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Event Comment: Principal Instrumental Performers are G. Ashley, leader of the band; C. Ashley, W. Parke, Boyce, Barret, R. Ashley, Parkinson, Woodham, Jenkinson, M'Arthur, the Munros, Purney, Cantelo, Taylor, M'Intosh, Gwilliam, Nicks, Cobham, Leffler, Betts, Flack, Dressler, Cornish, I. Sharp, W. Sharp, M. Sharp, J. Sharp, Ware, J. Ware, Wood, G. Jones, Moorehead, Slezack, Francis, Jackson, Vial, White, &c. Organ by J. Ashley. The Band and Chorusses will be numerous and complete, and assisted by the Trombones and Double Drums, used at Handel's Commemoration at Westminster Abbey [in 1784]. The whole under the direction of Ashley Sen. Places for the Boxes to be had of Brandon at the stage door. The Doors to be opened at 6:00, and the Performance to begin at 7:00 precisely [same throughout oratorio season]. Half Price will be taken at 9:00. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Books of the Performance to be had at the Theatre (6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Grand Selection 0 Of Sacred Music, From The Works Of handel

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 1

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 2

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 3

Music: End II: concerto on the grand piano@forte-Master Neate


Mainpiece Title: Honorius

Role: : Onorio Actor: Senesino
Role: Eucherio Actor: Farinello
Role: Ormonte Actor: Signora Bertolli
Role: Stilicone Actor: Montagnana
Role: Termanzia Actor: Signora Cuzzoni
Role: Placidia Actor: Signora Segatti


Mainpiece Title: Don Calascione

Dance: Between the Acts: Dancing-

Event Comment: [Miss Arne, who is identified by MS annotation on Kemble playbill, had previously appeared as a chorus singer; see 27 Oct. 1794. In mainpiece the playbill assigns Mrs Peachum to Mrs Hopkins, Suky Tawdry to Mrs Maddocks, Mrs Coaxer to Miss Stageldoir, but "Mrs Hopkins being ill, Mrs Maddocks play'd Mrs Peachum; Mrs Hedges Suky Tawdry for Mrs Maddocks; Miss Stageldoir Ill, Mrs Jones play'd Mrs Coaxer. [In afterpiece] Jones Ill, Lyons Snuffle; Evans 4th Mob for Lyons [both these characters omitted from playbill]" (Powell).] Powell: Mayor of Garratt rehearsed at 12; New Ballet at 12. Receipts: #174 10s. (121.14; 51.2; 1.14)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Mr Peachum-Moody; Lockit-Hollingsworth; Capt. Macheath-Kelly; Filch-Suett; Crookfinger'd Jack-Lyons; Wat Dreary-Evans; Robin of Bagshot-Cooke; Nimming Ned-Welsh; Harry Paddington-Phillimore; Mat o' the Mint-Trueman; Ben Budge-Burton; Beggar-Waldron; Player-Benson; Drawer-Banks; Turnkey-Webb; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Maddocks; Polly Peachum-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [Miss Arne]); Lucy Lockit (1st time)-Miss DeCamp; Diana Trapes-Mrs Booth; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Jones; Dolly Trull-Miss Chatterley; Mrs Vixen-Mrs Iliff; Betty Doxy-Miss Redhead; Jenny Diver-Mrs Bramwell; Mrs Slammekin-Miss Tidswell; Suky Tawdry-Mrs Hedges; Molly Brazen-Mrs Butler.
Role: Mr Peachum Actor: Moody
Role: Lockit Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Macheath Actor: Kelly
Role: Filch Actor: Suett
Role: Crookfinger'd Jack Actor: Lyons
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Evans
Role: Robin of Bagshot Actor: Cooke
Role: Nimming Ned Actor: Welsh
Role: Harry Paddington Actor: Phillimore
Role: Mat o' the Mint Actor: Trueman
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Burton
Role: Beggar Actor: Waldron
Role: Player Actor: Benson
Role: Drawer Actor: Banks
Role: Turnkey Actor: Webb
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Maddocks
Role: Polly Peachum Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Lucy Lockit Actor: Miss DeCamp
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Miss Chatterley
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Mrs Iliff
Role: Betty Doxy Actor: Miss Redhead
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Mrs Bramwell
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Suky Tawdry Actor: Mrs Hedges
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Mrs Butler.

