Haywood, Mrs Lacey, Miss Jones.


Mainpiece Title: The Merchant Of Venice

Role: Shylock Actor: Macklin1st appearance for 6 years
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Moody
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Songs Actor: Mr Prentis1st appearance on this stage
Role: Gratiano Actor: Palmer
Role: Antonio Actor: Davies
Role: Bassanio Actor: Havard
Role: Jessica Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Nerissa Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Launcelot Actor: Vaughan
Role: Duke Actor: Bransby.

Afterpiece Title: Love a-la-Mode

Role: Sir Archy Macsarcasm Actor: Macklin
Role: Sir Callaghan Actor: Moody
Role: Squire Groom Actor: King
Role: Mordecai Actor: Blakes
Role: Sir Theodore Goodchild Actor: Burton
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Macklin.

Dance: IV: A Dutch Dance-Master Settree, Master Blagdon, Miss Blagdon


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple; Or, A Trip To The Jubilee

Role: Sir Harry Wildair Actor: Mrs Greville
Role: Colonel Standard Actor: Brinsley
Role: Young Clincher Actor: Swords
Role: Vizard Actor: Cotton
Role: Alderman Smuggler Actor: Barrett
Role: Tom Errand Actor: Forrest
Role: Beau Clincher Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Wife Actor: Mr Pressley
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Read
Role: Parley Actor: Miss Plain
Role: Lady Darling Actor: Mrs Fowler
Role: Lady Lurewell Actor: Mrs Child

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Role: Whittle Actor: Barrett
Role: Sir Patrick O'Neale Actor: Lloyd
Role: Bates Actor: Booth
Role: Kecksey Actor: Pressley
Role: Nephew Actor: Forrest
Role: Thomas Actor: Swords
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Mrs Greville

Song: End of Act I of afterpiece Horn sweet are the Woodlands by Forrest and Groves. imitations. End of mainpiece, Vocal and Rhetorical, by the Gentleman who performs Beau Clincher


Mainpiece Title: Albion And Albanius

Role: Mr Dryden Actor:
Role: Epilogue to the Opera by Mr Dryden Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: King Arthur; Or, The British Worthy

Role: King Arthur Actor: Betterton
Role: King of Kent Actor: Williams
Role: Conon Actor: Hodgson
Role: Merlin Actor: Kynaston
Role: Osmond Actor: Sandford
Role: Aurelius Actor: Alexander
Role: Albanact Actor: Bowen
Role: Guillamar Actor: Harris
Role: Emmeline Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Richardson
Role: Philidel Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Grimbald Actor: Bowman
Role: Prologue to the Opera Actor: Mr Betterton
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle.


Mainpiece Title: Cleomenes, The Spartan Heroe

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Mountfort
Role: Cleomenes Actor: Betterton
Role: Cleonidas Actor: Lee
Role: Ptolomy Actor: Alexander
Role: Sosybius Actor: Sandford
Role: Cleanthes Actor: Mountford
Role: Pantheus Actor: Kynaston
Role: Coenus Actor: Hudson
Role: Cratisiclea Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: Cleora Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Cassandra Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle.


Mainpiece Title: The Richmond Heiress; Or, A Woman Once In The Right

Role: Sir Charles Romance Actor: Freeman
Role: Sir Quibble Quere Actor: Bright
Role: Tom Romance Actor: Powel
Role: Dr Guiacum Actor: Sandford
Role: Frederick Actor: Williams
Role: Rice ap Shinken Actor: Bowman
Role: Dick Stockjobb Actor: Underhill
Role: Hotspur Actor: Hudson
Role: Quickwit Actor: Dogget
Role: Cummington Actor: Bowen
Role: Fulvia Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Sophronia Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Mrs Stockjobb Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Madam Squeamish Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Marmalette Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Dogget
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: A Very Good Wife

Role: Mr Congreve Actor: Mr Hains
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Courtwitt Actor: Powell
Role: Wellborn Actor: Hodgson
Role: Bonavent Actor: Alexander
Role: Squeezwit Actor: Bowen
Role: Venture Actor: Bright
Role: Hickman Actor: Trafusis
Role: Sneaksby Actor: Hains
Role: Aminadab Actor: Cibber
Role: Jeremy Actor: Lee
Role: Crack Actor: Lawson
Role: Annabella Actor: Mrs Mountfort
Role: Widow Lacy Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Carroll Actor: Mrs Lassels
Role: Mrs Sneaksby Actor: Mrs Lee.


