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Event Comment: Pit and Boxes to be put together; and no persons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd this day, at the office, at Half-a-Guinea each. Gallery 5s. Upper Gallery 3s. 6d. Galleries will be open'd at Four, Pit & Boxes at Five, and to begin at half an four after Six o'clock. Tickets delivered out for 25 Jan. will be take. Subscribers tickets may be had of Richard Dawson, at his house near Henry the Seventh's Chapel, Westminster, who is empower'd by the Society to deliver them, and receive the subscriptions. N.B. Tickets deliver'd to subscribers to this charity will admit one person into any part of the House. Benefit for Increase of a Fund establish'd for the support of Decay'd Musicians, or their Families. [The governors report that they have expended from June 1757 to June 1758 #541 8s. 6d. from this fund.


Mainpiece Title: Alfred The Great

Performance Comment: With several new Songs composed by Mr Arne. The Vocal Parts-Sga Frasi, Miss Brent, Miss Frederica, Beard, Selves, Master Soper, the Gentlemen of the Choirs; First Violin-Dubourg; Concerto on Violincello-Pasqualino; Concerto on Hautboy-ThomasVincent; Concerto on Violin-Dubourg.
Event Comment: cted sometime during this week.] Evening Post, 22 Nov.: We hear that last Week the Gentleman of Mr Clare's Academy in Soho Square acted the celebrated Tartuffe of Moliere, done into English by themselves, before many Persons of Distinction, with great Applause


Mainpiece Title: Tartuffe

Performance Comment: Gentlemen of Mr Clare's Academy.
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Related Work: Tartuffe; or, The French Puritan Author(s): Matthew Medbourne
Event Comment: Three Brothers of ye Delavals play'd ye Eldest Othello, ye next Iago, ye next Cassio--+Brabantio & Lodovico Mr Pine Roderigo-Cap. Stevens and Wife Emelia $Mrs Quan did Desdemona, the performance was very decent & met with great applause the Audience from ye Boxes to the upper Gallery were fill'd with people of ye first rank & make a most brilliant appearance. & ye greatest Crowd at ye Doors I ever saw. their Agreement for ye House was a receipt of one of the Alfred Houses upon an Averidge. they had all new cloaths, & very nicely ornamented with Diamonds (Cross). [See eulogy and criticism in some detail concerning the acting, by John Hill, Inspector No 3.] All Gentlemen and Ladies who intend going in coaches this evening to Drury Lane Theatre, are desired to order their coachmen to drive thro' Covent Garden, and stop at Bridges St. Door, and as soon as they have set down the company to drive off directly towards the Strand.--Those who go in chairs, are requested to order the men to the New Door in Russel St., and to prevent the avenues being stopt up no person will be admitted to either passage without first showing their tickets at the outward door (General Advertiser). Tickets Lost. If any person has found three tickets (numbers forgot) for the private play this night at Drury Lane, and will be so kind as to bring them to the Bar of the Rainbow Coffee House, Ironmonger Lane, shall receive 15s. for the whole, or in proportion for one or two of them (General Advertiser). Tomorrow Morning at 8 o'clock will be published' (price 6d.) by Thomas Carnan, at Mr Newberry's, at the Bible and Sun in St Paul's Churchyard; An Occasional Prologue and Epilogue to Othello, as it will this night be acted at the theatre-Royal in Drury Lane, by Persons of distinction, for their diversion. Written by Christopher Smart, A.M., Fellow of Pembroke Hall in the University of Cambridge. To be had at the place above mentioned, and at the pamphlet shops at the Royal Exchange and Charing Cross. This Prologue and Epilogue will be entered in the Hall Book of the Company of Stationers, and whoever presumes to pyrate them, or any part of them, will be persecuted as the Law directs (General Advertiser). [Both pieces by Christopher Smart, according to the Daily Advertiser. See two exceedingly favorable critical comments and one derogatory reprinted in the Gentleman's Magazine, March 1751 (pp. 119-22): "The greatest part of the play was much better performed than it ever was on any stage before. In the whole, there was a face of nature that no theatrical piece, acted by common players ever came up to." Macklin was Delaval's dramatic coach, according to one of these articles.