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Waldron
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Bannister
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Heeltap Actor: Burton
Role: Lint Actor: Suett
Role: Bruin Actor: Benson
Role: Snuffle Actor: Lyons
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Tidswell.

Dance: In III: Hornpipe-G. D'Egville


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah; Alexander's Feast; Grand Selection 0

Music: End Part I: 3rd concerto of Giardini on the violin-G. Ashley; End Part II: concerto on the Piano Forte-Dussek

Event Comment: Benefit Jones. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Third piece: By Desire


Mainpiece Title: The Author's Farce

Performance Comment: See17310203, but Mrs Novel-a Gentlewoman who never appear'd on this Stage before; Bookweight and Orator-Jones.

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb

Performance Comment: See17310114, but Tom Thumb-Miss Jones (in an entire new Habit); Grizzle-Jones; A new Epilogue-Miss Jones in the Character of Tom Thumb, by the Author of the Jealous Taylor.

Afterpiece Title: The Jealous Taylor

Role: Tom Actor: Mullart
Role: Charles Actor: Lacy
Role: Nicodemus Stitch Actor: Ayres
Role: Shears Actor: Reynolds
Role: Snip Actor: Cross
Role: Shopboard Actor: Dove
Role: Patrick O'Thimble Actor: Hallam
Role: Evan ap Remmant Actor: Jones
Role: Mynheer Van Bodkin Actor: Hicks
Role: Sawney Mac Staytape Actor: Wathen
Role: Mons le Foppery Actor: Davenport
Role: Mrs Stitch Actor: Mrs Lacy
Role: Harriot Actor: Miss Price
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Nokes.

Dance: Davenport, Miss Jones

Song: In third piece: a Humorous New Song, written by Jones, in the Character of a Welsh Taylor-Jones


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of Kent

Role: Wm Strongbow Actor: Vernon
Role: George Actor: Dimond
Role: Sealand Actor: J. Bannister
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Parsons
Role: Brian Actor: Moody
Role: Dr Goodman Actor: Packer
Role: La Poudre Actor: Baddeley
Role: Metre Actor: Waldron
Role: Robert Actor: Griffith
Role: Patty Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Dame Quickset Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Florizel and Perdita

Dance: End: The Taylors, as17740428


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Afterpiece Title: Don Quixote in England

Role: Don Quixote Actor: Roberts
Role: Sancho Actor: Mullart

Dance: I: Prince of Wales's Saraband and Minuet by Davenport and Miss Brett. III: Les Bergers Heureux by Davenport and Miss Brett. V: The Black Joke by Davenport and Miss Brett

Song: In II: Lempio Rigor del Fato by Miss Jones. IV: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond by Miss Jones. End Afterpiece: A Dialogue by Master Arne and Miss Jones

Performance Comment: IV: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond by Miss Jones. End Afterpiece: A Dialogue by Master Arne and Miss Jones .
Event Comment: Benefit Provo and Jones. For the Entertainment of several Persons of Quality. At 6 p.m. Tickets 3s


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music-; Singing-Mrs Fitzgerald, Cook, Newberry, Jones

Related Works
Related Work: The Earl of Essex Author(s): Henry Jones
Related Work: The Heroine of the Cave Author(s): Henry Jones
Related Work: The Cave of Idra Author(s): Henry Jones
Related Work: Apollo and Daphne; or, Harlequin Mercury Author(s): Richard Jones
Related Work: The Miser; or, Wagner and Abericock Author(s): Richard Jones
Related Work: Hymen's Triumph; or, Trick Upon Trick Author(s): Richard Jones
Event Comment: Benefit Jones. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Daily Post, 8 March: The Blazing oblig'd to be deferr'd, on account of the Author's having a great Cold, that renders him Incapable of executing his Part


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks

Performance Comment: Yeoman-Aston Sr, commonly called Tony Aston, from lif, the first Time of his appearing on this Stage; Reyard-Jones; Loveworth-Barcock; Maiden-Hicks; Squib-Walker; Belinda-Miss Jones; Hillaria-Mrs Miller; Mrs Goodfellow-Mrs Mann; Jenny-Mrs Clarke; Lucy-Mrs Aston.

Afterpiece Title: The Tragedy of Tragedies; or, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great

Performance Comment: Tom Thumb-Miss Jones Jr; Grizzle-Jones.
Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Miss Jones Jr
Role: Grizzle Actor: Jones.

