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Mainpiece Title: The Haunted Tower

Role: Lady Elinor Actor: Miss Hagley
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Lord William Actor: Kelly
Role: Baron of Oakland Actor: Baddeley
Role: Edward Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Lewis Actor: Suett
Role: Robert Actor: Dignum
Role: Charles Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Hugo Actor: Moody
Role: De Courcy Actor: Whitfield
Role: Martin Actor: Williames
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons
Role: Hubert Actor: Webb
Role: Adela Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Booth.

Afterpiece Title: Don Juan; or, The Libertine Destroyed

Role: Don Antonio Actor: Williames
Role: Don Ferdinand Actor: Dignum
Role: Don Juan Actor: Palmer
Role: Don Guzman Actor: Benson
Role: Carlos Actor: Haymes
Role: Perez Actor: Bland
Role: Pedrillo Actor: Banks
Role: Lopez Actor: Lyons
Role: Gomez Actor: Alfred
Role: Vasquez Actor: Fawcett
Role: Host Actor: Chapman
Role: Masaniello Actor: Fairbrother
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Dubois
Role: Alguaziles Actor: Burton, Jones, Webb
Role: Boatswain Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Sailors Actor: Phillimore, Danby, Maddocks
Role: Donna Anna Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Inis Actor: Miss Palmer
Role: Katharina Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Viletta Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Dignum, Sedgwick, Mrs Bland, Mrs Edwards, Miss Hagley
Role: Waiter Actor: Fairbrother
Role: 4th Sailor Actor: Reynoldson.

Dance: In afterpiece: under the Direction of D'Egville, Hamoir, Bourk, Miss Blanchet, Miss DeCamp, Edition of 1790 adds: Fairbrother, Whittow, Kirk, Whitmell, Walker, Bidotti, Nicolini, Mrs Davis, Mrs Brooker, Mrs Haskey, Mrs Brigg, Mrs Barrett, Mrs Harris, Mrs K. Davis, Miss Bourk

Performance Comment: Davis, Miss Bourk.
Event Comment: Benefit for Holtom, Davis, Buck, Perry. No Building on Stage. Receipts: #41 15s. 6d. plus income from tickets: Holtom #27 9s. (Box 10; Pit 89; Gallery 116); Davis #75 2s. (Box 70; Pit 300; Gallery 126); Buck #32 13s. (Box 28; Pit 115; Gallery 84); Perry #57 19s. (Box 17; Pit 202; Gallery 234). [The beneficiaries in this joint operation delivered 1,391 tickets (Account Book).] Charges: #64 6s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17610330 but Richmond-Davis; Tressel-Perry; Norfolk-Buck; Stanley-Anderson; Lieut-R. Smith; Ratcliff-Bennet; Lord@Mayor-Marten; Catesby-Holtom; Oxford-Weller.
Role: Richmond Actor: Davis
Role: Tressel Actor: Perry
Role: Norfolk Actor: Buck
Role: Stanley Actor: Anderson
Role: Lieut Actor: R. Smith
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Bennet
Role: Lord@Mayor Actor: Marten
Role: Catesby Actor: Holtom
Role: Oxford Actor: Weller.
Role: Richard Actor: Smith, 1st time
Role: King Henry Actor: Gibson
Role: Buckingham Actor: Sparks
Role: Prince Edward Actor: A Young Gentleman, 1st appearance any stage
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Role: Friendly Actor: Mattocks
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Collins
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Young
Role: Hob Actor: Dunstall.

Dance: A Comic Dance-Granier, Mrs Granier. *ucg Lady Pentweazle Scene. Lady Pentweazle-Hartry, 1st appearance on the stage; Carmine-Davis

Performance Comment: *ucg Lady Pentweazle Scene. Lady Pentweazle-Hartry, 1st appearance on the stage; Carmine-Davis.

Entertainment: EEpilogue to the Minor-Davis

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Pepys does not indicate that this performance is the premiere, and Summers, The Playhouse of Pepys, p. 137, states, without offering his evidence, that the play first appeared on 11 Aug. 1664. The play also appears in Herbert, Dramatic Records, p. 138. If Pepys saw the premiere, the play was possibly given on 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 Aug. Pepys, Diary: Mr Creed dining with me I got him to give my wife and me a play this afternoon, lending him money to do it, which is a fallacy that I have found now once, to avoyde my vowe with, but never to be more practised I swear, and to the new play, at the Duke's house, of Henry the Fifth; a most noule play, writ by my Lord Orrery; wherein Betterton, Harris, and Ianthe's parts are most incomparably wrote and done, and the whole play the most full of height and raptures of wit and sense, that ever I heard; having but one incongruity, or what did not please me in it, that is, that King Harry promises to plead for Tudor to their Mistresse, Princesse Katherine of France, more than when it comes to it he seems to do; and Tudor refused by her with some kind of indignity, not with a difficulty and honour that it ought to have been done in to him. Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 27-28: This Play was Splendidly Cloath'd: The King, in the Duke of York's Coronation Suit; Owen Tudor, in King Charle's: Duke of Burgundy, in the Lord of Oxford's, and the rest all New. It was Excellently Perform'd, and Acted 10 Days Successively


