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Event Comment: At the desire of several Perons of Quality will be perform'd that great and celebrated Scene in Julius Caesar at the table between Brutus and Cassius , Written by the Immortal Shakespeare. And altho' Mr Penkethman is at an extraordinary Charge in providing these Entertainments, to oblige his Friends he lets them in at Common Prices [as 7 Aug.]. Note, The Subscribers' Tickets have free Admittance


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar (one Scene)

Role: Brutus Actor: Powell
Role: Cassius Actor: Thurmond.

Afterpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Role: Sir Courtly Actor: Powell
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Penkethman.

Entertainment: Rope/Dancing after the French, Italian, and Bohemian Manner-; also a Stiff Rope, Vaulting the Slack Rope beyond Imagination-little Girl of 4 Years of Age

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Delpini. The Band from the Opera-house. Play: In 3 acts [i.e. reduced from the original 5]. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Role: Dominick Actor: Lloyd
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Hamlen
Role: Gomez Actor: Swords
Role: Alphonso Actor: Knights
Role: Pedro Actor: Hunter
Role: Elvira Actor: A Young Lady

Dance: End of Act I a new pantomimical, operatical, farcical interlude, The Peasant Metamorphosed; or, Delpini's Voyage from Dublin in an Air Balloon, in which Delpini will introduce a specimen of singing in French, Italian and English, and which will conclude with a new Hornpipe by the celebrated Blake (by permission of the Managers of the Opera-house; his 1st appearance on that stage); End of Act II a comic pantomime dance, The Country Squabble, by Delpini, Mrs Dagville, Miss Parish, Duquesney Jun.; End of play a new pantomimical dance, The Rival Clowns, by Delpini, Blake, &c, in which the famous rondo of Orpheo, in Italian, by Delpini, and to conclude with an Allemande in a new comic stile

Performance Comment: ; End of play a new pantomimical dance, The Rival Clowns, by Delpini, Blake, &c, in which the famous rondo of Orpheo, in Italian, by Delpini, and to conclude with an Allemande in a new comic stile .

Song: End of Acts II and III, by a Young Gentlewoman (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified])

Event Comment: At Shuter's New Booth, George Inn Yard, West Smithfield. Boxes 2s. 6d. Pit 1s. 6d. First Gallery 1s. Upper Gallery 6d. To begin each day at Twelve Noon. An Excellent Band of Musick is provided. The Scenes and Habits all entirely new. Public Advertiser, 22 Aug.: Whereas the partnership between Mess Shuter and Yates has been dissolved; and as Mr Shuter intends to carry on the Business in a more extensive manner than has been performed hitherto, he is now at a great Expence erecting a Repository in an entirely new Taste, in the George Inn Yard...prfviding new, nice, and different Assortments of Theatrical Wares, such as Wit, Humour, Incidents, American Interludes, black and white, Duets and Dances, of which the Public will be informed by Catalogue of the whole Stock, which will be delivered Gratis to his Friends and Customers...He flatters himself that no Person will serve them better or cheaper, for ready Money only, and all purchases of Five Pounds worth or upwards, shall be allowed 5 per cent of Discount. That the Publick may not mistake the Shop, over the Door way will be my Picture without a Frame, very indifferently painted, with this Motto beneath it, Shuter. Daily Advertiser, 3 Sept.: On the Great Parade after the Fair is proclaim'd, the Bold Shuter will review his Troop; and the Publick are requested to observe that the full Figure at the Middle of the Platform is the Chief...or Sachem of the Five Nations. He will be attended with Mamamawks, Papapawks, and Tomahawks...The Lords may laugh, the Ladies may laugh, and the Commoners may laugh...and that will make me laugh. Edward Shuter, born Anno Domini


Mainpiece Title: The French Flogg'd; Or, The English Sailors In America

Performance Comment: Together with the Reception of Capt. Briton at the Indian courtv; the Manners, Customs, Peace, and presenting the Wampum Beltv for his Bravery in rescuing the Princess Sachema from the French Banditiv. Interspersed with the Droll Bahaviour and Odd Adventures of MacDermott Geoghaghan Ballingroguev, and the Witch of the Woods; or, a Woman without a Head.