Dance: new Scots Dance to Ballad Tunes-Davenport, Miss Jones; Hornpipe, Chesire Round-Johnson

Song: Two new Songs-Aston


Mainpiece Title: The Nonjuror

Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Heartly Actor: Mrs Charke
Role: Wolf Actor: Rosco
Role: Woodvil Actor: Este
Role: Sir John Actor: Turbutt
Role: Charles Actor: James
Role: Lady Woodvill Actor: Mrs Shireburn
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Norman

Dance: II: Two Pierrots by Davenport and Olbeldiston. III: Harlequin by Miss Brett. V: A new Country Dance by Davenport, proper to the Play

Song: I: A Generi Affetti by Miss Jones and Master Arne. IV: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond by Miss Jones

Performance Comment: IV: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond by Miss Jones .


Mainpiece Title: The Beaux Stratagem

Performance Comment: Mrs Sullen-Mrs Roberts; Dorinda-Mrs Mullart; Archer-Wilks, Nephew to the late Robert Wilks; Sir Charles-Mrs Charke; Aimwell-Turbutt; Scrub-Hallam; Sullen-Pullen; Bonniface-Mullart; Gibbet-Machen; Foigard-Jones; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Egerton; Cherry-Mrs Talbot; Gipsey-Miss Brett; Old Woman-Hallam, but see17340624.
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Archer Actor: Wilks, Nephew to the late Robert Wilks
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Mrs Charke
Role: Aimwell Actor: Turbutt
Role: Scrub Actor: Hallam
Role: Sullen Actor: Pullen
Role: Bonniface Actor: Mullart
Role: Gibbet Actor: Machen
Role: Foigard Actor: Jones
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Talbot
Role: Gipsey Actor: Miss Brett
Role: Old Woman Actor: Hallam, but see17340624

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Mock Doctor Actor: Hallam, but see17340617

Dance: II: A new Dance by Davenport and Miss Brett. V: Les Bergeres by Davenport and Miss Brett

Song: I: Was ever Nymph like Rosamond by Miss Jones. IV: 'Tis Joy to wound a hover (from Rosamond) by Miss Jones

Performance Comment: IV: 'Tis Joy to wound a hover (from Rosamond) by Miss Jones .


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Townly-Mrs Charke; Lady Townly-Mrs Roberts; Sir Francis-Jones; Manly-Woodbourne; Basset-Este; Richard-Master Arne; Lady Grace-Mrs Shireburn; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Freeman; Jenny-Miss Brett; Mirtilla-Mrs Castel .
Role: Townly Actor: Mrs Charke
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Jones
Role: Manly Actor: Woodbourne
Role: Basset Actor: Este
Role: Richard Actor: Master Arne
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Shireburn
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Freeman
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Brett
Role: Mirtilla Actor: Mrs Castel

Dance: II: Les Bergeres Heureux by Davenport and Miss Brett. IV: Two Pierrots by Davenport and Olbeldiston. V: Saraband and Minuet by Davenport and Miss Brett

Song: 1: A Teneri Afferti by Master Arne and Miss Jones. III: Rise Glory (with French Horns) by Miss Jones

Performance Comment: III: Rise Glory (with French Horns) by Miss Jones .


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko;or, The Royal Slave

Role: Oroonoko Actor: Delane
Role: Aboan Actor: Giffard
Role: Daniel Actor: Penkethman
Role: Governor Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Blandford Actor: Havard
Role: Stanmore Actor: Jenkins
Role: Driver Actor: Huddy
Role: Jack Stanmore Actor: Hamilton
Role: Hottman Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Imoinda Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Widow Lackit Actor: Mrs Wetherilt
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Tollett

Music: III: Concerto on the French Horn by Charles

Dance: II: La Follette c'est Ravisez by F. Tench (from DL) and Mrs Woodward. IV: Chacone by Mrs Bullock

Song: I: By Miss Jones. V: By Miss Jones

Performance Comment: V: By Miss Jones .
Event Comment: Benefit Harbin, World (Prompter), Miss Jones. [For further discussion of the relation of dramatists to the town, see Prompter, 22 April.]