Mainpiece Title: Othello, By Gentlemen

Performance Comment: Othello-Sir Francis Delaval; Iago-John Delaval Esq; Cassio-E. Delaval Esq; Brabantio, Lodovico-Sim Pine Esq; Roderigo-Capt. Stevens; Desdemona-Mrs Quarme (Hogan) , Mrs Quan (Cross), Mrs Qualm (Winston); Emelia-Mrs Stevens (Hogan).
Role: Othello Actor: Sir Francis Delaval
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Related Work: The Royal Slave Author(s): Thomas Southerne
Event Comment: The Farce altered form Ben Johnson, by the author of The Tobacconist. By Authority for one Night only. Benefit Vandermere. Tickets delivered by Fearon, Collett, Mrs Granger, Dancer, Mrs Didier will be admitted. [Hissed (Whitehall Evening Post).


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Afterpiece Title: The Coxcombs

Performance Comment: Sir Ambrose Lafoole-Vandermere; Sir John Daw-Dancer; Mrs Frill-Mrs Didier; other parts-Didier, Gentleman, Fearon; Prologue-F. Gentleman (Whitehall Evening Post).
Role: other parts Actor: Didier, Gentleman, Fearon

Dance: I: Statue Dance-; End Opera: Dance-the Characters; End Dance: Hornpipe-Lepper

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. There is no indication as to whether this is the premiere. This performance is on the L. C. lists at Harvard. See VanLennep, Plays on the English Stage, p. 19. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 32): The third new Play Acted there [dg] was the Gentleman Dancing-Master, Wrote by Mr Witcherly, it lasted but 6 Days, being like't but indifferently, it was laid by to make Room for other new ones. A song, with music by John Bannister, for this play is in Choice Songs and Ayres, The First Book, 1673


Mainpiece Title: The Gentleman Dancing Master

Performance Comment: Edition of 1672: Prologue to the City-; Newly after the Removal of the Duke's Company from Lincoln Inn Fields to their new Theatre, near Salisbury-Court. Epilogue-Flirt; allusions in the play imply: Don Diego-Angel?; Monsieur de Paris-James Nokes?.
Role: Prologue to the City Actor:
Event Comment: The Duke's Company. This performance is on the L. C. list, 5@141, p. 2. See also Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 347. There is no certainty that this is the premiere. A song, A heart in love's empire, with music by Robert Smith, and another, Let's drink dear friends, set by Thomas? Farmer, are in Choice Songs and Ayres, The First Book, 1673. The Dedication in the edition of 1672 is to Prince Rupert and states: tho' of thirty times it has been acted, you seldom fail'd to honour it with your presence. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 32): The next new Comedy [at dg] was the Mamamouchi, or the Citizen turn'd Gentleman, Wrote by Mr Ravenscroft [cast as in edition of 1672 except French Tutor and Singing Master, by Mr Haines: (He having Affronted Mr Hart, he gave him a Discharge and then came into our House)]; This Comedy was look[ed] upon by the Criticks for a Foolish Play; yet it continu'd Acting 9 Days with a full House; upon the Sixth the House being very full: The Poet added 2 more Lines to his Epilogue, viz. @The Criticks came to Hiss, and Dam this Play,@Yet spite of themselves they can't keep away.@ However, Mr Nokes in performing the Mamomouchi pleas'd the King and Court, next Sir Martin, above all Plays


Mainpiece Title: The Citizen Turned Gentleman

Performance Comment: Edition of 1672: Mr Jorden-Nokes; Young Jorden-Cademan; Mr Cleverwit-Crosby; Sir Simon Softhead-Underhil; Trickmore-Harris; Cureal-Sandford; Maistre Jaques-Angel; Lucia-Mrs Bitterton; Marina-Mrs Burroughs; Betty Trickmore-Mrs Leigh; Prologue-; Epilogue-. See also below.
Role: Sir Simon Softhead Actor: Underhil
Event Comment: Benefit of a Gentleman who has been reduced by the Fall of Stocks [apparently the actor who plays Castalio]. At the Great Green Gates in Cross-street, Hatton-Garden. At 6 p.m


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: Castalio-him who perform'd the Part of Tamerlane in Southwark on Monday 6 Feb.

