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Event Comment: By children not above thirteen years of age. By Authority. Benefit for Miss Valois and Miss Burn. 6:30 p.m. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Gallery 2s. The House will be lighted with Wax Candles


Mainpiece Title: Cleone

Performance Comment: Sifroy-Master Ireland; Glanville-Master Cauley; Cleone-Miss Valois; Young Sifroy-Miss Burn.
Role: Cleone Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Young Sifroy Actor: Miss Burn.


Dance: A Minuet-Miss Valois, Miss Burn

Event Comment: [Miss Thornton is identified by MS annotation on Kemble playbill.


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Performance Comment: Young Meadows (1st time)-Mrs Kennedy; new songs(composed by Michael? Arne)-Mrs Kennedy; Hawthorn-Reinhold; Sir William Meadows-Fearon; Eustace-Mahon; Hodge (1st time)-Doyle; Justice Woodcock-Wilson; Deborah-Mrs Pitt; Margery-Miss Valois; Lucinda-Mrs Morton; Rosetta-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Miss Thornton]).Miss Thornton]).
Role: Margery Actor: Miss Valois

Afterpiece Title: The Reprisal

Dance: As17781201

Event Comment: Afterpiece: A Comic Opera altered [by Colman] from Gay. The Music entirely new by Dr Arne. Now acted for the first time in 2 Acts. [The 1776 Edition in Bell's British Theatre lists: Achilles-Miss Brown; Philoe-$Miss Valois; Thetis-$Miss Catley. [$Miss Pearce">Mattocks; Peripas-$Reinhold; Lycomedes-$DuBellamy; Diphilus-$Dyer; Ajax-$Dunstall; Ulysses-$Owenson; Diomedes-$Fox; Argytes-$Baker; Deidamia-$Mrs Mattocks; Artemona-$Miss Brown; Philoe-$Miss Valois; Thetis-$Miss Catley. [$Miss Pearce may have played Lesbia).] Paid Banks for the Head of a Figure used in The Fair #1 1s.; Paid Mr Gard for performing 5 nights in the Fair and 3 in the Sorcerer #1. Paid Joseph Besford for performing 5 nights in the Fair 12s. 6d. (Account Book). [Afterpiece unfavorably reviewed in the Westminster Magazine.] Receipts: #149 18s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Role: Rutland Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Nottingham Actor: Miss Sherman

Afterpiece Title: Achilles in Petticoats

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Mattocks, Reinhold, DuBellamy, Dyer, Dunstall, Owenson, Fox, Mrs Mattocks, Miss Brown, Miss Valois, Miss Pearce, Miss Catley.
Event Comment: Mainpiece: A New English Burletta, never performed, by the Author of Midas [Kane O'Hara], in three parts. Books of the Burletta to be had at the Theatre. Receipts: #229 14s. [The mainpiece had been censored by Licenser 5 April 1772 (Larpent MS 330) but had been passed later. The MS indicates stage directions "Curtain rising discovers a splendid Pavilion in the Clouds, Juno, Pallas and Venus at card table." Reviewed in the Westminster Magazine. Rev. Charles Jenner wrote the following "Ode to Miss Catley in the character of Juno." (Harvard Library original MSS No. 65 [1930].)] @Hail vulgar Goddess of the foul mouth'd race!@If modest Bard may hail without offence)@In whose majestic, blush-disdaining face@The steady hand of Fate wrote Impudence;@Hail to thy dauntless front, and aspect bold;@Thrice hail, magnificent, immortal scold!@ @Thee, Goddess, from the upper gallery's height@With heedful look the jealous fish-wife eyes,@Tho early train'd to urge the mouthing flight,@She hears thy bellowing powers with surprize.@Returns instructed to the realms that bore her,@Adopts thy tones and carries all before her.@ @Proceed then, Catley, in thy great career@And nightly let our maidens hear and see@The sweetest voice disgust the listning ear@The fairest face assume deformity!@So shalt thou arm them with their best defense,@And teach them Modesty by Impudence.