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Role: Carlos Actor: Delane
Role: Clodio Actor: Wetherilt
Role: Lewis Actor: Penkethman
Role: Duart Actor: Bardin
Role: Manuel Actor: Harbin
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Haughton

Afterpiece Title: The Beggar's Wedding

Performance Comment: Chaunter-Hulett; Grig-Rosco; Hunter-Miss Jones; Phoebe-Miss Gerrard .
Role: Chaunter Actor: Hulett
Role: Grig Actor: Rosco
Role: Hunter Actor: Miss Jones
Role: Phoebe Actor: Miss Gerrard

Dance: II: Dutch Skipper by Vallois and Mrs Bullock. IV: La Follette c'est Ravize by Tench and Mrs Woodward. V: Scotch Dance, as17350329

Song: I: Se mai (from Poms) by Miss Jones. III: Rise Glory (from Rosamond), accompanied with French Horns


Mainpiece Title: The Indian Emperor

Role: Guyomar Actor: Richardson
Role: Cydaria Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Alibech Actor: Mrs Hamilton.
Role: Montezuma Actor: Johnson
Role: Cortez Actor: Giffard
Role: Odmar Actor: Rosco
Role: Orbellan Actor: Woodward
Role: Vasquez Actor: Havard
Role: Pizarro Actor: Hewitt
Role: Almeria Actor: Mrs Roberts.

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Dance: II: The Princess of Wales-Vallois, Miss Oates; V: Pierrots-Vallois, Delagarde

Song: IV: Miss Jones

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Jones and Miss Naylor


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb the Great

Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Miss Naylor.

Dance: SScotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; Miss Naylor; The Parting Lovers-; Drunken Peasant-Chettle

Song: DDialogue of the Widow and the Rake-Laguerre, Mrs Jones

Event Comment: Benefit for Jones. A Serenata. Books of which may be had at the theatre. To begin at twelve o'clock promptly (General Advertiser). To the Publick: Walking in St James's Park the other day, I followed two young Gentlemen along the Mall, and overheard one of them say to the other, "shall we go and offer sacrifice to the Manes of Milton?" To which the other reply'd "with all my heart." I must own I had some curiosity to know in what this ceremony would consist, and determined to observe them. I accordingly followed them at some distance, into Dodsley the Bookseler's in Pall Mall; where to my great satisfaction I found that this most acceptable sacrifice was only an offering of Charity to the Granddaughter of Milton; who on account of her age, her poverty, and her relation to that great Man, is to have a Benefit at Drury Lane Theatre on Wednesday next. I willingly joined in their devotions, and rejoice with the Publick on their having an opportunity of shewing their gratitude and Veneration to a man whose Genius reflects a lustre on the British Literature, and whose sentiments have added strength to the British liberties; to an author whose works have been the delight of our Fathers, and will be the Admiration of our sons: latest posterity; to an Englishman who is not only the Glory of our Country, but the Honour to Human Nature. This fair Opportunity of paying a respect to his Memory (the last of the kind that can be offered to us, as Mrs Foster is the only surviving branch of his family) must certainly be embraced with Eagerness and pleasure; all who have any pretence to an Elegant Taste, all lovers of Liberty, and every friend of the Muses, will surely crowd to the house on this distinguish'd night, and give at once an instance of the politeness of their manners, and the goodness of their hearts, I am, &c. A Lover of Milton (General Advertiser)


Mainpiece Title: Solomon

Music: CConcerto on Violincello-Jones

Event Comment: Benefit for one Jones and a Dang Master (Cross). No building on stage. Tickets deliver'd out for the Confederacy will be taken. Receipts: #120 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Viii

Role: Surrey Actor: Simson.
Role: King Actor: Sowdon
Role: Wolsey Actor: Mossop, 1st time
Role: Buckingham Actor: Ross, 1st time
Role: Norfolk Actor: Palmer
Role: Suffolk Actor: Blakes
Role: Cranmer Actor: Havard
Role: Gardiner Actor: Taswell
Role: Sandys Actor: Shuter
Role: Lord Chamberlain Actor: Winstone
Role: Anne Bullen Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Cornwell Actor: Mozeen
Role: Patience Actor: Miss Norris. Exact representation of the Coronation.