Mainpiece Title: The History Of Henry The Fifth

Performance Comment: Edition of 1669: King Henry the Fifth-Harris; Duke of Bedford-Underhill; Duke of Exeter-Cogan; Earl of Warwick-Aingel; Bishop of Canterbury-Lylinston [Lilleston]; Owen Tudor-Betterton; The Dauphin-Young; Duke of Burgundy-Smith; Earl of Chareloys-Cadiman; Constable of France-James Noke; De Chastel-Norris; Bishop of Arras-Samford; Count of Blamount-Medborne; Monsieur Colemore-Floyd; Queen of France-Mrs Long; Princess Katherine-Mrs Betterton; Princess Anne-Mrs Davis; Countess of La Marr-Mrs Norris.
Event Comment: [Mainpiece in place of The Pirates, advertised on playbill of 6 Dec. In mainpiece the playbill retains Miss Farren as Miss Herbert, but she was absent, and "Mrs Powell was her substitute" (Thespian Magazine, Jan. 1793, p. 171).] Receipts: #150 4s. 6d. (105.2.6; 41.10.0; 3.12.0)


Mainpiece Title: At King's The Fugitive

Performance Comment: As17921013, but Sir William Wingrove-Bensley; Mrs Manly-Mrs Booth; Miss Herbert-Mrs Powell.
Role: Sir William Wingrove Actor: Bensley
Role: Mrs Manly Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Miss Herbert Actor: Mrs Powell.
Role: Lord Dartford Actor: Dodd
Role: Mr Wingrove Actor: Wroughton
Role: Old Manly Actor: Suett
Role: Young Manly Actor: Palmer
Role: Admiral Cleveland Actor: King
Role: Mr Welford Actor: Barrymore
Role: Jenkins Actor: Maddocks
Role: Larron Actor: Wewitzer
Role: O'Donnel Actor: Phillimore
Role: William Actor: Benson
Role: Servant Actor: Banks
Role: Miss Julia Wingrove Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Miss Manly Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Mrs Larron Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Rachel Cleveland Actor: Mrs Ward.

Afterpiece Title: The Prisoner

Role: Marcos Actor: Kelly
Role: Bernardo Actor: Dignum
Role: Pasqual Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Roberto Actor: Suett
Role: Lewis Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Narcisso Actor: Master Welsh
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Theresa Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Nina Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Juliana Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Chorus of Soldiers Actor: Fawcett, Phillimore, Danby, Maddocks, Cooke, Lyons, Alfred, Shaw, Aylmer, Brown, Dorion Jun.
Event Comment: Betterton's Company. The date of the first production is not known, but the Songs were advertised in the Flying Post, 6-8 Dec. 1698, and the play in the London Gazette, 19-22 Dec. 1698; hence, the premiere was certainly not later than early December and was probably not later than November. In fact, on 5 Dec. 1698 Dr. William Aglionby wrote Matthew Prior, referring to Dennis, "a poor poet who has made us a fine entertainment of Rinaldo and Armida" (quoted in The Works of John Dennis, II, 489). In a dialogue written by John Oldmixon (Reflections on the Stage [London, 1699], p. 101) Savage, referring to Rinaldo and Armida, states: I have seen it 3 or 4 times already, but the Musick is so fine, and the Play pleases me so well, that I shall not think it a burthen [to see it again] (in The Works of John Dennis, I, 479). The Musical Entertainments in the Tragedy of Rinaldo and Armida (1699) is reprinted, with an introduction by Herbert Davis, in Theatre Miscellany (Luttrell Society Reprints, No 14, Oxford, 1953), pp. 103-15. One song, Ah queen, ah wretched queen, give o'er, sung by Gouge, is in Mercurius Musicus, 1699; and another, Jolly breeze that comes whistling, sung by Gouge, is in Twelve New Songs, 1699. A Comparison between the Two Stages (1702), p. 22: Critick: At last, (as you say) the old Stagers moulded a piece of Pastry work of their own, and made a kind of Lenten Feast with their Rinaldo and Armida; this surpriz'd not only Drury-lane, but indeed all the Town, no body ever dreaming of an Opera there; 'tis true they had heard of Homer's Illiads in a Nut-shel, and Jack in a Box, and what not?...Sullen: Well, with this Vagary they tug'd a while, and The Jolly-Jolly breeze-came whistling thro'-all the Town, and not a Fop but ran to see the Celebrated Virgin in a Machine; there she shin'd in a full Zodiack, the brightest Constellation there; 'twas a pleasant Reflection all this time to see her scituated among the Bulls, Capricorns, Sagittaries, and yet the Virgo still remain itacta....Critick: But this merry Time lasted not always; every thing has an end, and at length down goes Rinaldo's inchanted Mountain; it sunk as a Mole-hill seen on't: What a severity was this? that the Labour of such a gigantick Poet, nay Critick, shou'd give up the Ghost so soon: The renown'd Author thought himself immortal in that Work, and that the World was to last no longer than his Rinaldo; and tho' he stole every thing from the Italian, yet he said, what the Italian did was but Grub-street to his. See also 5 Jan. 1698@9 for a letter written by Mrs Barry, in part concerning Rinaldo and Armida