Song: A Gentleman who plays on the Harpsichord to his own Singing

Event Comment: At the particular Desire of several Gentlemen and Ladies


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Jealous Clown

Song: A Gentlewoman that never appear'd on this Stage before; End I: An English Opera Song-; accompanied with the German Flute-; II: Pur di Cesti, in Arminius-; III: A Diverting Song-a Gentlewoman of Fourscore; IV: Mad Dialogue of Purcell's-

Music: Music on the German Flute-a Gentleman for his Diversion

Event Comment: Benefit Sandham. At the particular Desire of several Gentlemen and Ladies


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Afterpiece Title: The Stage Coach [Opera]

Song: A Gentleman who never appeared on any Stage before

Music: Water Piece of Instrumental Musick-; beat on the Kettle Drum-; Preamble-Joab Baker, who never appear'd on the Stage before


Mainpiece Title: Busy Body

Performance Comment: Sir George-Ryan; Sir Francis-Hippisley; Sir Jealous-Morgan; Charles-Walker; Marplot-Chapman; Miranda-Miss Norsa; Isabinda-Mrs Bullock; Patch-Mrs Stevens; Scentwell-Miss Horsington; but see CG, 17 Jan. And a New Prologue, done by the same [Gentleman for whom it was a benefit], spoken by a Gentleman for his Diversion . but see CG, 17 Jan. And a New Prologue, done by the same [Gentleman for whom it was a benefit], spoken by a Gentleman for his Diversion .

Song: A New Song, compos'd by the said Gentleman, proper to the Occasion, inscribed to the Ladies of Great-Britain

Event Comment: Benefit a Gentleman who has been under Misfortune, formerly Commander of a Ship, and now going to settle in Georgia. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Theodosius

Performance Comment: Lucius-by the Gentleman who has the Benefit and who never appeared on any stage before .
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Related Work: The Weathercock Author(s): Theodosius Forrest

Afterpiece Title: The Lottery

Performance Comment: Cast not listed. A Prologue and Epilogue on Masonry, to be spoke by the same Gentleman of the Benefit, who is a Member of that Ancient and Honourable Society of the Free and Accepted Masons .

Dance: The English Peasant's Pursuit after the French Harlequin by a Gentleman lately arrived from France. By Miss Brett and Miss Naso [Miss Norsa in Daily Advertiser]

Song: The Masons' Songs

Event Comment: Benefit Richardson. At the particular Desire of several Gentlemen and Ladies. 7 p.m


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: The best Hands from the Opera House; With several Pieces on French@Horns by the best Masters-; A Solo on the German@Flute-Richardson; And a Voluntary on the Harp-a Gentleman


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Related Works
Related Work: The Devil to Pay; or, The Wives Metamorphos'd Author(s): Theophilus Cibber

Song: a G Gentleman

Event Comment: At the particular desire of several Gentleman and Ladies. A Concert, etc. Acted but once these twenty years. At 6 p.m


Mainpiece Title: Aurengzebe; Or, The Great Mogul

Dance: I: Drunken Peasant-Adams

Song: II: The Early Horn-a Gentleman; III: The Humours of Epsom Downs-; IV: Blow blow ye Winter Wind-

Music: V: Preamble on the Kettle Drums-Job Baker

Event Comment: Benefit Johnson, a Distiller, and Adams. 6 p.m. Which will be perform'd by a set of Gentlemen and Ladies who never performed on any stage before. [Usual formula of the concert.] Prices 2s. 6d., 1s. 6d., 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Happy; or, The Miller Bit