Song: Diet, The Humours of Bartholomew Fair-Alley Croaker, Signora Ciperini; And a Song- on the late glorious success gained over the French by his Serene Highness Prince Ferdinand

Event Comment: Benefit Mechel, Mlle Mechel (the French Boy and Girl). Afterpiece: a new Pantomime Entertainment. [Tickets at Mechel's in Newport Street.] Receipts: money #70 8s. 6d.; seals #71 14s. (Account Book); #150 (Rylands MS.). [The two dancers were charged #60 for their benefit. This is the last entry in the incomplete Account Book.


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Role: Bolus Actor: Roberts
Role: Rhubarb Actor: Anderson
Role: Finder Actor: James
Role: Supple Actor: Clarke
Role: Old Wilful Actor: Mullart
Role: Old Atall Actor: Arthur
Role: Strut Actor: Oates
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Wishwell Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Situp Actor: Miss Burgess.
Role: Double Gallant Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Solomon Actor: Hippisley
Role: Dainty Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Clerimont Actor: Hale
Role: Careless Actor: Hallam
Role: Lady Sadlife Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Barber

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Master Ferg; Colombine-Mlle Mechel; Petit Maitre-Miss Woffington; Drawer-Little French Boy; Servant to Colombine-Miss Bellamy, who never appeared on any stage before; Pierot-Mechel Jr.

Dance: I: Concerto-Mlle Mechel; II: Minuet, French Rigadoon-Mechel the Father, who never appeared in any theatre in England, Mlle Mechel the Daughter; Minuet-Mechel the Son, Miss Polly Woffington, the first time of her appearing on the stage; IV: The Metamorphoses of the Windmills-Mechel, Mlle Mechel, Miss Woffington, Master Ferg, a little French Boy; lately come from France. End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy

Performance Comment: End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy.
Event Comment: Benefit for Wild, prompter. 1st piece: Not acted these 20 years; altered from Dryden (by Joseph George Holman (Not. Dram.)]. 2nd piece [Ist time; M.INT 1, probably by John Cartwright Cross. MS: Larpent 1028; not published]. 3rd piece: In which an Engagement between an English and a French Man of War, a Shipwreck, and a Grand Military Procession as it pass'd, when the French Colours taken by the British Army were conveyed from St. James's to St. Paul's Cathedral [on 17 May 1794]. The above Procession is represented by Moving Figures, in which the Horse and Foot Guards, the Band of Music, the French Colours, &c. are seen to pass in the exact order they appeared on that memorable occasion. Morning Herald, 17 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #293 2s. 6d. (112/17/6; 14/2/0; tickets: 166/3/0)


Mainpiece Title: Don Sebastian

Role: Don Sebastian Actor: Pope
Role: Muley Moluch Actor: Harley
Role: Muley Zeydan Actor: Middleton
Role: Don Antonio Actor: Lewis
Role: Abdallah Actor: Fawcett
Role: Don Alvarez Actor: Thompson
Role: M ustapha Actor: Quick
Role: Dorax Actor: HolmanMorayma-Mrs Mattocks
Role: HolmanMorayma Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Johayma Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Almeyda Actor: Mrs Pope