Mainpiece Title: Rinaldo And Armida

Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Rinaldo Actor: Betterton
Role: Ubaldo Actor: Thurman
Role: Carlo Actor: Scudamore
Role: Armida Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Urania Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Phenissa Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Mr Dennis Actor: .
Event Comment: Benefit for Davis, Holtom and Merrifield. Afterpiece: By Particular Desire. Charges: half house charge to Davis #32 5s. minus half Receipts, deficit to Davis #18 12s. 9d.; half house charge to Holtom and Merrifield 32 5s. minus half Receipts, deficit to Holtom #9 6s. 4 1!2d.; deficit to Merrifield #9 6s. 4 1!2d.; covered by income from tickets: Davis #76 10s. (Box 97; Pit 259; Gallery 134); Holtom #28 17s. (Box 25; Pit 110; Gallery 61); Merrifield #45 16s. (Box 93; Pit 114; Gallery 57) (Account Book). Receipts: #27 4s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Measure For Measure

Performance Comment: As17700222, but Claudio-Wroughton; Escalus-Davis; Elbow-Holtom; Mariana-Miss Ogilvie; Juliet-Miss Garman.
Role: Claudio Actor: Wroughton
Role: Escalus Actor: Davis
Role: Elbow Actor: Holtom
Role: Mariana Actor: Miss Ogilvie
Role: Juliet Actor: Miss Garman.
Role: Duke Actor: Bensley
Role: Angleo Actor: Clarke
Role: Clown Actor: Dunstall
Role: Provost Actor: Gardner
Role: Friar Thomas Actor: Redman
Role: Lucio Actor: Woodward
Role: Barnardine Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Friar Peter Actor: R. Smith
Role: Francisca Actor: Miss Mills
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: As17700510, but Flash-Davis; Loveit-Perry; Biddy-Miss Ogilvie; Add Jasper-Holtom.
Role: Flash Actor: Davis
Role: Loveit Actor: Perry
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Ogilvie
Role: Add Jasper Actor: Holtom.
Role: Fribble Actor: Shuter
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Green

Ballet: End: The Wapping Landlady, Double Hornpipe,. As17700420

Role: Jack Actor: Fishar
Role: Landlady Actor: Miles
Role: Orange Woman Actor: Sga Manesiere
Role: Double Hornpipe Actor:
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Frederick Reynolds. Prologue by William Thomas Fitzgerald. Epilogue by Miles Peter Andrews (see text)]: With new Scenes and Dresses. [In mainpiece the playbill lists Mrs Esten, but "Previous to the play an apology was made in behalf of Mrs Davis, who had undertaken Mrs Esten's character in consequence of the indisposition of the latter lady. [After considerable objection] Mrs Davis was well received in the part" (Thespian Magazine, June 1793, p. 4).] Public Advertiser, 3 May 1793: This Day is published How to Grow Rich (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #257 17s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: How To Grow Rich