Mainpiece Title: The Golden Pippin

Performance Comment: Reinhold, Mattocks, Quick, DuBellamy, Baker, Burton, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Baker, Miss Valois, Miss Catley; Jupiter-Reinhold; Paris-Mattocks; Momus-Quick; Mercury-DuBellamy; The Dragon-Burton; Venus-Mrs Mattocks; Pallas-Mrs Baker; Iris-Miss Valois; Juno-Miss Catley; Erynnis-Baker (Edition of 1773).
Role: Iris Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Juno Actor: Miss Catley

Afterpiece Title: The Commissary

Role: Commissary Actor: Quick
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Pearce

Dance: I: A New Pantomime Dance call'd The Venetian Gardner-Mas. Blurton, Miss Capon. [See17650925]; II: [A New Dance-Aldridge, Miss Capon; End: [A New Grand Ballet, call'd Rural Amusements-Fishar, Sga Manesiere. [See17720424.

Performance Comment: Blurton, Miss Capon. [See17650925]; II: [A New Dance-Aldridge, Miss Capon; End: [A New Grand Ballet, call'd Rural Amusements-Fishar, Sga Manesiere. [See17720424.]See17720424.]
Role: A New Dance Actor: Aldridge, Miss Capon
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 3 years. [See 27 Nov. 1765. Hogan noted the following additions from the 1770 edn.: Mortimer-Lewes; Glendower-Morris; Prince John-Miss Cockayne; Northumberland-Redman; Gadshill-P. Smith; Peto-Wild.] Receipts: #149 17s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part I, With The Humours Of Falstaff

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Performance Comment: As17691228, but Ceres-Miss Valois; Dances-Miss Capon, Miss _Valois.

Dance: II: The Merry Sailors, as17691018

Event Comment: Benefit for Baker, Miles, Miss Young. Tickets deliver'd out by Mrs Ferguson will be taken. No building on Stage. Receipts: #36 17s. plus income from tickets: Miles, #60 13s. (Box 103; pit 182; Gallery 76); Baker, #41 6s. (Box 69; Pit 125; Gallery 53); Miss Young #32 10s. (Box 28; Pit 98; Gallery 108). [All shared equally in the charges.] Mrs Ferguson's income of #18 16s. from tickets was clear (Box 9; Pit 61; Gallery 74) (Account Book). Charges: #64 8s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man; Or, The Fop's Fortune

Performance Comment: Carlos-Ross; Clodio-Dyer; Don Antonio-Dunstall; Don Charino-Collins; Don Lewis-Shuter; Governor-Anderson; Jaques-Bennett; Don Manuel-Cresswick; Monsieur-Holtom; Don Duart-Davis; Sancho-Baker; Angelina-Mrs Dyer; Elvira-Mrs Ferguson; Louisa-Mrs Hamilton; Priest-Wignel; Lawyer-Redman; Page-Miss Valois; Honoria-Mrs Stephens.
Role: Page Actor: Miss Valois

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Dance: II: A Hornpipe-Miles; IV: The Drunken Peasant-Miles; Clown-Bennet

Event Comment: MMiss Susan Mullart, since call'd Mrs Evans [See 5 Jan. 1762]. It is said that Mr Ridout very artfully seduc'd her, and that proofs of their Intimacy appearing Miss Mullart assumed the name of Mrs Evans, and gave out that she had been privately married (Hopkins MS Notes). Ridout had died 28 May 1761. [See 30 Dec. 1761 and also 2 April 1761.