Afterpiece Title: Duke and no Duke

Role: Flametta Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Lavinio Actor: Blakes
Role: Trappolin Actor: Woodward
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Dance: Sg Piettro, Mad Janeton Auretti

Song: Beard

Music: CConcerto on Violin cello-Mr Jones

Event Comment: [The playbill notes the eighth day for Tom Jones. See cancellation of a performance on 24 Jan.] Neville MS Diary: In the forenoon skaited on the Canal in St James's Park. In the evening went to see "The Intriguing Chambermaid" at Covent Garden. Receipts: #201 8s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Tom Jones

Role: Parts Actor: Miss Valois replaces Mrs White
Role: Western Actor: Shuter
Role: Tom Actor: Mattocks
Role: Supple Actor: Barnshaw
Role: Allworthy Actor: Gibson
Role: Bliful Actor: Gardner
Role: Nightengale Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Old Nightengale Actor: Morris
Role: Mrs Western Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Pinto
Role: Honour Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Baker

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Drunken Colonel Actor: Woodward
Role: Oldcastle Actor: Lewis
Role: Goodall Actor: Dunstall
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: End Opera: The Irish Lilt, as17680930

Event Comment: New Books of the Songs, Chorusses, &c. will be sold in the theatre. [Mainpiece seems definitely to be the Henry Jones version. This cast is that printed in that Bell Edition 1776, of the Jones play.


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Role: Essex Actor: Clinch, first time
Role: Southampton Actor: Wroughton
Role: Burleigh Actor: Hull
Role: Raleigh Actor: L'Estrange
Role: Lieut. Actor: Thompson
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Melmoth, first time
Role: Nottingham Actor: Miss Sherman
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Hartley, first time.
Related Works
Related Work: The Earl of Essex Author(s): Henry Jones
Event Comment: Tickets delivered by the Widow of the late Dall, Sga Tinte, Thompson, Jones and Bates will be taken this Night. Receipts: #283 8s. 6d. (54.5.6; 1.4.6; tickets: 127.18.6)


Mainpiece Title: Sir Thomas Overbury

Role: Sir ThomasOverbury Actor: Lewis
Role: Earl of Somerset Actor: Wroughton
Role: Earl of Northampton Actor: Hull
Role: Sir Gervas Elvis Actor: Whitfield
Role: Officer Actor: Thompson
Role: Servant Actor: Stevens
Role: Countess of Somerset Actor: Mrs Jackson
Role: Cleora Actor: Miss Leeson
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Hartley

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace

Performance Comment: As17770423, but Anatomist-Jones Prologue-_; Escape-_ [and thereafter].and thereafter].
Role: Anatomist Actor: Jones Prologue-_
Role: Harlequin Jupiter Actor: Lee Lewes
Role: Chasseur Royal Actor: Mahon
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Baker
Role: Pierrot Actor: Delpini
Role: Colombine Actor: Miss Valois.

Dance: End: The Serenade, as17770426

Music: End II: solo on the pedal harp-Jones

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not Acted these Thirty Years. All the Characters New Dress'd. Afterpiece: A New Dramatick Pantomime Entertainment. With New Cloaths, Scenes, Machines, and other Decorations. An Exact Representation of the Hermitage, as in the Royal Garden at Richmond. And Entire New Musick, compos'd by Mr Jones. [Author not known. Apparently not published.] Daily Advertiser, 2 Feb.: When one of the Changes [on 1 Feb.] by Chance miscarried, a second Attempt was generally desir'd, which, when executed, was so pleasing, a general Clap continu'd for more than the Space of a Minute


Mainpiece Title: Sir Harry Wildair

Afterpiece Title: Hymen's Triumph; or, Trick Upon Trick

Related Works
Related Work: Hymen's Triumph; or, Trick Upon Trick Author(s): Richard Jones
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never before acted. A tragedy written by Mr Henry? Jones, a Bricklayer of Ireland. This play has been delay'd for 3 Or 4 years. Went of with great Applause (Cross). All the Characters New Dress'd. None to be admitted behind the scenes


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Role: Principal parts Actor: Barry, Smith, Sparks, Bransby, Usher, Mrs Bland, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Cibber.
Role: Essex Actor: Barry
Role: Southampton Actor: Smith
Role: Burleigh Actor: Sparks
Role: Raleigh Actor: Usher
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Bransby
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Prologue Actor: Barry
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Cibber
Related Works
Related Work: The Earl of Essex Author(s): Henry Jones
Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Henry Jones never acted there. Receipts: #100 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Role: Essex Actor: Murphy
Role: Southampton Actor: Havard
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Cowper
Role: Lord Cecil Actor: Burton
Role: Raleigh Actor: Bransby
Role: Lieut. Actor: Walker.
Related Works
Related Work: The Earl of Essex Author(s): Henry Jones

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Aesop Actor: Bransby
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Woodward
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates
Role: Mercury Actor: Beard
Role: Old Man Actor: Blakes
Role: Mrs Tatoo Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Find Lady Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: IV: As17550930