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Lewis, Quick, Pope, Munden, Farren, Blanchard, Fawcett, Cubitt, Mrs Davis, Miss Chapman, Mrs Pope. Cast from text T. N. Longman, 1793): Pave-Lewis; Smalltrade-Quick; Warford-Pope; Sir ThomasRoundhead-Munden; Sir Charles Dazzle-Farren; Hippy-Blanchard; Latitat-Fawcett; Nab-Cubitt; Plainly-Powel; Formal-Thompson; Servant-Rees; Sir Charles's Servant-Ledger; Sir Thomas's Servant-Simmons; Smalltrade's Servant-Blurton; Rosa-Mrs Davis [in text: Mrs Esten]; Miss Dazzle-Miss Chapman; Lady Henrietta-Mrs Pope; Betty-Miss Stuart; Prologue-Pope; Epilogue-Lewis. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]These were spoken, as here assigned, at all subsequent performances.]
Role: Pave Actor: Lewis
Role: Smalltrade Actor: Quick
Role: Warford Actor: Pope
Role: Sir ThomasRoundhead Actor: Munden
Role: Sir Charles Dazzle Actor: Farren
Role: Hippy Actor: Blanchard
Role: Latitat Actor: Fawcett
Role: Nab Actor: Cubitt
Role: Plainly Actor: Powel
Role: Formal Actor: Thompson
Role: Servant Actor: Rees
Role: Sir Charles's Servant Actor: Ledger
Role: Sir Thomas's Servant Actor: Simmons
Role: Smalltrade's Servant Actor: Blurton
Role: Rosa Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Miss Dazzle Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Lady Henrietta Actor: Mrs Pope
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Prologue Actor: Pope
Role: Epilogue Actor: Lewis.

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Role: Kathlane Actor: Mrs Martyr.
Role: Patrick Actor: Johnstone
Role: Dermot Actor: Incledon
Role: Fitzroy Actor: Davies
Role: Father Luke Actor: Rock
Role: Bagatelle Actor: Marshall
Role: Darby Actor: Munden
Role: Norah Actor: Miss Broadhurst

Dance: End: The Bouquet, as17930415

Event Comment: Benefit for Wignel, Davis. Receipts: #28 2s. 6d., in cash. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to each #17 8s. 9d. covered by tickets: Wignell #99 9s. (Boxes 58; Pit 401; Gallery 248); Davis #68 19s. (Boxes 90; Pit 199; Gallery 166). Total income #196 10s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man; Or, The Fop's Fortune

Performance Comment: Carlos-Ross; Clodio-Dyer; Don Antonio-Dunstall; Don Charino-Collins; Don Lewis-Shuter; Governor-Anderson; Jaques-Bennet; Don Manuel-Cresswick; Monsieur-Holtom; Don Duart-Davis; Sancho-Wignel; Priest-Weller; Lawyer-Redman; Page-Miss Vallois; Honoria-Mrs Stephens; Angelina-Mrs Dyer; Elvira-Mrs Vincent; Louisa-Mrs Hamilton.
Role: Carlos Actor: Ross
Role: Clodio Actor: Dyer
Role: Don Antonio Actor: Dunstall
Role: Don Charino Actor: Collins
Role: Don Lewis Actor: Shuter
Role: Governor Actor: Anderson
Role: Jaques Actor: Bennet
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Cresswick
Role: Monsieur Actor: Holtom
Role: Don Duart Actor: Davis
Role: Sancho Actor: Wignel
Role: Priest Actor: Weller
Role: Lawyer Actor: Redman
Role: Page Actor: Miss Vallois
Role: Honoria Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Performance Comment: As17591008, but Gayless-Davis; Guttle-Wignel; Kitty Pry-Mrs Pitt? (playbill) or Mrs Green (Public Advertiser).
Role: Gayless Actor: Davis
Role: Guttle Actor: Wignel
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Pitt?
Role: Sharp Actor: Shuter
Role: Melissa Actor: Miss White.

Dance: III: A new Comic Dance-Granier, Miss Hilliard; End: The Knife Grinders, as17600417

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Costollo


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: As17650927, but Carlos-Davis; Sancho-Costollo; Honoria-Mrs Stephens; Clodio- announced as alias Don Dismallo Thickscullo de Halfwitto; Don Lewis announced as alias-Don Choleric Snapshorto de Testy.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Performance Comment: As17660408 but Dick-Davis; for first time and with the Original Prologue-Davis; Spouters-Perry, R. Smith, Murden, Morgan (playbill).
Role: Dick Actor: Davis
Role: for first time and with the Original Prologue Actor: Davis
Role: Spouters Actor: Perry, R. Smith, Murden, Morgan
Role: Wingate Actor: Dunstall.
Role: Apprentice Actor: Woodward
Role: Gargle Actor: Anderson
Role: Scotchman Actor: Bennet
Role: Irishman Actor: Barrington
Role: Catchpole Actor: Buck
Role: Simon Actor: Cushing
Role: Watchman Actor: Weller
Role: Porter Actor: Gardner
Role: President Actor: Perry
Role: Three members Actor: Holtom, Murden, Mas. Morgan
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Evans.