Song: I: Johnson; IV: A new Song in Praise of the Duke of Cumberland-Mr Johnson

Dance: III: Hornpipe-Adams; V: A dance representing Trade in General-Adams

Music: II: German Flute-a Gentleman


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Song: Brett

Dance: As17461124, but Louvre and Minuet-the Gentleman, Mrs Miles

Entertainment: End Farce: Fireworks-


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Slave

Related Works
Related Work: The Royal Slave Author(s): Thomas Southerne

Afterpiece Title: The Minor

Role: the Minor Actor: J. Aickin

Dance: II: By Particular Desire, for the first time, a Minuet, Allemande-Sieur Daigville, Miss Ross (his apprentice of 4 months); IV: The English Gardeners, as17691206

Entertainment: End: Bucks Have At Ye All-Palmer

Event Comment: The 9th Night


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of Bath

Role: Lady Catherine Actor: Mrs Fearon

Afterpiece Title: The Tobacconist

Dance: I: As17710712 End of Play: New Pantomime Dance, as17710710


Mainpiece Title: The Minor

Afterpiece Title: The Tobacconist

Dance: The Cowkeepers, as17710515; II: The Laughing Bacchanalian-Tom Smith; End of Play: Scrub's Trip to the Jubilee-Weston

Song: Between play and Farce: a Song-Mrs Jewell

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. The doors to be opened at half past 5. To begin at half past 6 o'clock. [For Gentleman who played Othello, See bill for 25 May.] Charges #73 8s. Profit to Lewis #57 15s., plus #24 10s. from tickets (Box 61; Pit 43; Gallery 28) Receipts: #131 3s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Queens

Performance Comment: As17740326 but Roxana-Miss Miller; Lysimachus-the Gentleman who Played Othello [Brown; see17731127] his 3rd appearance on any stage.Brown; see17731127] his 3rd appearance on any stage.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17731007

Entertainment: After dance: Ode on the Passions-the Gentleman who performed Lysimachus

Event Comment: Lyric Ode (never performed) "On the Witches, Fairies, and Aerial Beings in Shakespeare. The Music entirely New." [The Westminster Magazine for March commented: "This poem is said to be written by a young gentleman of Oxford, and has many strokes of genius and inagination in it. The music, we hear, is composed by Mr Linley Jr, who has (since his return from Italy) been a student under that most excellent musician Dr Boyce. This composition must be allowed to be an extraordinary effort of genius in so young a man. The Fugue of the overture is masterly. The song of 'There in old Arden's inmost shade,' is well suited to the scene described by the poet....But what we think most deserving of praise is the power our young composer has shown in the chorusses....From the general and sincere applause with which the Ode was received, we may venture to pronounce, that if Mr Linley Jr pursues his studies, he will one day stand foremost in the list of modern composers."


Mainpiece Title: A Lyric Ode; Alexander's Feast, And The Coronation Anthems

Music: After the Ode: A Miscellaneous Act-; New Overture-; Song-a Gentleman (his first appearance in Public); Concerto on Oboe-Fischer; Song-Miss M. Linley (composed by Bach); Concerto on violin-Linley Jr; Song-Miss Linley (composed by Sacchini); Duetto-the Two Miss Linley's (composed by Piccini); Chorus

Performance Comment: Linley (composed by Bach); Concerto on violin-Linley Jr; Song-Miss Linley (composed by Sacchini); Duetto-the Two Miss Linley's (composed by Piccini); Chorus. Chorus.
Role: Duetto Actor: the Two Miss Linley's
Event Comment: Benefit for Mr and Mrs Jerrold. Afterpiece: Containing the Life and Death of King Chrononhotonthologos, the valiant Exploits of Bombardimian, his general, the unsuccessful Love of Fadladinada, Queen of Queerumania, to the Antipodean King, concluding with the marriage of the aforesaid Queen to her two fortunate Lovers, Aldiborrontiphoscophornio and Rigdum Funnidos. Mr and Mrs Jerrold present their humble respects to the Ladies and Gentlemen, and as through the badness of the weather, and being Assembly-Night on their former Benefit, there was not the Expenses in the House; therefore solicit the Favour of their Company, and Interest in this their second Attempt. To begin precisely at 6:30. Pit 2s. Gallery 1s. Tickets to be had at the Crown, and at the Cock, Well's row