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: Richard-Smith; King Henry-Gibson; Norfolk-Perry; Stanley-Anderson; Lieut.-R. Smith; Ratcliffe-Bennet; Catesby-Holtom; Lord Mayor-Marten; Oxford-Weller; Richmond-Clarke; Buckingham-Sparks; Tressel-Dyer; Prince Edward-Miss Mullart; Duke of York-Miss Valois; Lady Anne-Mrs Vincent; Duchess of York-Mrs Elmy; Queen-Mrs Hamilton.
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Valois

Afterpiece Title: The Coronation

Event Comment: Benefit for Younger. Tickets deliver'd by Miss Helme and Mr Branson will be taken. Charges #70 3s. 6d. Balance to Younger #36 10s., plus #116 3s. from tickets (Box 151; Pit 340; Gallery 274) (Account Book). Receipts: #106 13s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Performance Comment: Cato-Younger; Juba-Smith; Sempronius-Clarke; Syphax-Gibson; Portius-Bensley; Marcus-Wroughton; Lucius-Gardner; Decius-Morris; Lucia-Mrs Mattocks; Marcia-Miss Miller.
Role: Marcia Actor: Miss Miller.

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Performance Comment: As17700418 but Yeoman-Morris; Ceres-Miss Valois.
Role: Ceres Actor: Miss Valois.
Event Comment: [Young Gentlewoman identified as Miss Potts, said to be a niece of Hull's. See playbill of 28 Feb. 1772.] Receipts: #127 9s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Performance Comment: Razor-Woodward; Quidnunc-Dunstall; Pamphlet-Shuter; Harriet-Miss Valois; Termagant-Mrs Green.
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Valois
Event Comment: Mainpiece: A Comedy [by Bickerstaffe, altered from Cibber's Non-Juror]never performed there. [The Young Lady indentified by Kemble note on playbill. The Westminster Magazine commented unfavorably on her action: "Charlotte requires many fine qualities to represent her, none of which Miss Wilde possessed."] Receipts: #112 11s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Hypocrite

Performance Comment: Doctor Cantwell-Kniveton; Darnley-Bensley; Sir John Lambert-Hull; Col. Lambert-Lewes; Seyward-Wroughton; Maw@Worm-Quick; Lady Lambert-Miss Sherman, first appearance; Old Lady Lambert-Mrs Green; Charlotte-a Young Lady[, who never appeared on any Stage [Miss Wilde]., who never appeared on any Stage [Miss Wilde].

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Performance Comment: As17730927, but Nysa-Miss Valois.
Role: Nysa Actor: Miss Valois.
Role: Juno Actor: Miss Pearce
Event Comment: Tom Thumb [announced on playbill of 22 Dec.] is obliged to be deferred on account of Miss Catley's Indisposition. Receipts: #99 6s. (96.19; 2.7)


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Role: Miss Ogle Actor: Mrs Morton
Role: Letitia Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Performance Comment: As17800921, but Harriet-Miss Valois.
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Valois.

Dance: End: The Shepherd's Wedding, as17801003


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Performance Comment: As17740107, but Rosetta-Miss Jameson; Eustace-Owenson.
Role: Rosetta Actor: Miss Jameson

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Pearce

Dance: A Triple Hornpipe-Miss Matthews, Miller, Eves; being his first appearance. The two last, scholars to Fishar. A New Dance with Baskets of Flowers[, in which introduced, by particular desire, a Minuet and Allemande-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; [her first appearance this season. A New Grand Ballet, The Black Prince's Festival- (that night only); Prince-Fishar; Pages-Blurton, Miller; Favourites-Miss Twist, Miss Valois; [See17720424.] A New Serious Ballet-Miss Parish[, a Child of Ten Years of age, with only 4 months' instruction, Apprentice to Fishar, her first appearance

Performance Comment: The two last, scholars to Fishar. A New Dance with Baskets of Flowers[, in which introduced, by particular desire, a Minuet and Allemande-Fishar, Sga Manesiere; [her first appearance this season. A New Grand Ballet, The Black Prince's Festival- (that night only); Prince-Fishar; Pages-Blurton, Miller; Favourites-Miss Twist, Miss Valois; [See17720424.] A New Serious Ballet-Miss Parish[, a Child of Ten Years of age, with only 4 months' instruction, Apprentice to Fishar, her first appearance., a Child of Ten Years of age, with only 4 months' instruction, Apprentice to Fishar, her first appearance.

