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Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Role: Imoinda Actor: Miss Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller

Dance: IV: Comic Dance-J. Granier, J. Granier's Sister


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Old Maid

Music: I: Violin Solo-J. Martin

Dance: II: A Hornpipe-Miss Daw; III: New Comic Dance-Duquesney, Granier, Dumay; IV: The Catalonian Marriage, as17630308 End: a Minuet-Dumay, Miss Twist


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Role: Bellarius Actor: Havard

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Song: II: A Song, The Judicious Choice-Kear

Dance: End: A Minuet-Miss Collett, Miss Giorgi, as17670508

Entertainment: BBucks Have At Ye All-J. Palmer


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Lyar

Dance: II: The Cow@keepers- (with alterations and additions) (see17680426; IV: The Cotillion, as17680426 but Sga Lucchi to the dancers; End: +New Comic Dance, as17680116

Entertainment: End: Bucks Have at ye all-J. Palmer


Mainpiece Title: The Double Dealer

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disguise

Dance: End II: an entire New Dance-Hamoir, Miss J. Stageldoir; End: The Irish Fair, as17880306


Mainpiece Title: The Siege Of Belgrade

Dance: End I: an entire New Ballet (composed by J. D'Egville), Les Vendangeurs-by the Dancers from the king's Theatre (by permission of the Proprietor): Didelot, Laborie, Mme Rose Didelot, Mme Laborie, Mme Hilligsberg; in which the Pas de Trois of La Fille Mal Gardee-; Minuet of Four, Honi Soit qui mal y Pense-

Ballet: End Opera: Telemaque. Telemachus-Didelot; Mentor-D'Egville; Calypso-Mme Rose Didelot; Venus-Mme Laborie; Zelie-Mme D'Egville; Cupid-Master Menage; Clytie-Miss J. Hilligsberg; Eucharis-Mme Hilligsberg; Nymphs, Attendants on Calypso-The Corps de Ballet , from the Opera House

Event Comment: The Jubilee consists of Dialogue Singing & Dancing. This Entertainment was written & compil'd by Mr G.-and it was receiv'd with bursts of Applause the Procession of Shakespear's Characters &c. is the most Superb that ever was Exhibited or I believe ever will. There never was an Entertainment produc'd that gave so much pleasure to all Degrees Boxes pit and Gallery (Hopkins Diary). The Music by Dibdin. With New Scenes, Dresses, and Decorations. [On all subsequent bills, though some are shortened, the PAGEANT is advertised in large capitals. Larpent MS 298, includes descriptive notes and stage directions, p. 24: "Here follows the Pageant, with Bells ringing, Fifes playing, Drums beating, and Cannons firing. In The Procession every scene in the different plays represents some capital part of it in action...The last Scene is a magnificent Transparent one in which the Capital characters of Shakespeare are exhibited at full length with Shakespeare's Statue in the middle crowned by Tragedy and Comedy, fairies and Cupids surrounding him and all the banners waving at the upper end. Then enter the dancers." The Pageant appeared at the top of the stage and came forward, Reviewed in Freeholder's Magazine, Oct.


Mainpiece Title: The School For Rakes

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee


Mainpiece Title: Love Finds The Way

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Mattocks, Quick, Wilson, Wewitzer, Fearon, Mrs Farrell, Miss Brown, Mrs Wilson, A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage Miss Courtenay]). [Cast from Airs (J. Bell, 1777) and Public Advertiser, 19 Nov.: Young Brumpton-Mattocks; Oldcastle-Quick; Lovibond-Wilson; Peter-Wewitzer; Sir Theodore Brumpton-Fearon; Bellford-Mrs Farrell; Mary@Ann-Miss Brown; Bridget-Mrs Wilson; Harriet-Miss Courtenay.
Role: Bellford Actor: Mrs Farrell

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Dance: End II: The Minuet de la Cour, as17771111; End: The Enchantress, as17771104


Mainpiece Title: Tancred And Sigismunda

Afterpiece Title: The Little French Lawyer

Performance Comment: Characters by Quick, Whitfield, Thompson, Booth, Lee Lewes, L'Estrange, Fearon, Wewitzer, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Willems, Mrs Lessingham. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1778): Le Writ-Quick; Dupre-Whitfield; Verdone-Thompson; Beaupre-Booth; Mellefont-[read byLee Lewes [in text: Death]; Vertaign-L'Estrange; Champernel-Fearon; Sampson-Wewitzer [in text: Wilson]; Agnes-Mrs Poussin; Viletta-Mrs Willems; Lamira-Mrs Lessingham.