Performance Comment: Cast not listed. [Larpent MS lists the parts: Palate, Fieldtree, Ensign Hardy//Patty, Jenny.] Written to introduce the following favorite Songs: Mary's Dream, The moon had climbed the highest hill (composed by Ralph [recte Relfe]), by Miss Poole; The Vestry Dinner, Churchwarden I have been (written by Cross, composed by Reeve), by Rees; The High Mettled Racer, See the course throng'd with gazers (composed by Dibdin), by Incledon (1st time); The Gipsey Ballad, A wand'ring Gipsey, Sir, am I (words and melody by Peter Pindar, Esq. [pseud. for John Wolcot], accompaniments by Shield), by Mrs Clendining; Kitty Grogan, Tho' I'm no Dancing Master (written by Collins, composed by Reeve), by Johnstone; The Storm, Cease, rude Boreas (written by George Alexander Stevens), by Incledon; [Auld] Robin Gray, Young Jamie lov'd me well, by Mrs Clendining; From morn till night I take my glass, by Incledon and Johnstone; Vo sol cando (composed by Vinci), by Miss Poole; The Triumph of Wine, What tho' from Venus Cupid sprung (composed by Dibdin), by Johnstone; Father, Mother and Suke (composed by Dibdin), by Fawcett. To conclude with the following Selection of Catches and Glees from Harrison and Knyvett's Vocal Concert: as17940523, but God preserve his Majesty in place of Water parted from the sea .
Role: Angelina Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Sir Gregory Forrester Actor: Quick
Role: Peregrine Forrester Actor: Munden
Role: Fieldair Actor: Incledon
Role: Peter Actor: Blanchard
Role: Cartridge Actor: Fawcett
Role: Forrester Actor: Macready
Role: Waiter Actor: Farley
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Bar Maid Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Clendining.
Role: Principal Pantomimic Characters Actor: Hawtin in place of _Simpson, Ledger of Hawtin
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Miss +Kirton, in place of Mrs _Masters.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Simpson
Role: Clown Actor: Follett
Role: Lover Actor: Farley
Role: Woodcutter Actor: Rock
Role: Bricklayers Actor: Evatt, Thompson
Role: Lover's Servant Actor: Rees
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Claremont
Role: Gardener Actor: Hawtin
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Shepherdess Actor: Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Colloony Actor: Middleton
Role: Murtoch Delany Actor: Johnstone
Role: Cymon Actor: Blanchard
Role: Frost Actor: Munden
Role: Edward Actor: Fawcett
Role: Captain Seymour Actor: Harley
Role: Caroline Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Cubba Actor: Mrs Fawcett

Afterpiece Title: THE SHIPWRECK; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: Cast not listed, but probably same as17930527: English Characters. Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons//Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi. French Characters. General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland. Indian Characters. Indian Chief-Follett//Female Savage-Mr Rock .

Music: End of Act II of 1st piece a Solo on the Union Pipes by Courtney; In the course of the Evening a Duetto on the Union Pipes and Harp by Courtney and Weippert

Event Comment: Benefit for Wild. 2nd piece [1st time; F 1, by Robert Woodbridge]. Morning Herald, 4 June 1793: This day is published The Pad (price not listed). 3rd piece [1st time; BALL. P 2 (?), by James Byrn, altered from his The Provocation!]: The Incidents partly new, and partly selected from the much admired Pantomime called Provocation. In the course of the Pantomime a representation of an Engagement between an English and French Man of War; A Ship-wreck; The original Allegoric Scene from Provocation: A View of an English Camp; A Naval and Military Procession. Morning Herald, 9 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #335 1s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Every One Has His Fault

Role: unassigned Actor: _Evatt, _Farley.
Role: Mr Placid Actor: Macready in place of Fawcett.
Role: Sir Robert Ramble Actor: Lewis
Role: Mr Solus Actor: Quick
Role: Mr Irwin Actor: Pope
Role: Lord Norland Actor: Farren
Role: Mr Harmony Actor: Munden
Role: Edward Actor: Miss Grist
Role: Hammond Actor: Powel
Role: Porter Actor: Thompson
Role: Miss Wooburn Actor: Mrs Esten
Role: Mrs Placid Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Miss Spinster Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Lady Eleanor Irwin Actor: Mrs Pope

Afterpiece Title: The Pad

Role: Sir Simon Meagre Actor: Quick
Role: Lovejoke Actor: Munden
Role: Captain Credulous Actor: Harley
Role: Clerimont Actor: Macready
Role: Gentlemen Actor: Farley, Evatt, Thompson
Role: Servants Actor: Simmons, Blurton
Role: Mrs Credulous Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Davis
Role: Lady Meagre Actor: Mrs Webb.

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: English Characters : Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons; Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi; French Characters : General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland; Indian Characters : Indian Chief-Follett; Female Savage-Mr Rock.
Role: Captain Briton Actor: Byrn
Role: Boatswain Actor: Farley
Role: Midshipman Actor: Jackson
Role: Cabin Boy Actor: Simmons
Role: Captain's Lady Actor: Mme Rossi
Role: General Sanguinaire Actor: Cranfield
Role: Monsieur L'Ingrate Actor: Holland
Role: Indian Chief Actor: Follett
Role: Female Savage Actor: Mr Rock.

