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Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift; Or, The Fool In Fashion

Dance: New Grand Dance call'd The Turkish Pirate; or a descent on the Grecian Coast-Salomon, Mlle Violette, Sig Padouana, M. Mechel, Salomon's Son; Also a New Entertainment call'd the Laundress's Visiting Day-Sg Salomon, Mlle Violette, Sga Padouana, M. Mechel, Salomon's Son


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Afterpiece Title: New Pantomime Entertainment

Song: III: Genius of England-; End: New Mad Tom-Platt Sen


Mainpiece Title: The School For Rakes

Afterpiece Title: The Institution of the Garter; or, Arthur's Round Table Restored

Performance Comment: King Edward-Aickin; Genius of England-Reddish; Sir Dingle (court fool)-King; Nat Needle-Parsons; Roger-Weston; Spirits-Miss Hayward, Mrs Morland, Miss Rogers, Mrs Simson; Edward the Black Prince-Miss Hopkins; Chief Druid-Inchbald; Squallini-Mrs Wrighten; Queen Philippa-Mrs Johnston (Genest's News Clippings).


Mainpiece Title: Astarto

Dance: New Dances composed by Simonet and Vallouy.End I: a Grand Serious Ballet-Mons Simonet, Mme Simonet (their 1st appearance in England), Sg Zuchelli, Sga Zuchelli; End II: a new Pastoral Ballet Les Amans Heureux; ou, L'Aimable Vieillesse-Mons Vallouy, Mme Vallouy, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Vallouy@le@cadet; End Opera: a new Ballet Demi-caracteres Les Amusemens Champetres-Mons and Mme Simonet, Sg and Sga Zuchelli


Mainpiece Title: Athelstan A New Tragedy


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant; Or, The History Of George Barnwell

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, The New Rehearsal


Mainpiece Title: The Noble Pedlar

Music: In the course of the concert Catches and Glees: 1st Violin and new solo concerto-Barthelemon; New Concerto on Organ-Carter (composed by Barthelemon); New French Horn and Trumpet Concerto (also Barthelemon's composition) by Mas. Rogers of Bath (Mr Leander's scholar) 12 years old; and by Mas. Green (Mr Jones's scholar) 10 years old. Several New Simphonies composed by Barthelemon. To conclude with the Canon of the favourite burletta The Magic Girdle


Mainpiece Title: Mitridate

Dance: End I: The Pert Country Maid, as17810113; End II: a new serious Ballet (composed by Simonet) The Nymphs of Diana-Vestris? Jun., Mlle Baccelli, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Henry, Sga Crespi, Miss Simonet, Mme Simonet; End Opera: a new grand Ballet half-character (composed by Simonet) The Rural Sports-Vestris? Jun., Mlle Baccelli, Henry, Sga Crespi, Traffieri, Slingsby, Sga Tantini


Mainpiece Title: La Regina Di Golconda

Dance: Three new ballets composed by D'Aubcrval. End of Act I Ballet [of Warriors] by Lepicq, Henry, Zuchelli, the two Miss Simonets, Mme Theodore; End of Act II Dance [of Shepherds] by Lepicq, Mme Simonet, D'Aubcrval (1st appearance), Mme Rossi, Vestris [Jun.], Mme Theodore; End of Opera The Four Ages of Man, in which a Pas de Trois of Chinese by Henry, Zuchelli, Blake. Childhood-the two Miss Simonets; Youth-Slingsby and Mme Theodore; Manhood-Lepicq, Mme Rossi, Vestris [Jun.]; Old Age-D'Auberval and Mme Simonet, who will dance to the celebrated Musette of Handel. To conclude with a Pas de Huit, in a stile entirely new, by the Couples who represent the Four Ages


Mainpiece Title: L'avaro Deluso

Dance: With new Dances composed by Simonet. End II: La Noche Hollandoise-Banti, Zuchelli, Slingsby, Sga Zuchelli, Sga Tinti; End Opera: a new grand Serious Ballet, Les Nymphes de Diane; ou, L'Amour Faune-Mons Simonet, Mme Simonet, Banti, Sga Tinti

Ballet: End I: new Pantomime Ballet Annette et Lubin. Bailly-LeDet; Sig. du Village-Simonet; Lubin-Slingsby; Annette-Mme Simonet; unassigned-Sg Zuchelli, Sga Zuchelli


Mainpiece Title: Enea E Lavinia

Dance: End I: a new Ballet, Hippomene et Atalante. Hippomene-Simonet, Atalante- Mlle Baccelli, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Mlle Vidini, Slingsby; End II: a new Ballet, connected with the Opera, +Les Forges de Vulcain. Venus-Mme Simonet, the 3 Graces- Sga Zuchelli, Sga Tinti, Miss Rose, +Cupid- young Miss Simonet, +the 3 Cyclopes- Banti, Zuchelli, LeDet, +Vulcain- Slingsby; With a grand Chorus of the Cyclopes by $Sacchini-

Ballet: End Opera: a new Serious Ballet, La Fete du Ciel. Apollo-Mme Simonet; Flora-Sga Tinti; Zephir-Banti; Iris-Mlle Baccelli; To conclude with a grand Chaconne, in which-Mme Simonet will dance in a Man's Dress


Mainpiece Title: I Viaggiatori Felici

Dance: End of Act I Divertisement Dance, as17811117, but added: Pas Seal, as17811120; End of Act II a new Ballet Anacreontique (composed by Noverre), Les Petits Riens, by Gardel, Mmc Simonet, Nivelon, Mlle Baccelli, Slingsby, Mlle Theodore, Henry, Sga Crespi, &c. The Music entirely new by Barthelemon