Ballet: The Favorite Comic Ballet, first time this season, The Wapping Landlady. Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Banks; Orange Woman-Miss Twist [see17730424]; [with Sixfold Hornpipe- [see17730424]

Performance Comment: Jack-Fishar; Landlady-Banks; Orange Woman-Miss Twist [see17730424]; [with Sixfold Hornpipe- [see17730424].see17730424].
Role: Orange Woman Actor: Miss Twist
Event Comment: Benefit for Holtom, Buck, Dibdin and Miss Sledge. Mainpiece: Not acted in 3 years. [See 11 May 1762.] Afterpiece: Music by Dibdin


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Ross; Macduff-Clarke; King-Gibson; Malcolm-Anderson; Donalbain-Bennet; Seyton-Gardiner; Siward-R. Smith; Fleance-Mas. Morgan; Banquo-Sparks; Lenox-Hull; Hecate-Wignell; Murderers-Buck, Holtom; Witches-Dunstall, Costollo; Lady Macduff-Mrs Barrington; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Ward; With the Original Music. The Vocal parts-Mattocks, Legg, Baker, Dibdin, Miss Poitier, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Jones, Miss Polly Young; Dances-and Decorations incident to the play.

Afterpiece Title: The Shepherd's Artifice

Performance Comment: Parts-Mattocks, Dibdin, Fawcett, Miss Miller, Miss Poitier; Alexis-Mattocks; Strephon-Dibdin; Sylvia-Miss Hallam; Caelia-Miss Poitier (Genest, V, 58); Parts-Fawcett, Miss Miller playbill, however, does not list Miss Hallam; Dance incident to the Entertainment,-Duquesney, Miss Valois. Larpent MS 240 lists parts as Palemon, Strephon, Thyrsis, Caelia and Sylvia.
Event Comment: Ladies send servants by 3 o'clock. A Comic Opera, Never Perform'd [by Isaac Bickerstaffe]. The Scenes, Dresses and Dances entirely new (playbill). [The playbill does not assign parts. Assignment from Genest and Winston who both identify the Young Gentlewoman as Miss Brickler. The Music compiled from Favourite airs of the most celebrated composers." See note for 27 May relative to dances in this opera.] Receipts: #245 14s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love In The City

Performance Comment: Wagg-Shuter; Old Cockney-Gibson; Barnackle-Dunstall; Young Cockney-Dibdin; Sightly-DuBellamy; Spruce-Mattocks; Miss LaBlond-Miss Poitier; Miss Molly Cockney-Mrs Green; Penelope-A Young Gentlewoman [Miss Brickler]; Priscilla-Mrs Mattocks; With Dances [adapted to the opera-Fishar, LaRiviere, Arnauld, Sga Manesiere, Miss Wilford, Miss Valois. (Edition of 1767) .
Event Comment: [The words of The Pastoral Dialogue as sung by Beard and Miss Hallam are printed in the Public Advertiser this day.


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda and the Arcadian Nuptials

Performance Comment: As17640116, but concluding with a New Masque-; Colin-Beard; Phillis-Miss Hallam; Thyrsus-Duquesney; Daphne-Sga Manesiere; Cupid-Mas. Rogers; The Graces-Miss Wilford, Miss Valois, Miss Pitt; Hymen-Gallini. [New Cloaths and Scenes. [See17640119 for Pastoral Dialogue.]New Cloaths and Scenes. [See17640119 for Pastoral Dialogue.]
Event Comment: [The Westminster Magazine for Sept. Comments on Miss Jackson: "She is extremely stiff in her delivery and action. Could she, however, divest herself of stage formalities, there would be few better Juliet s at either house, and she would prove a very decent second-rate actress."