Song: End: Captivity (Supposed to be sung by an Unfortunate Queen [Marie Antoinette] during her confinement)-; End 2nd piece: Black Eyed Susan-; In 3rd piece: Farewell to old England dear Mary adieu-Incledon

Event Comment: Benefit Salle. By Command of his Royal Highness. Receipts: money #122 18s,; tickets #42 11s


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Role: Pilgrim Actor: Ryan
Role: Roderigo Actor: Quin
Role: Alphonso Actor: Hippisley
Role: Mad Scholar Actor: Milward
Role: Mad Taylor Actor: Hall
Role: Drunken Servant Actor: Bullock
Role: Alinda Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Juletta Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: With the Humours of Bedlam Actor:
Role: Mad Soldier Actor: Salle
Role: Mad Dancing Master Actor: Moreau
Role: Mad Gamester Actor: Pelling
Role: Mad Taylor Actor: Newhouse
Role: Mad Beau Actor: Tabatier
Role: Mad Lady Actor: Mrs Legare.

Afterpiece Title: Italian Jealousy; or, French Gallantry; With the Tavern Bilkers

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Lun; Scaramouch-Grimaesse [Daily Journal or Pelling: Daily Courant]; Punch-Newhouse [Daily Journal or Pelling: Diary Courtant]; Noble Venetian-Legare; Lady-Mrs Legare; French Marquis-Salle; Masqueraders-DuPre, Moreau, Newhouse, Pelling, DuPre Jr, DelaGarde, Mrs Bullock, Miss LaTour, Mrs Ogden.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Grimaesse
Role: Punch Actor: Newhouse
Role: Noble Venetian Actor: Legare
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Legare
Role: French Marquis Actor: Salle
Role: Masqueraders Actor: DuPre, Moreau, Newhouse, Pelling, DuPre Jr, DelaGarde, Mrs Bullock, Miss LaTour, Mrs Ogden.

Dance: HHighlander and Mistress-Salle, Mrs Legare; French Sailor-Salle, Mrs Legare


Mainpiece Title: Il Dilletante

Music: Musical imitations of the French, Italian, and German Style of singing will be introduc'd-Reinhold

Event Comment: Benefit Penkethman, Note, The Subscribers are desir'd not to bring their Tickets this Day, his Friends having promis'd to make this a Jubilee Day to him, and fill the House at the full Price, Mr Penkethman being at a greater Charge than ordinary. For the Entertainment of Madam la Signiora Fount, Signiora, Espagnola, Native d'Barcellone di cale Quallificatta, who will, in a particular Manner, hounour Mr appearing in her own Country Habit. The Boxes opened to the Pit at 2s. 6d. At five o'clock, by reason of thelength of the Entertainments, and that the Gentry may return to London before 'tis Dark


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Role: Taylor Actor: Penkethman
Role: Drunken Higler Actor: Norris
Role: Loom Actor: Leigh
Role: Armusia Actor: Powell
Role: Princess Actor: Mrs Baker.

Dance: Whimsical Dance between a Miller, his Wife, and a Town Miss-; Chest Dance, after the Italian Manner, between Scaramouch, Punchanello, Coachman, and Cookmaid-; French Peasant and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-a famous Master; Scaramouch-LeSac; Dance by a Flemming in Wooden Shoes-; Dance by a Switzer-; Night Scene of Scaramouch, Harlequin, Cooper, Wife, and others-


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: The Vocal consisting of several Favourite Italian Songs-; Four English Ballads-a Gentlewoman who never appear'd on any Stage before; accompanied-; with Instruments Concerto-wise, after an entire New Manner. The Instrumental consisting of great Variety for all, particularly several new Pieces for French Horns-

Performance Comment: The Instrumental consisting of great Variety for all, particularly several new Pieces for French Horns-.
Event Comment: Admission as 10 March. N.B. The Noble and Honorable Subscribers to the French Comedians, are humbly intreated to pardon the Omission of sending them Tickets on Thursday last, it having proceeded merely from a Mistake, which shall be prevented for the future, and each one shall have a perpetual Ticket sent to him on Tuesday next


Mainpiece Title: Harlequin In Constantinople

Dance: Dancing After the Italian Manner betwixt Pantaloon and his Wife-

Event Comment: After the Italian Manner. It being the best Italian Dramatick Piece. This is the last Time of the Company's Acting during their Stay in England


Mainpiece Title: L'enfant Prodigue; Or, The Prodigal Son

Entertainment: Singing-; Dancing-; Tumbling-; Scene of the Monkey-; Italian Postures-; the Challenge by Mr Octave Leaping thro' a Cask stopp'd at both Ends-Mr Antonie

Event Comment: A Concert, etc. As translated into French from The Beggar's Opera. [According to the Daily Advertiser of 17 Feb. the play was performed. N.B. Mrs Knight played three parts.