Mainpiece Title: La Locandiera

Dance: End I: Divertissement, as17871208

Ballet: End Opera: a new ballet (1st time), composed by Noverre, L'Amour et Psiche. By Mlle Hilligsberg, Didelot, Mlle Coulon, Chevalier, Vestris, Sga Bedini, the two Miss Simonets, Mlle Vedie, Henry, Jacolet, Saulnier, Sala, Coulon. Cast from synopsis (H. Reynell, 1788): Psyche-Mlle Hilligsberg; Adonis-Didelot; Venus-Mlle Coulon; Hymen-Chevalier; Love, or Cupid-Vestris; Graces Furies and Fates-Sga Bedini, the two Miss Simonets, Mlle Vedie, Henry, Jacolet, Saulnier, Sala; Mercury-Coulon. The music composed by Mazzinghi; with all new Scenery (by Marinari), Dresses (by Lupino)


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Afterpiece Title: The Beggar's Pantomime: With New Scenes and several Alterations and Additions, particularly a Sequel to the Contention, call'd Pistol in Mourning


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus (With a New Additional Scene)


Mainpiece Title: The Golden Pippin

Afterpiece Title: The Commissary

Dance: I: A New Pantomime Dance call'd The Venetian Gardner-Mas. Blurton, Miss Capon. [See17650925]; II: [A New Dance-Aldridge, Miss Capon; End: [A New Grand Ballet, call'd Rural Amusements-Fishar, Sga Manesiere. [See17720424.


Mainpiece Title: Allesandro Nell'india

Dance: I: New Pastoral Ballet, as17741119; Pas Deux is omitted II: Grand Ballet, Silvie ou les Nymphes de Diane-S. Vallouis, Mlle Vallouis; End Opera: New Ballet-; in which will be introduced a Grand Chaconne-Mlle Bacelli


Mainpiece Title: Il Marchese Tulipano

Dance: End of Act I a new Divertissement Serieux (composed by Giroux) by Vestris, Sga Carolina, the two Mlles Simonet, Duquesney Jun., Mlle Mozon, &c, and to conclude with a Grand Chaconne, [the music] composed by Sacchini; End of Opera a new Divertissement Villageois (composed by D'Egville) by Vestris, Sga Carolina, Mme Crespi, the two Mlles Simonet, Duquesney Jun., Spozzi, Mlle Mozon, &c


Mainpiece Title: Antigona

Dance: End I: a new Ballet in one act, Flore et Zephire-Didelot, Gentili, Fialon, Lahante, Hamoir, Giani, Roffey, Simpson, Master Menage, Mme Rose, Mme Hilligsberg, Mme Bossi, Mlle Parisot, Mme Vidi, Mlle Cabanel [Cast from Beaumont (see below): Cleonise-Mme Hilligsberg; +Flore-Mme Rose; +Bergeres-Mlle Parisot, Mme Bossi; +Zephire-Didelot; +L'Amour-Master Menage; +Un Petit Amour-Miss Hill.]; End Opera: [a new grand Dramatic Ballet in 3 acts, in the +Scotch style, L'Heureux Naufrage [; or, Les Sorcieres Ecossoises; Principal Performers in both dances-Didelot, Gentili, Fialon, Lahante, Hamoir, Giani, Roffey, Simpson, Master Menage, Mme Rose, Mme Hilligsberg, Mme Bossi, Mlle Parisot, Mme Vidi, Mlle Cabanel


Mainpiece Title: Psyche; Or, Love's Mistress

Music: All the Vocal and Instrumental Music compos'd by the Famous Mr Matthew Lock-

Dance: New dances- proper to the occasion; particularly Arbour Dance in Imitation of the Original-duRuel, Cherrier, Laforest


Mainpiece Title: Il Triomfo D'amore

Afterpiece Title: Orfeo

Dance: New Dance adapted to the Opera (Orfeo) intermixed with Grand Choruses-; In pastoral piece: Grand Ballet with Pas de cinq-Slingsby, Mlle Grenier, Lepy, Sga Crispi, Mlle Lafond; End Opera: New Grand Ballet-Mlle Heinel, Fierville; with a new Allemand-; New Grand Chacone-Mlle Heinel, Fierville


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Afterpiece Title: The Sequel to the Opera of Flora; or, Hob's Wedding

Dance: new Wooden Shoe Dance by Nivelon-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre; Afterpiece:A new Dance-Nivelon for the Afterpiece


Mainpiece Title: La Difesa D'amore

Afterpiece Title: Pyramo E Tisbe

Dance: New Serious Ballet, as17750425 New Ballet, as17750425 Grand Chaconne, as17750425 Louvre, as17750425 End Opera: Champetre Comique, as17750425 but _Asselin


Mainpiece Title: Argentina Ortolana Contessa Per Forza

Dance: new Scaramouch , lately arriv'd from Italy; Serious and Grotesque Dancing particularly-M deCamp, Mlle Mimi l'Post , first Dancers of the Opera at Brussels, just arrived


Mainpiece Title: The Gamesters

Ballet: New Comic Entertainment of Dancing, call'dThe Prussian Camp. Officer-Blakes; Prussian Soldiers-the Comedians; Characters of the Dance-Delatre, Giorgi, Lucchi, Mrs Vernon. New Habits and Decorations for the Dance