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Mainpiece Title: Mahomet

Role: Zaphna Actor: Garrick
Role: Mahomet Actor: Delane
Role: Alcanor Actor: Giffard
Role: Mirvan Actor: Bridges
Role: Pharon Actor: Winstone
Role: Ali Actor: Green
Role: Palmira Actor: Mrs Giffard.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Role: School Boy Actor: Yates
Role: Major Rakis Actor: Bridges
Role: Young Rakish Actor: Cross
Role: Friendly Actor: Green
Role: Father Benedict Actor: Blakes
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Lady Manlove Actor: Mrs Cross.

Song: Lowe

Dance: Muilment


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Role: Othello Actor: Barry from Dublin, 1st appearance on English Stage
Role: Iago Actor: Macklin
Role: Brabantio Actor: Berry
Role: Cassio Actor: Mills
Role: Roderigo Actor: Yates
Role: Duke Actor: Winstone
Role: Lodovico Actor: Blakes
Role: Montano Actor: Mozeen
Role: Gratiano Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Ridout.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Cook Actor: Usher
Role: Butler Actor: Collins.
Role: Jobson Actor: Berry
Role: Loverule Actor: Lowe
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: Between the acts: Lowe, Mrs Mozeen


Mainpiece Title: L'allegro, Il Penseroso

Music: End Part I: Violin@Cello Concerto-Mr Paxton; Part II: Hautboy Concerto-Vincent; After the 1st Anthem: Violin Concerto-Barthelemon (Public Advertiser)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Arrogance

Role: Count Conolly Villars Actor: Lewis
Role: MacDermot Actor: Johnstone
Role: Mr Dorimont Actor: Aickin
Role: Edmund Actor: Farren
Role: Sir Paul Peckham Actor: Wilson
Role: Sir Samuel Sheepy Actor: Munden
Role: Picard Actor: Marshall
Role: Exempt Actor: Thompson
Role: Footmen Actor: Farley, Evatt, Letteney, Blurton
Role: Bailiffs Actor: Cross, Lee
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Lydia Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Lady Peckham Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Prologue Actor: Bernard
Role: in the Character of a News Actor: hawker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Afterpiece Title: The Picture of Paris

Role: Lemonadier Actor: Rees
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Rock
Role: Dancing Nymphs Actor: Mrs _Lloyd
Role: Alban Actor: Holman
Role: Captain O'Leary Actor: Johnstone
Role: Patrick Actor: Rock
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Bannister, Incledon, Davies, Blanchard, Cubitt, Johnstone, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Warrell, Miss Huntley, Miss Barnet
Role: Harlequin Actor: Boyce
Role: Petit Maitre Actor: Farley
Role: Marquis Actor: W. Powel
Role: Pioneer Actor: Cranfield
Role: Dusty Gentleman Actor: Bernard
Role: Poet Actor: Marshall
Role: Shoe@Black Actor: Rees
Role: Jacobine Actor: Cross
Role: Poissards Actor: Blurton, Rayner
Role: Gardener Actor: Milburne
Role: Grotesque Actor: Follett
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Harlowe