Mainpiece Title: L'opera Du Gueux

Performance Comment: Dubutin-Costo; Delateur-Fern; Tourneclef-Smith; Comedian-Johnson; Gueux-Edwards; Mathieu [Dubutin in Daily Advertiser]-Daniel; Laronneau-Jackson [Morgan in earlier notices]; Jaques-Brown; Henry du Chemin-Johnson; Mme Delateur-Mrs Knight; Mlle Manon@Delateur-Miss Davis; Mlle Cajoleuse-Miss Rawlinson [Mrs Jackson in earlier notices]; Dorothee Coureuse-Mrs Anderson; Mlle Grondant-Mrs Butler; Babeau Catin-Miss Stevens; Janneton du Plongeon-Mrs Knight; Mlle Sans Corps-Miss Cotterel [Mrs Williams in earlier notices]; Susanne Pimpante-Mrs Daniel; Manon Effrontee-Mrs Adams; Diane de la Friperie-Mrs Knight; Mlle Lucie-Miss Talbot.

Dance: HHornpipe-Greniere; End: Dance al la Ronde in the French Manner,-the Characters of the Opera

Event Comment: After the Italian manner, All sung, being set to Musick by Master Clayton. No Person to be admitted into the Boxes or Pit but by the Subscriber's Tickets. The Boxes on the Stage and the Galleries are for the Benefit of the Actors. [Premiere of the opera.


Mainpiece Title: Arsinoe, Queen Of Cyprus

Role: Ormondo Actor: Hughs
Role: Feraspe Actor: Leveridge
Role: Delbo Actor: Cook
Role: Arsinoe Actor: Mrs Tofts
Role: Dorisbe Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Nerina Actor: Mrs Lyndsey.

Dance: l'Abbe, duRuel, Cherrier, Mrs Elford, Mrs duRuel, Mrs Moss

Song: Before and after Opera: Singing in Italian and English-

Event Comment: A new Entertainment of Vocal and Instrumental Musick (after the manner of an Opera...the vocal part being compos'd by Mr Weldon, and the Instrumental by Mr Dieuport. [Text by Pierre Motteux.


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Afterpiece Title: Britain's Happiness

Song: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Tofts

Dance: l'Abbe, duRuel, Cherrier, Mrs Elford, Mrs Campion, Mrs Mayers, Devonshire Girl

Event Comment: This day at noon will be published at 6d. A Letter to Mr Henry Woodward, Comedian, occasioned by his letter to the Inspector. by Simon Partridge, the facetious Cobbler of Pall Mall, and son to the late Mr Partridge, famous for his dispute with Isaac Bickerstaff. "Barbarian to attack, a chymist, Critick, Journalist, and Quack" (Anon). Printed for H. Jeffrey in Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill. [Another mock defense of Hill, casting opprobrium on him in the manner of the eightenth-century bully boys of the bathroom. A second edition of Sampson Edwards' Letter to Woodward appeared this day. See Comment, 9 Dec.] Receipts: #130 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift

Role: Loveless Actor: Garrick first time
Role: Sir Novelty Fashion Actor: Woodward
Role: Elder Worthy Actor: Burton
Role: Younger Worthy Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir William Wisewoud Actor: Taswell
Role: Snap Actor: Yates
Role: Sly Actor: Shuter
Role: Amanda Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Flareit Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Mrs Anne Actor: Mrs Cross.

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller of Mansfield

Role: King Actor: Winstone
Role: Miller Actor: Berry
Role: Dick Actor: Blakes
Role: Joe Actor: Beard
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Simpson
Role: Peggy Actor: Miss Minors.

Dance: TThe Italian Gardeners, as17521221; Le Matelot Basque, as17521005

Event Comment: By His Majesty's Command. N.B. For the better Information of those who do not thoroughly understand the Italian Language, a Book with the Argument and Explanations in English, of what is transacted in every Scenes, may be the usual Places in the Opera-House. Price 6d. [The King, Prince, and Princess present.