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: Romeo-Lewis; Capulet-Clarke; Friar Lawrence-Hull; Mercutio-Woodward; Benvolio-Booth; Escalus-Fearon; Paris-Young; Tibalt-L'Estrange; Peter-Quick; Lady Capulet-Mrs Poussin; Nurse-Mrs Pitt; Juliet-Mrs Jackson (first appearance on this stage.); In I Masquerade Scenev incident to the play; and a Minuet-Daiguville, Mrs Jackson; end IV, the Funeral Procession of Juliet with the Solwmn Dirge: vocal parts-Mattocks, Reinhold, DuBellamy, Baker, Fox, Miss Brown, Miss Dayes, Mrs Masterson, Miss Valois, Mrs Willems, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Jones.

Afterpiece Title: St Patrick's Day; or, The Scheming Lieutenant

Performance Comment: O'Connor-Clinch; Credulous-Lee Lewes; Dr Rosey-Quick; Trounce-Dunstall; Black Smith-Fearon; Flint-Fox; Bridget-Mrs Pitt; Lauretta-Miss Brown, in which character will be introduced a Song.
Event Comment: Afterpiece [by Bickerstaffe]: a Musical Entertainment never performed there before. The Cnaracters new dress'd. [Daphne identified by Winston MS 10 and by Kemble note on playbill.] Paid Cooper (printer) #42 1s. (Account Book). [Reviewer for Town and Country Magazine commends Miss Wewitzer for the lower register of her voice. Belives she will be a credit to her tutor, Griffiths the Organist."] Receipts: #181 4s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: Tamerlane-Bensley; Bajazet-Smith; Axalla-Perry; Dervise-Gardner; Moneses-Wroughton; Omar-Morris; Stratocles-Fox; Hali-Davis; Prince of Tanais-R. Smith; Selima-Mrs Mattocks; Arpasia-Miss Miller; The Original Song-DuBellamy; The Usual Prologue-Wroughton.
Role: Arpasia Actor: Miss Miller

Afterpiece Title: Daphne and Amintor

Performance Comment: Amintor-Mattocks; Mindora-Mrs Baker; Daphne-a Young Lady[, first appearance any stage Miss Wewitzer]; [With a Dance [incident to the piece-Mas. Harris, Mas. Blurton, Miss Twist, Miss Valois.

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17721012

Event Comment: Benefit for Younger. Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years. [See 18 May 1772.] Tickets delivered by Miss Helme will be taken. Charges: #66 17s. 6d. Profit to Younger #52 1s., plus #130 1s. from tickets (Box 201; Pit 344; Gallery 382) Receipts: #118 18s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cyrus

Afterpiece Title: Mother Shipton with Stockwell Scenes

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Lewes; Clown-Cushing; Farmer-Fox; Mother Shipton-Baker; Ballad Singer-Dunstall; Others-Rayner, Banks, Wild, Hamilton, Thompson, Hollingsworth, Holtom, Mrs Helme, Mrs White; Colombine-Miss Twist; The Dances-Fishar, Miss Valois, Blurton, Miss Besford.
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never acted there. Neville MS Diary: Both theatres opened again with The English Merchant. Went into the Pit of cg. Shuter did Freeport pretty well, but had not that appearance of blunt honesty which Yates has in that character....I like Miss Pope better in Molly than Mrs Mattocks. Mrs Goodman by Mrs Ward, who is a very different figure now from what she was some years ago. Her daughter did Amelia pretty well, but has a stiffiness and an indifferent voice. End Act III, The Irish Lilt-The celebrated dancer Aldridge, Sga Manesiere. Entertainment Harlequin Dr Faustus. I hope this emulation between the 2 Houses will cause exertion. Receipts: #146 8s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The English Merchant

Performance Comment: Freeport-Shuter; Spatter-Woodward; Lord Falbridge-Bensley; Owen-Gibson; La France-Quick; Sir Wm. Douglas-Powell; 1st time; Mrs Goodman-Mrs Ward; Molly-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Alton-Mrs Bellamy; Amelia-Miss Ward.
Role: Amelia Actor: Miss Ward.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Woodward; Others-Legg, Mrs Baker, Morris, Banks, DuBellamy, Wignell, Dibdin, Weller, Holtom, Mrs Copin, Baker, Mrs Lampe, Miss Helm, Mrs Dyer, Mrs Bulkley; Dances-LaRiviere, Arnauld, Miss Valois, Fishar.