Dance: I: A Hornpipe-Miss Twist; III: The Venetian Gardeners, as17650925; End: The Village Romps, as17651019

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Dibdin. Cato cannot be perform'd on account of the indisposition of Mrs Mattocks. Tickets for Cato will taken. Charges #64 10s. [Profit to each beneficiary #4 5s. 6d. plus income from tickets. Davis #67 11s. (Box 65; Pit 272; Gallery 105); Dibdin #41 7s. (Box 46; Pit 97; Gallery 153).] (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: As17670428 but Charles-Hull; Sir George-Davis.
Role: Charles Actor: Hull
Role: Sir George Actor: Davis.
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Macklin.
Role: Marplot Actor: Woodward
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Jealous Actor: Dunstall
Role: Whisper Actor: R. Smith
Role: Scentwell Actor: Ferguson
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Pitt

Dance: II: Rural Love, as17661120; End: Double Hornpipe, as17670427

Ballet: End: The Wapping Landlady. As17670427

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Perry. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to actors #25 7s. 6d. covered by income from tickets: Davis #77 7s. (Box 80; Pit 291; Gallery 137); Perry #53 19s. (Box 27; Pit 158; Gallery 235) (Account Book). Receipts: #38 17s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: As17690405 but Gloster-Clarke; Shore-Perry; Catesby-Fox; Belmour-Davis; Ratcliffe-R. Smith; Derby-Wignell.
Role: Gloster Actor: Clarke
Role: Shore Actor: Perry
Role: Catesby Actor: Fox
Role: Belmour Actor: Davis
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: R. Smith
Role: Derby Actor: Wignell.
Role: Hastings Actor: Powell
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Davis
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: Flash-Davis; Fribble-a Gentleman (who never appeared on this stage); Rhodophil-Perry; Jasper-Holtom; Puff-Dunstall; Tag-Mrs Green; Miss Biddy-Miss Ogilvie.
Role: Flash Actor: Davis
Role: Fribble Actor: a Gentleman
Role: Rhodophil Actor: Perry
Role: Jasper Actor: Holtom
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Ogilvie.

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17680920

Role: The Merry Sailors Actor: Aldridge.
Event Comment: Benefit for Wignell and Davis. Charges #64 10s. Deficit to each #7 12s. 3d., cover'd by income from tickets: Wignell #83 1s. (Box 80; Pit 311; Gallery 164); Davis, #61 5s. (Box 26; Pit 287; Gallery 117). Receipts: #49 5s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Role: Macheath Actor: Mattocks
Role: Mat@o@Mint Actor: Baker
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Copin
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Pearce.
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Woodman, 1st time.
Role: Peachum Actor: Yates
Role: Lockit Actor: Dunstall
Role: Filch Actor: Holtman
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Mrs Green
Role: a Hornpipe Actor: Miss Twist.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Performance Comment: As17711214, but Dick-Davis; Charlotte-Mrs Evans.
Role: Dick Actor: Davis
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Evans.
Role: add Simon Actor: Cushing
Role: Watchman Actor: Quick.
Role: Wingate Actor: Dunstall
Role: Gargle Actor: Morris

Dance: II: The Lilt, as17720326

Event Comment: By Order of the Grand Buck for the Benefit of Wignell and Davis. N.B. Places will be kept in the front boxes for the brethren of the Mcst Noble Order, who are desired to meet the Grand Buck and His Council at the Shakespeare's Head in the Great Piazza, by 5 o'clock, from thence to proceed to the theatre, and bring the ensigns of the Order with them (playbill). Charges #66 3s. 6d. Deficit to beneficiaries #4 6s. 3d. apiece, cover'd by income from tickets: Wignell #78 4s. (Box 82; Pit 290; Gallery 142); Davis #74 4s. (Box 59; Pit 281; Gallery 173) (Account Book). Receipts: #57 11s


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17721019, but Richmond-Davis; Tressel-Wroughton; King Henry-Younger; Norfolk-Perry; Catesby-Fox; Lord Mayor-Wignell; Dutchess of York-Mrs Ferguson; Lady Anne-Miss Ogilvie; Queen-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Richmond Actor: Davis
Role: Tressel Actor: Wroughton
Role: King Henry Actor: Younger
Role: Norfolk Actor: Perry
Role: Catesby Actor: Fox
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Wignell
Role: Dutchess of York Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Miss Ogilvie
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Vincent.
Role: Richard Actor: Smith
Role: Buckingham Actor: Hull
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Lewes
Role: Lt. Actor: R. Smith
Role: Stanley Actor: Gardner
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Mas. Harris
Role: Duke of York Actor: Mas. Jones
Role: Lady Ann Actor: Mrs Lessingham

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Beaufort Actor: Baker.
Role: Citizen Actor: Woodward
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Dunstall
Role: Young Wilding Actor: Davis
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Dance: End: The Whim, as17730426