Mainpiece Title: The Enchanted Island Of Arcadia; Or, The Magician Doctor, With Harlequin King Of The Woods; Flights, Decorations And Transformations Of Harlequin, Cupid, Pantalon, Venus, And Brighella, Jupiter, And The Sacrifice Of Harlequin

Dance: Furies, Nymphs, Shepherds, Statues-; , the latter performing the Labours of Hercules-Statues , after the Manner of the Venetian Gondaliers at Venice: The whole full of Variety

Related Works
Related Work: The Wavering Nymph; or, Mad Amyntas Author(s): Thomas Randolph
Related Work: The Faithful Shepherd Author(s): George Frederic Handel
Related Work: Amintas Author(s): Ferdinando Tenducci
Related Work: The Gentle Shepherd Author(s): Cornelius Vandertop
Event Comment: By His Majesty's Command. The Company of Italian Comedians seeing the Nobility continue to honor their Performances with their Presence, are resolved to stay several Years in London


Mainpiece Title: Il Matriomonio Disturbato; Or, Pantalon's Marriage Disturbed By The Different Humours Of The Ladies: Nane Gonolier And Brighella Co-rivals In Their Amours With Argentina, And Their Challente, Together With Entertainments Of Masquerades, Serenades, Risings, Songs And Dances After The Ventetian Manner

Dance: Poictiers

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Taken from the French of Moliere


Mainpiece Title: The Mother-in-law

Role: Primrose Actor: Mrs Sharp

Afterpiece Title: Chrononhotonthologos

Performance Comment: Cast not listed, but see17340222 Prologue and Epilogue, proper to the Tragedy .

Music: A new Overture, and an entire new Sett of Act Tunes, by Seedo. A new Overture for the Afterpiece

Dance: Irish Trot by a Youth but Nine Years old. Hussar by Nivelon and Miss Robinson. Revellers, as17340220

Performance Comment: Hussar by Nivelon and Miss Robinson. Revellers, as17340220.

Song: Afterpiece: Songs (in the Italian Stile) by Charke

Event Comment: Benefit Estcourt. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. London in 1710 (pp. 138-39): On this occasion the actors represented a prodigiously satirical Interscenium, which was not to be found in the printed copy of the play....In this interlude a troop of soldiers came on, singing at the top of their voices an English song which had been made by the army in Flanders about the Duke of Marlborough. In it Prince Eugene is praised for his open-handedness, while Marlborough, on the other hand, is blamed for his avarice, so that every verse ended: 'but Marlborough not a penny.' The people, who are very bitter against the whole family, even the Duke himself, laughed prodigiously, and bandied about monstrous insults, although Marlborough's daughter, the Duchess of Montagu, was herself at the play and was so greatly shamed that she was covered with blushes....When the song was at an end, there was such a clapping and yelling that the actors were unable to proceed for nearly a quarter of an hour


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Role: 7100316 but Plume Actor: Wilks
Role: Kite Actor: Estcourt
Role: Silvia Actor: Mrs Oldfield.

Song: Several Comical Dialogues-Mr Dogget, Mr Leveridge; And other Entertainments of Ballad/Singing after the true English manner. Compos'd by Mr Estcourt-Mr Estcourt, in Honour of the Great and Glorious Successes of her Majesty over her proud French Foes

Performance Comment: Compos'd by Mr Estcourt-Mr Estcourt, in Honour of the Great and Glorious Successes of her Majesty over her proud French Foes.
Event Comment: Benefit Winch. Tickets for Thumoth and Kearny taken


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Taste

Role: Dorothea Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Man of Taste Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Positive Actor: Griffin
Role: Freelove Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Humphrey Actor: Harper
Role: Reynard Actor: Miller
Role: Valentine Actor: Milward
Role: Harcourt Actor: W. Mills
Role: Horatio Actor: Raftor
Role: Lewis Actor: Cross
Role: Diligence Actor: Turbutt
Role: Almanzor Actor: Master Arne
Role: Lady Henpeck Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lisetta Actor: Miss Mann
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Holliday

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Maid Actor: Mrs Clive, but see17360226

Dance: II: Dutchman and his Frow by Phillips and Miss Brett. IV: English Maggot by Villeneuve and Miss Brett

Performance Comment: IV: English Maggot by Villeneuve and Miss Brett .