Dance: III: The Irish Lilt, as17670921


Mainpiece Title: An Impromptu Faragolio

Performance Comment: A variety of entertainments as17570902 as17570908 as17570912; An Address-Mr Cibber; Hooley and Fairley, A Scotch Song-Lauder; Blind Man's Buff-Lilliputians; A Concerto for French Horns-; The Comic Lectures-Mr Cibber; Music-; The Taylors-Master Settree, Miss Twist; An Auction-Mr Cibber; Italian Air-Signora Mimicotti; Bassoon-Mynheer Von Poop@Poop Broomstickado; The Italian Peasants-Joly, Madam Dulisse; Marine Boys Marching to Portsmouth-; +Hornpipe-Morris, Miss Durham; Handel's Water Music, Preamble on Kettle Drums-; Comic Epilogue-Miss Midnight; Voluntary on the Cymbalo-Mr Noel Sr; Favourite English Song-Miss Gaudry; Kitty or the Female Phaeton-Miss Gaudry; Dialogue-Mr Gaudry, Miss Gaudry; The Lark Concerto-Mr Gaudry; Country Lass-Miss Valois; What's That to You?-Lauder; Oration-Miss Midnight; Cuckow Overture-; Singing-Sadler; Dutch Peasant-Miss Valois; Louvre, Minuet-Froment, Madam Dulisse; with the addition of La Bergere-Miss Vallois (scholar to Mr LaCointe); a new Scots Dance-Froment, Mlle Dulisse; an Epi@congee-Cibber; Alli Croker a comic dance-Miss Valois.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Frolic


Mainpiece Title: A Medley Concert

Performance Comment: Country Lass-Miss Valois; What's That To You? a Scots song,-Lauder; Oration-Miss Midnight; The Taylors-Master Settree, Miss Twist; Comic Lectures-Mr Cibber; Kitty or the Female Phaeton-Miss Gaudry; Cuckow Overture-; A new Scots Dance,with the Scots Measure,-Froment, Mme Dulisse; Singing-Sadler; Auction-Cibber; Italian Air-Signora Mimicotti; Dutch Peasant-Miss Valois; Marine Boys Marching to Portsmouth-; Hornpipe-Morris, Miss Durham; Comic Epilogueriding on an Ass-Miss Midnight; Voluntary on Cymbalo-Noel; Handel's Water Musick-; with Preamble on Kettle Drums-Woodbridge; Louvre, Minuet-Froment, Mme Dulisse.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Frolic


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Performance Comment: Parts by Woodward, Smith, Yates, Clarke, Dyer, Bensley, Hull, Dunstall, Perry, Quick, Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom, Mrs Bulkley, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Green, Miss Ward, Miss Valois, Mrs Yates. With Prologue and Epilogue. Captain Ironsides-Woodward; Belfield Jun-Smith; Sir Benjamin Dove-Yates; Belfield Sen-Clarke; Paterson-Dyer; Philip-Bensley; Old Goodwin-Hull; Jonathan-Dunstall; Francis-Perry; Skiff-Quick; Lady Dove-Mrs Green; Violetta-Mrs Bulkley; Lucy Waters-Mrs Mattocks; Fanny Goodwin-Miss Ward; Kitty-Miss Valois; Sophia-Mrs Yates (playbill matched with Edition of 1770); Playbill also lists Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom (presumably as sailors.); With Prologue-Smith; Epilogue-Mrs Yates (playbill and 1770 Edn.). See Bill for 25 Jan. 1770.
Role: Fanny Goodwin Actor: Miss Ward
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Valois