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Afterpiece Title: Chrononhotonthologos

Dance: A Hornpipe-a Gentleman [unidentified]

Entertainment: Monologues. End: The Examination of Dr Last before the College of Physicians taken from The Devil upon Two Sticks-Jerrold; End afterpiece: The Picture of a Play-House; or, Bucks have at Ye All-

Performance Comment: End: The Examination of Dr Last before the College of Physicians taken from The Devil upon Two Sticks-Jerrold; End afterpiece: The Picture of a Play-House; or, Bucks have at Ye All-.
Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Mainpiece [1st time; c 5 (?), author unknown; perhaps an alteration of Love at a Venture, by Susannah Centlivre. MS not in Larpent; not published. Authors and speakers of Prologue and Epilogue unknown]. Afterpiece: As it was originally performed at this theatre [on 15 Oct. 1770]. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30. The above entertainments have been a long time in rehearsal, and care has been taken in getting them well up, and to have the principal parts supported by veterans


Mainpiece Title: Love At A Venture; Or, The Rake Reclaim'd

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by performers engaged from different Theatres: Morris, Barrett, Money, Whitely, Jameson, Sheene, Lewis, Jackson, Middleton, Stanley, Dancer; Miss Fitzherbert, Mrs Sauley, Mrs Waite, Miss Anderson, Miss Brice. Cast not listed. A new Prologue and Epilogue .

Afterpiece Title: The Tobacconist

Monologue: 1782 03 21 End of mainpiece (never performed here) Phelimoguffinocarilocarneymacframe's Description of a Man of War and a Sea Fight, with Explanations, by Mrs Kennedy

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Raeburn, Stewart and Rae. Mainpiece: In its original state. Afterpiece: Written by the Author of the Prologue. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:00. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Rice at the Theatre; and tickets to be had at Rae's, No. 4, Wardour-street, Soho


Mainpiece Title: The Gentle Shepherd; Or, Patie And Roger

Performance Comment: Patie-M'Donald; Roger-Cockburn; Symon-Middlemist; Glaud (with The Cries of Edinburgh')-Thompson; Sir William Worthy-Aberdein; Bauldy-Murray; Jenny-Mrs Tassie (1st appearance); Mause-Mr Blair; Madge-Mr M'Nab; Peggy-Mrs Raeburn. A new Occasional Prologue, written and spoken by ThomasStewart .

Afterpiece Title: The Double Amour

Performance Comment: The characters of which will be expressed in the Bills of the Day. [Larpent MS 926 lists the parts: Capt. Somerville, Mr Harly, Mr Sellfield, Sir Oliver Oafby, Servant; Miss Somerville, Miss Noel, Dorothy, Maid.] hathi.

Song: End of Act III of mainpiece the Sbeep shearing Song [Come, come, my good shepherds] by Mrs Raeburn; End of mainpiece, by Permission of the Caledonian Society, their Constitution Song, set to music by an eminent Master, by a Gentleman [unidentified]. imitations. Following 2nd song, a variety of Imitations by a Gentleman who performed for Bannister's Benefit [on 26 Aug. 1784], and others, with universal applause, being his 4th appearance [Kean]

Performance Comment: imitations. Following 2nd song, a variety of Imitations by a Gentleman who performed for Bannister's Benefit [on 26 Aug. 1784], and others, with universal applause, being his 4th appearance [Kean] .
Event Comment: By Command of Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. London Daily Post and General Advertiser, 18 Jan.: Whereas a Bottle was flung out of one of the Galleries into the Pit...on Saturday Night last, during the Time of Performance, which struck a Gentleman on the Head, and very much hurt him, I hereby promise to pay to any one that shall discover the Person who threw the same, so that he may be brought to Justice, the Sum of Twenty Guineas, to be paid on Conviction....John Rich


Mainpiece Title: The Cheats Of Scapin

Afterpiece Title: Orpheus and Eurydice