Entertainment: A new Entertainment after the manner of Spring-Garden, Vauxhall: With a New Scene, representing the Place, with a Grand Overture, and select Pieces of Musick, compos'd by Mr Handell, intermix'd with Dances, particularly The Russian Sailor by Denoyer's Apprentice. A Concerto on the French Horn by Mr Winch. The Revellers by Essex, Mrs Walter, &c. Concluding with Mr Handel's Water Musick

Performance Comment: A Concerto on the French Horn by Mr Winch. The Revellers by Essex, Mrs Walter, &c. Concluding with Mr Handel's Water Musick .
Event Comment: Queen Mab is reviv'd with Alterations and Additions particularly Grand New Scene with a Representation of a Regatta very well executed but is too much like The Naval Review (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Hopkins differs slightly. He also adds from the Public Advertiser, 13 Nov., The last grand scene is a Representation of the whole Regatta sailing by Ranelagh. That and the Red House were invented and drawn by Mr deLoutherberg, and painted by Messrs French, deRoy, Greenwood, and others."] Rec'd stopages #11 12s. 6d. Paid Salary list #626 16s. 6d. Receipts: #152 12s. (Treasurer's Book). [Fuller descriptions of the Regatta scene appeared in the Westminster Magazine for Nov.: The Scene affords a picturesque view of the Thames on the Surry Side to Ranelagh Gardens representing the procession of barges etc., of the different squadrons, previous to their landing the company. The effect produced by this united scenery and machinery was very pleasing; every barge appeared to be rowed to the time of the band of music which is supposed to be upon the water, and evepy man and oar keeps a regular stroke: the sky, flat behind, was finely designed and executed for the general relief, and disposition of the men and boats near shore, in the foreground, was beautiful and did the painter great credit. The whole concluded with a Tar 's song in character, by Mr Bannister, and a dance by sailors and their doxies.'


Mainpiece Title: Old City Manners

Role: Touchstone Actor: Baddeley
Role: Quicksilver Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Petronel Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Golding Actor: Brereton
Role: Security Actor: Parsons
Role: Bramble Actor: Hurst
Role: Seagull Actor: Bannister
Role: Fig Actor: Whitfield
Role: Waterman Actor: Wright
Role: Wolf Actor: Wrighten
Role: Holdfast Actor: Griffith
Role: Constable Actor: Carpenter
Role: Servant Actor: Norris
Role: Drawer Actor: Garland
Role: Footman Actor: Everard
Role: Scapethrift Actor: Fawcett
Role: Spendall Actor: Cubitt
Role: Coachman Actor: Kear, Legg
Role: Mildred Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Winifred Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Sydney Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Mrs Touchstone Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Gertrude Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Performance Comment: Parts-Wright, Garland, Grimaldi, Burton, Carpenter, Cubitt, Kear, Griffith, Norris, Mas. Blanchard, Fawcett, Legg, Bannister, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sutton.
Event Comment: Benefit for Edwin. 2nd piece [1st time; F 2, by George Colman, elder, based of L'Avocat Patelin, by David Augustin de Brueys. This is usually ascribed to William Macready. But on the title-page of his copy (K-D 295 in Huntington Library) J. P. Kemble has written "This Piece was not written by Mr Macready." Public Advertiser, 29 Aug. states that "Colman...presented Edwin upon this occasion with a new Farce, taken from a celebrated French Play." World, 15 Oct. 1787 refers to Colman's dislike of L'Avocat Patelin, but adds, "When [he] came to translate it himself, he found reason to alter his opinion."]. Public Advertiser, 25 Aug.: Tickets to be had of Edwin, No. 19, Piazza, Covent Garden


Mainpiece Title: Sir John Cockle, At Court

Performance Comment: King-Williamson; Sir John Cockle-Kemble; Sir Timothy Flash-Davies; French Cook-Wewitzer; Joe-Edwin; with The Tower of London-Edwin; Mrs Starch-Mrs Edwin; Miss Kitty-Mrs Brown.
Role: King Actor: Williamson
Role: Sir John Cockle Actor: Kemble
Role: Sir Timothy Flash Actor: Davies
Role: French Cook Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Joe Actor: Edwin
Role: with The Tower of London Actor: Edwin
Role: Mrs Starch Actor: Mrs Edwin
Role: Miss Kitty Actor: Mrs Brown.