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances


Mainpiece Title: The Confederacy

Afterpiece Title: Orpheus and Eurydice, with the Metamorphoses of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Orpheus-Mattocks; Rhodope-Mrs Thompson; 1st Nymph (Follower of Eurydice)-Miss Valois; Harlequin-Miles; Pantaloon-Banks; Squire Gawky-Morgan; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Copin; Goody Gurton-Wignell; Clown (Drudge)-Morris; Cook-Baker; Porter-Quick; Dwarf-Miss Ford; Rural Swain-Arnauld; 2nd Nymph-Miss Valois; Colombine-Mrs Dyer; Eurydice-Mrs Baker.
Role: 1st Nymph Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Dwarf Actor: Miss Ford
Role: 2nd Nymph Actor: Miss Valois
Event Comment: Mainpiece: A Comedy [by William Kenrick] never performed before. [The play failed to succeed. Kenrick accounts for the failure in his Preface to the 1773 edition by reference to the Macklin affair (See 23 Oct., 30 Oct. and 18 Nov.) He quotes from the Public Advertiser (22 Nov.): "On Saturday last a new comedy called the Duellist was performed, for the first time, at Covent Garden Theatre. Previous to the curtain being drawn up, the following written handbill was dispersed about the house. 'Mr Macklin has been pursued by a malicious party to such a pitch of rancour, that at last they have succeeded so far in their cursed designs, as to get him discharged this theatre, and thereby have deprived him of the means of a livelihood; therefore if the public have any spirit, they will not suffer the new play to begin till Mr Colman promises that Mr Macklin shall be engaged again.' This handbill found its way into the green-room, and had a very visible effect on the performers, as was plainly evident from their confusion. The piece was received with great marks of approbation, and given out again for Monday, which was attended with some hissing, but that was greatly overpowered by the general applause of the audience. The overture to Thomas and Sally being attended to with silence, the greatest part of the author's friends quitted the theatre; which being taken advantage of by a party in the gallery, a riot ensued, and the entertainment was not suffered to go on till another play was given out for Monday." Kenrick agrees with this account, then analyses several other objections which he dismisses, to wit, in the play (a) too lengthy a satire on lawyers, (b) an indelicate passage in Latin (omitted from the printed version); in the audience, a conspiracy of Garrick and Bickerstaffe against him; and lack of a claque of his own friends to carry through their suport of him. Macklin's name appears on the playroll this night, but only for a accumulated 4 days of pay #8 16s. (Account Book).] Receipts: #221 3s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Duellist

Performance Comment: Parts by: Woodward, Smith, Shuter, Lewis, Wroughton, Kniverton, Quick, Cushing, Miss Miller, Miss Barsanti, Miss Wilde, Miss Pearce, Mrs Kniveton, Miss Valosi, and Mrs Green. With a Prologue and an Epilogue. General Gantlet-Woodward; Capt. Boothby-Smith; Sir Soloman Bauble-Shuter; Counsellor Witmore-Lewis; Lord Lovemore-Wroughton; Governor Mammon-Kniveton; Serjant Nonplus-Quick; Lady Lovemore-Miss Barsanti; Mrs Boothby-Miss Miller; Lady Bauble-Mrs Green; Emelia-Miss Wilde; Mrs Goodwill-Mrs Kniveton; Echo-Miss Valois; Combrush-Miss Pearce; Mactotum-Cushing; With Prologue-Smith; Epilogue-Miss Barsanti (Edition of 1773).
Role: Lady Lovemore Actor: Miss Barsanti
Role: Mrs Boothby Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Emelia Actor: Miss Wilde
Role: Echo Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Combrush Actor: Miss Pearce
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Barsanti

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Performance Comment: As17731023, but Hornpipe-Miss Besford.
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Miss Besford.
Role: Sally Actor: Miss Brown
Role: With Hornpipe Actor: Miss Twist.


Mainpiece Title: Cleone

Performance Comment: Siffroy-Master Alexander; Glanvil-Master Cawley; Beaufort Sr-Master Pittcarn; Beaufort Jr-Master Johnston; Paulet-Miss Garman; Isabella-Miss Brown; Cleone-Miss Valois; Young Siffroy-Miss Burn.
Role: Paulet Actor: Miss Garman
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Brown
Role: Cleone Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Young Siffroy Actor: Miss Burn.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Dance: Miss Burn