Dance: End monologue: The Poney Races, as17780421

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Cunning Isaac will relate his Escape from the Duenna [with a new song]-Quick


Mainpiece Title: The Peruvian

Performance Comment: Characters by Johnstone, Quick, Edwin, Palmer, Booth, Darley, Meadows, Mrs Kennedy; Mrs Martyr, Mrs Morton, Mrs Billington. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1786): Belville-Johnstone; Sir Gregory Craveall-Quick; Dry-Edwin; Frankly-Palmer; Sir Harry Cripplegate-Booth; Captain-Darley; Sailor-Meadows; Blandford-Mrs Kennedy; Servant-Swords; Clara-Mrs Martyr; Susan-Mrs Morton; Coraly-Mrs Billington.] hathi. hathi.

Afterpiece Title: The Country Wife


Mainpiece Title: The Comedy Of Errors

Performance Comment: Antipholis of Syracuse-Pope; Antipholis of Ephesus-Holman; Duke-Davies; Angelo-Powel; Dr Pinch-Cubitt; AEgeon-Hull; Dromio of Syracuse-Munden; Dromio of Ephesus-Quick; Luciana-Mrs Esten; Abbess-Miss Chapman; Adriana-Mrs Mattocks; Edition of 1793 (J. Bell) adds: Merchants-Thompson, Evatt; Lesbia-Mrs Platt.

Afterpiece Title: The School for Arrogance

Song: In III: a song (in character)-Mrs Clendining

Entertainment: As17931004


Mainpiece Title: The Castle-spectre

Performance Comment: Characters by Barrymore, Wroughton, Kemble, Palmer, Bannister Jun, Aickin, Dowton, Trueman, Davis, Wentworth, Gibbon, Packer, Wathen, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Walcot. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1798): Osmond-Barrymore; Reginald-Wroughton; Percy-Kemble; Father Philip-Palmer; Motley-Bannister Jun.; Kenric-Aickin; Hassan-Dowton; Saib-Trueman; Muley-Davis; Alaric-Wentworth; Harold-Gibbon; Allan-Packer; Edric-Wathen; Angela-Mrs Jordan; Alice-Mrs Walcot; Evelina ['s Ghost]-Mrs Powell (see17980521); Prologue-Wroughton; Epilogue-Mrs Jordan. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 9 performances only (see17971228), but Epilogue again on 21 May 1798.]These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 9 performances only (see17971228), but Epilogue again on 21 May 1798.]

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Role: Donald Campbell Actor: Dignum


Mainpiece Title: False And True

Performance Comment: Characters by Munden, Barrymore, Trueman, C. Kemble, Davenport, Waldron Jun., Johnstone, D'Arcy, Ledger, Caulfield, Abbot, Chippendale, Lyons, Miss Heard, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Davenport, Mrs Bland. Cast from text (J. Bell, 1798): Count Benini-Munden; Marchese Caliari-Barrymore; Count Florenzi-Trueman; Lealto-C. Kemble; Tomaso-Davenport; Malevole-Waldron Jun.; O'Rafarty-Johnstone; Nicolo-D'Arcy; Lupo-Ledger; Assassins-Caulfield, Abbot, Chippendale; Chairman-Knight; 1st Mob-Lyons; Juliana-Miss Heard; Lauretta-Miss Griffiths; Marchesa Veteria-Mrs Davenport; Janetta-Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: Two Strings to Your Bow

Song: In: Chorusses-Linton, Aylmer, Brown, Dibble, Kenrick, Little, Caulfield Jun., Walker, Willoughby, Ms Edward, Ms Menage, Ms Hale, Ms Gawdry, Ms Butler, Ms Masters, Ms Norton, Ms Benson, Ms Leserve