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Role: Sent by an Unknown Hand, Actor: Mr Powell
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Aboan Actor: Powell
Role: Lieutenant Governor Actor: Williams
Role: Blanford Actor: Harland
Role: Stanmore Actor: Horden
Role: Jack Stanmore Actor: Mills
Role: Captain Driver Actor: Ben Johnson
Role: Daniel Actor: Mich. Lee
Role: Hottman Actor: Sympson
Role: Imoinda Actor: Mrs Rogers
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Charlot Welldon Actor: Mrs Verbruggen
Role: Lucy Welldon Actor: Mrs Lucas
Role: edition of 1699] Actor: Mrs Verbruggen.


Mainpiece Title: The Younger Brother; Or, The Amorous Jilt

Role: Prologue by an unknown hand Actor: Mr Powel
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Horden
Role: Prince Frederick Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Sir Rowland Marteen Actor: Johnson
Role: George Marteen Actor: Powel
Role: Welborn Actor: Horden
Role: Sir Merlin Marteen Actor: Pinkerman
Role: Sir Morgan Blunder Actor: Bullock
Role: Mr Twang Actor: Smeaton
Role: Brittone Actor: Kent
Role: Mirtilla Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Verbrugen
Role: Teresia Actor: Mrs Temple
Role: Lady Blunder Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Mrs Menage Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Lady Youthly Actor: Mrs Harris.


Mainpiece Title: The City Bride; Or, The Merry Cuckold

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Thurmond
Role: Bonvile Actor: Boman
Role: Friendly Actor: Thurmond
Role: Justice Merryman Actor: Bright
Role: Summerfield Actor: Scudemore
Role: Mr Ventre Actor: Arnold
Role: Mr Spruce Actor: Bayly
Role: Compasse Actor: Freeman
Role: A Councellor Actor: Davis
Role: Pettifog Actor: Trefusis
Role: Dodge Actor: Eldred
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Mrs Ventre Actor: Mrs Lacy
Role: Peg Actor: Mrs Perin
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Prince
Role: Epilogue Actor: the City-Bride.
Role: the City Actor: Bride.


Mainpiece Title: Love's A Jest

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen in a Riding-Dress
Role: Mr Bowen in a Riding Actor: Dress
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Underhil, Bowen
Role: Gypsies Actor: Mr Mynns
Role: Lord Lovewel Actor: Hodgson
Role: Sir ThomasGaymood Actor: Freeman
Role: Sam Gaymood Actor: Bowen
Role: Railmore Actor: Betterton
Role: Airy Actor: Bowman
Role: Sir Topewel Clownish Actor: Underhil
Role: Squire Illbred Actor: Trefusis
Role: Humphrey Doddipole Actor: Trout
Role: Humdrum Actor: Eldred
Role: Major Buff Actor: Harris
Role: Plot Actor: Bright
Role: Frankly Actor: Bailey
Role: Lady Single Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Howard
Role: Francilia Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Christina Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Doll Hoyden Actor: Mrs Perrin.


Mainpiece Title: The City Lady; Or, Folly Reclaim'd

Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Hodgson
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Howard
Role: Grumble Actor: Bright
Role: Bevis Actor: Underhill
Role: Bellardin Actor: Bowman
Role: Lovebright Actor: Hodgson
Role: Pedanty Actor: Harris
Role: Burgersditius Actor: Freeman
Role: Brassby Actor: Scudamore
Role: Flash Actor: Baily
Role: Cash Actor: Arnold
Role: Jasper Actor: Bowen
Role: Lady Grumble Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Formosa Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Secreta Actor: Mrs Leigh
Role: Fidget Actor: Mrs Lawson
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Robinson.