Event Comment: Benefit for Gardner and Davis. Charges #66 16s. 6d. Profit to each #2 19s. 9d., plus income from tickets: Gardner #59 (Box 87; Pit 139; Gallery 164); Davis #55 4s. (Box 44; Pit 208; Gallery 130). Receipts: #72 16s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part I

Performance Comment: As17740315 but Vernon-Davis; Bardolph-Baker.
Role: Vernon Actor: Davis
Role: Bardolph Actor: Baker.
Role: Hotspur Actor: Smith
Role: King Actor: Clarke
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Lewis, first time
Role: Prince John Actor: Harris
Role: Douglas Actor: Owenson
Role: Westmorland Actor: Thompson
Role: Blunt Actor: R. Smith
Role: Worcester Actor: Gardner
Role: Poins Actor: Lewes
Role: Francis Actor: Cushing
Role: Carriers Actor: Dunstall, Quick
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Lady Percy Actor: Mrs Hartley
Role: Falstaff Actor: Shuter
Role: The Public Advertiser assigns King Actor: Young.

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Mattocks.
Role: To Conclude with The Soldier Tir'd Actor: Miss Catley.
Role: Diego Actor: Reinhold
Role: Leander Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Mungo Actor: Quick
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Green

Monologue: Interlude.End: True Blue. As 26 March, but Principal Parts-_Reinhold, Owenson; Dance-Blurton

Role: Principal Parts Actor: _Reinhold, Owenson
Role: Dance Actor: Blurton.
Event Comment: By Permission [of the Lord Chamberlain]. Benefit for Davis. 1st piece: Altered from [The Soldier's Fortune, by] Otway, by John Brownsmith. [not in Larpent MS; not published.] 2nd piece: A Poetical Interlude altered from Prior's Nut-brown Maid. 3rd piece: Altered to 3 acts. [Prologue by Shatford Jones. Author of Epilogue unknown. For authorship of 1st piece and prologue see Morning Chronicle, 25 Oct.] Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30. Tickets delivered for Davis and Wright will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Touchstone Of Invention; Or, The Soldier's Fortune

Afterpiece Title: Henry And Emma

Role: Henry Actor: Smith
Role: Eugenius Actor: Noble
Role: Emma Actor: Miss Dudley.

Afterpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: Marplot-Mills; Sir George Airy-Davis; Sir Francis Gripe-Blanchard; Sir Jealous Traffic-Bates; Whisper-Dugdale; Servant-Master Woodward; Charles-Miller (1st appearance); Isabinda-Miss Dudley; Patch-Mrs Barnard; Scentwell-Miss Mitchell; Miranda-Miss Brangin (1st appearance); Prologue-Haynes; Epilogue-.
Role: Marplot Actor: Mills
Role: Sir George Airy Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Francis Gripe Actor: Blanchard
Role: Sir Jealous Traffic Actor: Bates
Role: Whisper Actor: Dugdale
Role: Servant Actor: Master Woodward
Role: Charles Actor: Miller
Role: Isabinda Actor: Miss Dudley
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Barnard
Role: Scentwell Actor: Miss Mitchell
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Prologue Actor: Haynes
Role: Epilogue Actor: .

Dance: 2nd piece: With a Hornpipe-Lonsdale

Song: End I: two part song, Damon and Clora-Leach, Miss Mitchell (1st appearance); End III: My sweet pretty Mogg-Wright

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Pepys, Diary: I went [to the Opera] and there saw The Law Against Lovers, a good play and well performed especially the little girl's [Viola?-Moll Davis] (whom I never saw act before) dancing and singing; and were it not for her, the loss of $Roxalana [Hester Davenport] would spoil the house


Mainpiece Title: The Law Against Lovers

Performance Comment: Viola-Moll Davis. See16620215 .
Event Comment: [The Duke's Company. For Harris' role, see Pepys, 11 May 1668. For Angel as Stephano, see An Elegy Upon...Mr Edward Angell, reprinted in A Little Ark, pp. 38-39: @Who shall play Stephano now? your Tempest's gone@To raise new Storms i' th' hearts of every one.@ For Underhill as Trincalo, note his nickname of Prince Trincalo. (For Mary Davis as Ariel and Mrs Long as Hypolito, see J. H. Wilson, All the King's Ladies, pp. 140, 166.) Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 33): The Tempest...Acted in Lincolns-Inn-Fields...alter'd by Sir William Davenant and Mr Dryden before 'twas made into an Opera. Pepys, Diary: At noon resolved with Sir W. Pen to go see The Tempest, an old play of Shakespeare's, acted, I hear, the first day; and so my wife, and girl, and W. Hewer by themselves, and Sir W. Pen and I afterwards by ourselves; and forced to sit in the side balcone over against the musique-room at the Duke's house, close by my Lady Dorset and a great many great ones. The house mighty full; the King and Court there: and the most innocent play that ever I saw; and a curious piece of musique in an echo of half sentences, the echo repeating the former half, while the man goes on the latter, which is mighty pretty. The play [has] no great wit, but yet good, above ordinary plays. Thence home with Sir W. Pen, and there all mightily pleased with the play