Afterpiece Title: The Village Lawyer

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Edwin, Bannister Jun., Moss, Lawrence, Parsons, Mrs Brown, Miss Francis, Mrs Webb. Cast adjusted from text (no pub. [pirated], 1795, and London Chronicle, 29 Aug.: Sheepface-Edwin; Scout-Bannister Jun.; Justice Mittimus-Moss; Charles-Lawrence; Snarl-Parsons; Kate-Mrs Brown; Mrs Scout-Mrs Webb; unassigned-Miss Francis.
Role: Sheepface Actor: Edwin
Role: Scout Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Justice Mittimus Actor: Moss
Role: Charles Actor: Lawrence
Role: Snarl Actor: Parsons
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Brown
Role: Mrs Scout Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: unassigned Actor: Miss Francis.

Afterpiece Title: The Ghost; or, The Man Bewitch'd

Role: Farmer Hodge Actor: Edwin
Role: Trusty Actor: Moss
Role: Captain Constant Actor: Davies
Role: Sir Jeffery Actor: Usher
Role: Clinch Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Belinda Actor: Miss Palmer
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Edwin.

Song: End 2nd piece: the new Four@and@twenty Fiddlers all on a Row-Edwin

Entertainment: Monologue End: Lingo's Opinions on Men and Manners (a Comical, Whimsical, Operatical, Farcical Rhapsody)-Edwin


Mainpiece Title: The Relapse

Performance Comment: Loveless-Giffard; Worthy-Delane; Foppington-Bowman Jr; Young Fashion-Hardin; Sir Tunbelly-Hulett; Lory-Penkethman; Sir John-Jenkins; Syringe-Rosco; Coupler-Lyon; Shoemaker-Ray; Amanda-Mrs Giffard; Berinthia-Mrs Roberts; Hoyden-Mrs Hamilton; Nurse-Mrs Wetherilt .
Role: Loveless Actor: Giffard
Role: Worthy Actor: Delane
Role: Foppington Actor: Bowman Jr
Role: Young Fashion Actor: Hardin
Role: Sir Tunbelly Actor: Hulett
Role: Lory Actor: Penkethman
Role: Sir John Actor: Jenkins
Role: Syringe Actor: Rosco
Role: Coupler Actor: Lyon
Role: Shoemaker Actor: Ray
Role: Amanda Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Berinthia Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Hoyden Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Wetherilt

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances

Role: Rovewell Actor: Kelly
Role: Robin Actor: Wetherilt
Role: Boy Actor: Miss Norris
Role: Arethusa Actor: Mrs Roberts

Dance: I: Pierrots by Vallois and Delagarde. III: A new Moors' Dance by Haughton, Vallois, Tench, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Woodward. V: Last new Scot's Dance by Haughton, Mrs Bullock, Vallois, Mrs Woodward, Tench, Miss Norman

Song: II: Song with French Horns by Mrs Jones. IV: Singing in Italian by Mrs Chambers

Performance Comment: IV: Singing in Italian by Mrs Chambers .
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Haughton and the Widow of Joseph Giffard, Apothecary. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Distinction. Any Gentleman, or Lady, who design to serve the Widow of Mr Joseph Giffard, Apothecary, who is left with Five Children are desired to take their Tickets at Pidgeon's Coffee-House


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Role: Ostrick Actor: Wetherilt
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Penkethman, Ray
Role: Hamlet Actor: Giffard
Role: Ghost Actor: Delane
Role: King Actor: Hulett
Role: Horatio Actor: Rosco
Role: Polonius Actor: Lyon
Role: Laertes Actor: Bardin
Role: Marcellus Actor: Havard
Role: Rosencrans Actor: Harbin
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Hamilton
Role: Bernardo Actor: Jenkins
Role: Francisco Actor: Moore
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Haughton
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Hamilton

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: III: La Follette c'est Ravize by Tench and Mrs Woodward. V: Scotch Dance by Mrs Bullock

Song: II: A Song with French Horns by Miss Jones. IV: In Italian by Mrs Chambers

Performance Comment: IV: In Italian by Mrs Chambers .