Mainpiece Title: Aurelio And Miranda

Performance Comment: Characters by Kemble, Barrymore, C. Kemble, Bannister Jun., Wewitzer, Archer, Webb, Evans, Maddocks, Sparks, Ryder, Wentworth, Mrs Siddons, Mrs Powell, Miss Tidswell, Miss Wentworth, Miss Heard, Mrs Sparks, Mrs Bland. Cast from text (J. Bell, 1799): Aurelio-Kemble; Raymond-Barrymore; Lorenzo-C. Kemble; Christoval-Bannister Jun.; Pedro-Wewitzer; Zingaro-Archer; Claude-Webb; Lopez-Evans; Hilario-Maddocks; Bonaventure-Sparks; Servant-Ryder; Juan-Wentworth; Miranda (Eugenio)-Mrs Siddons; Agnes-Mrs Powell; St. Agatha-Miss Tidswell; Teresa-Miss Wentworth; Antonia-Miss Heard; Leonella-Mrs Sparks; Zingarella-Mrs Bland.

Afterpiece Title: The Children in the Wood

Song: Mainpiece: Chorusses-Danby, Wentworth, Brown, Tett, Denman, Atkins, [J.] Fisher, Aylmer, Gallot, Peck, Walker, Willoughby, Phillimore, Evans, Fisher, Caulfield Jun., Ms Arne, Ms Roffey, Ms Wentworth, Ms Jackson, Ms Maddocks, Ms Menage, Ms Menage Jun., Ms Chippendale, Ms Gawdry, Ms Butler, Ms Benson, Ms Bowyer, Ms Jacobs, Ms Coates


Mainpiece Title: The East Indian

Performance Comment: Characters by R. Palmer, Barrymore, Kemble, C. Kemble, Aickin, Wewitzer, Hollingsworth, Bannister Jun., Fisher, Webb, Evans, Miss Stuart, Mrs Powell, Mrs Jordan, Miss Pope, Mrs Sparks, Miss Tidswell. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1800): Lord Listless-R. Palmer; Modish-Barrymore; Rivers-Kemble; Beauchamp-C. Kemble; Walsingham-Aickin; Friponeau-Wewitzer; Squeez'em-Hollingsworth; Frank-Bannister Jun.; Trifle-Fisher; John-Webb; Robert-Evans; Lady Clara Modish-Miss Stuart; Mrs Ormond-Mrs Powell; Zorayda-Mrs Jordan; Miss Chatterall-Miss Pope; Mrs Slip@slop-Mrs Sparks; Mrs Blab@all-Miss Tidswell; Lady Hubbub-Mrs Cuyler; Mrs Tiffany-Mrs Coates; Anne-Mrs Jones; [For Prologue (spoken this night?) see17990501.] Epilogue-Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: The Romp


Mainpiece Title: The East Indian

Performance Comment: Characters-Palmer, Barrymore, Kemble, C. Kemble, Aickin, Maddocks, Hollingsworth, Wathen, Miss Stuart, Mrs Powell, Miss Biggs, Miss Pope, Mrs Sparks, Miss Tidswell, Mrs Coates, Mrs Cuyler, Mrs Jones. Cast adjusted from text (J. Bell, 1800): Lord Listless-Palmer; Modish-Barrymore; Rivers-Kemble; Beauchamp-C. Kemble; Walsingham-Aickin; Friponeau-Maddocks; Squeez'em-Hollingsworth; Frank-Wathen; Lady Clara Modish-Miss Stuart; Mrs Ormond-Mrs Powell; Zorayda-Miss Biggs; Miss Chatterall-Miss Pope; Mrs Slip@slop-Mrs Sparks; Mrs Blab@all-Miss Tidswell; Mrs Tiffany-Mrs Coates; Lady Hubbub-Mrs Cuyler; Anne-Mrs Jones; Prologue-C. Kemble; Epilogue (in Character)-Bannister Jun.

Afterpiece Title: The Prize

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Pope. [Mrs Jordan's 1st appearance as Lady Bell was at this theatre, 21 Apr. 1789.] 3rd piece: To conclude with a Prospect of the Infernal Regions, and a Rain of Fire. Times, 4 May: Tickets to be had of Miss Pope, No. 63, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. Receipts: #318 11s. 6d. (78.0.6; 84.18.0; 4.12.6; tickets: 151.0.6) (charge: #216 8s. 1d.)