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Performance Comment: Adapted by Sir William Davenant and John Dryden. A possible cast: Ferdinand-Harris?; Stephano-Angel?; Trincalo-Underhill?; Ariel-Mary Davis?; Hypolito-Mrs Long?.
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Harris?
Role: Stephano Actor: Angel?
Role: Trincalo Actor: Underhill?
Role: Ariel Actor: Mary Davis?
Role: Hypolito Actor: Mrs Long?.
Event Comment: Benefit for Driscol, Banks, Barnard, Miss Davis, and Trott (Lobby Doorkeeper). Tickets deliver'd by Mlle Huette, Mrs Hanmeuze, Mrs Griffith will be taken. Tomorrow the Fair Penitent and on Friday Romeo and Juliet, being the last time of the Company's performing this season


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: As17510215, but abbreviated cast only listed: Polly-Miss Davis; Macheath-Lowe; Peachum-Arthur; Lockit-Dunstall; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Dunstall; Lucy-Miss Young; Hornpipe-Atkins.
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Davis
Role: Macheath Actor: Lowe
Role: Peachum Actor: Arthur
Role: Lockit Actor: Dunstall
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Young
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Atkins.
Role: Mat Actor: Elrington.
Role: Player Actor: Anderson
Role: Beggar Actor: Holtham
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Bencraft
Role: Filch Actor: Cushing
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Smith
Role: Twitcher Actor: Redman
Role: Draper Actor: Bennet
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Allen
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Mrs Vallois
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Miss Morrison

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller

Role: Joe Actor: Lowe
Role: Miller Actor: Marten
Role: Peggy Actor: Miss Haughton.
Role: King Actor: Gibson
Role: Dick Actor: Anderson

Dance: As17510511

Event Comment: Benefit for Wignell, Stoppelaer, Davis


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Lodovico Actor: Wignell
Role: Duke Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Othello Actor: Ross
Role: Iago Actor: Ryan
Role: Brabantio Actor: Sparks
Role: Cassio Actor: Ridout
Role: Roderigo Actor: Dyer
Role: Gratiano Actor: Redman
Role: Montano Actor: Davis
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: Fribble (with song in character)-Shuter; Loveit-Anderson; Flash-Davis; Puff-Wignell; Tagg-Mrs Vincent; Biddy-Mrs Green.
Role: Fribble Actor: Shuter
Role: Loveit Actor: Anderson
Role: Flash Actor: Davis
Role: Puff Actor: Wignell
Role: Tagg Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: TThe Threshers, as17581016; Hornpipe-Master Cartwright, a Child nine years old

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis, Holtom, Buck, Miss Sledge. Tickets for the Inconstant will be taken. Afterpiece By Desire, but not acted this season. Posivitely the last time of performing the mainpiece this season


Mainpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Role: Old Rents Actor: Sparks.
Role: Rachel Actor: Miss Brent
Role: Old@Rents Actor: Sparks
Role: Hearty Actor: Beard
Role: Springlove Actor: Clarke
Role: Justice Clack Actor: Shuter
Role: Randal Actor: Dunstall
Role: Oliver Actor: Dyer
Role: Hilliard Actor: Baker
Role: Vincent Actor: Mattocks
Role: Amie Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Meriel Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: other Dances Actor: Incident to the Opera.

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Hartop-Shuter; Jenkins-Davis; Sir Gregory-Bennet; Tim-Costollo.
Role: Hartop Actor: Shuter
Role: Jenkins Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Bennet
Role: Tim Actor: Costollo.

Dance: End Opera: A Hornpipe-Manesiere

Event Comment: Benefit for Hallam, Davis, Perry. Afterpiece: Not acted this season


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17631226, but King Henry-Hallam; Richmond-Davis; Duke of York-Mas. Besford; Tressel-White; Catesby-Wignel; Oxford-Weller; Forest-Holtom.
Role: King Henry Actor: Hallam
Role: Richmond Actor: Davis
Role: Duke of York Actor: Mas. Besford
Role: Tressel Actor: White
Role: Catesby Actor: Wignel
Role: Oxford Actor: Weller
Role: Forest Actor: Holtom.
Role: Richard Actor: Smith
Role: Buckingham Actor: Hull
Role: Norfolk Actor: Perry
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Bennet
Role: Stanley Actor: Anderson
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Mrs Evans
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Buck
Role: Lieut. Actor: R. Smith
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Ward.