Mainpiece Title: Know Your Own Mind

Performance Comment: Millamour-Wroughton; Dashwould-Bannister Jun.; Malvil-R. Palmer; Bygrove-Aickin; Captain Bygrove-C. Kemble; Sir John Millamour-Packer; Sir Harry Lovewit-Holland; Charles-Wewitzer; Lady Bell (with a song)-Mrs Jordan (2nd appearance in that character); Lady Jane-Mrs Powell; Mrs Bromley-Miss Pope; Miss Neville-Miss Miller; Madame La Rouge-Miss Tidswell.
Role: Lady Bell Actor: Mrs Jordan

Afterpiece Title: Sylvester Daggerwood

Role: Donald Campbell Actor: Dignum

Afterpiece Title: Don Juan; or, The Libertine Destroyed

Performance Comment: Don Antonio-Caulfield; Don Ferdinand-Dignum; Don Juan-Palmer; Scaramouch (1st time)-Grimaldi; Boatswain (with a song)-Sedgwick; Donna Anna-Miss Heard; Isabella-Mrs Coates; Inis-Mrs Jones; Katharina-Miss Arne; Viletta-Mrs Roffey.
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Coates

Dance: In 3rd piece: Pas Seul, incidental to the piece-Sga Bossi DelCaro


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Performance Comment: Hawthorn-Bannister; Woodcock-Weston; Sir William, first time-J. Aickin; Young Meadows-DuBellamy; Eustace-Owenson; Rosetta-Mrs Smith; Hodge-King; Margery-Miss Pope; Lucinda-Mrs Scott; Deborah Woodcock-Mrs Love; [Mrs Smith and J. Aickin acted their parts for first time.] [In Act I, a Dance [incidental to the opera-.
Role: Young Meadows Actor: DuBellamy

Afterpiece Title: The Register Office

Dance: II: The Haymakers-Giorgi's Scholars; End Opera: Hornpipe-Master Burn

Entertainment: End Opera: Bannister's Imitations-Bannister


Mainpiece Title: The Grecian Daughter

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally


Mainpiece Title: The Alchymist

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Vamp-Moody; Cadwallader-King; Governor-Bransby; Young Cape-J. Aickin; Sprightly-Packer; Poet-Waldron; Robin-Keen; Printer's Devil-Burton; Mrs Cadwallader-Mrs Egerton; Arabella-Miss Ambrose.
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Ambrose.


Mainpiece Title: Zenobia

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Entertainment: End: Bucks have at Ye All-Palmer


Mainpiece Title: Alfred

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Afterpiece Title: The Hotel

Dance: IV: a Dance of Furies-. [This was included in all subsequent performances.

Song: original Music by Mattew Locke , with full Chorusses and Additional Accompaniments by ThomasLinley Sen.-Bannister, Legg, Kear, Fawcett, Brown, Follett, Chaplin, Carpenter, Mrs Scott, Miss Abrams, Mrs Greville, Mrs Davies, Miss Jarratt, Miss Collett, Mrs Love, Mrs Booth, Mrs Pitt, Mrs J. Smith, Mrs Wrighten; Account-Book adds: Reynoldson, Webbe, Michan, Gaudry, Danby, J. Danby, Short, Miss Boyd


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Afterpiece Title: Alexander the Great

Ballet: Preceding: The Deserter. Alexis-J. D'Egville; Jean Louis-G. D'Egville; Bertrand-Aumer; Mountauciel-Fialon; Gaoler-Fairbrother; Court@Chemin-Boimaison; The King-Phillimore; Louisa-Mrs Fialon; Margaretta-Miss Heard; Janetta-Miss Menage; Duchess-Miss Collins; Officers, Attendants-


Mainpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Afterpiece Title: Family Distress

Performance Comment: Characters by Pope (1st appearance on this stage), Swendall (from the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh; 1st appearance on this stage), Palmer, Master Tokely, Davies, Davenport, J. Palmer, Waldron, Abbot, Lyons, H. Johnston, Mrs Davenport, Miss Leserve, Miss Chapman (1st appearance on this stage). Cast from European Magazine, June 1799, p. 404: Robert Maxwell-Pope; Harrington-Swendall; Landlord-Palmer; Harry-Master Tokely; Flood-Davies; John Hartopp-Davenport; Dempster-J. Palmer; Jew-Waldron; Dumfries-Abbot; Servant-Lyons; Walwyn-H. Johnston; Old Blind Lady-Mrs Davenport; Jane-Miss Leserve; Arabella-Miss Chapman.
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Chapman.

Afterpiece Title: The Village Lawyer