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Drunken Colonel Actor: Woodward
Role: Goodall Actor: Dunstall
Role: Oldcastle Actor: Lewis
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Walker.
Event Comment: Benefit for Weston and Davis


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Performance Comment: Kitely-Wilkinson; Young Knowell-Davis; Old Knowell-Granger; Bobadil-Young Gentleman, first time on any stage; Downright-Francis; Brainworm-Lewis; Matthew-Parsons; Wellbred-Death; Cobb-Brown; Cash-C. Lewis; Formal-Pierce; Justice Clement-Moor; Servant-Taylor; Master Stephen-Weston; Bridget-Mrs Granger; Cobb's Wife-Mrs Parsons; Dame Kitely-Mrs Jeffreys.
Role: Kitely Actor: Wilkinson
Role: Young Knowell Actor: Davis
Role: Old Knowell Actor: Granger
Role: Bobadil Actor: Young Gentleman, first time on any stage
Role: Downright Actor: Francis
Role: Brainworm Actor: Lewis
Role: Matthew Actor: Parsons
Role: Wellbred Actor: Death
Role: Cobb Actor: Brown
Role: Cash Actor: C. Lewis
Role: Formal Actor: Pierce
Role: Justice Clement Actor: Moor
Role: Servant Actor: Taylor
Role: Master Stephen Actor: Weston
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Granger
Role: Cobb's Wife Actor: Mrs Parsons
Role: Dame Kitely Actor: Mrs Jeffreys.

Afterpiece Title: Tragedy a la Mode

Role: Parts Actor: Death.

Dance: II: New Dance-Gherardi, Master Clinton, Miss Street; III: Hornpipe-Rogier

Song: IV: A young Gentleman, Mrs Weston, being their first Appearance

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis, Hallam, Mrs Dyer. None admitted behind Scenes. Afterpiece: Not acted these three years. [See 2 May 1763.


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: As17650129, but Carlos-Davis; Don Duart-White; Don Charino-Hallam; Angelina-Mrs Dyer; Don Manuel-Gardner; Governor-_.
Role: Carlos Actor: Davis
Role: Don Duart Actor: White
Role: Don Charino Actor: Hallam
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Gardner
Role: Clodio Actor: Woodward
Role: Antonio Actor: Dunstall
Role: Charino Actor: Lewis
Role: Duart Actor: Davis
Role: Lewis Actor: Shuter
Role: Manuel Actor: Gardner
Role: Monsieur Actor: Holtom
Role: Governor Actor: Anderson
Role: Sancho Actor: Cushing
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Baker.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue; or, The Jealous Farmer Outwitted

Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Farmer Actor: Buck
Role: Clown Actor: Weller
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer

Dance: I: A New Scotch Dance, as17650429 II: A New Hornpipe-Miss Snow (in character of a sailor) 1st appearance on any stage; End: The Jealous Woodcutter, as17641101

Role: The Drunken Peasant Actor: Miles, Clown-Bennet
Role: Clown Actor: Bennet
Role: A Hornpipe Actor: Mas. King.
Event Comment: Benefit for Legg, Collett, Miss Davis. By Particular Desire will be performed a Serenata composed by Dr Boyce. Admittance 2s. 6d. each. To begin at 7 p.m


Mainpiece Title: Solomon

Performance Comment: Vocals-Mrs Vincent, Miss Davis, Legg, Lowe, Taylor.
Event Comment: Benefit for Davis, and Jewell, the treasurer


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: Marplot-Shuter; Sir George-Davis; Sir Francis-Parsons; Charles-Gardner; Sir Jealous-Costollo; Whisper-Preston; Miranda-Miss Reynolds; Patch-Mrs Kennedy; Isabinda-Mrs Burden.
Role: Marplot Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir George Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Parsons
Role: Charles Actor: Gardner
Role: Sir Jealous Actor: Costollo
Role: Whisper Actor: Preston
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Reynolds
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Burden.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Young Philpot Actor: Foote
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Jasper Wilding Actor: Preston
Role: Beaufort Actor: Waller
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Reynolds.

Dance: I: The Dutchman, as17650719

Song: II, IV: The British Fair, Through the Wood, Laddie-a young Lady

Entertainment: CComic Post Haste Observations in his Journey to Paris-Shuter; followed by Dance The English Sailor at Marseilles-Mas. Clinton, Miss Street