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Event Comment: Benefit Mechel, Mlle Mechel (the French Boy and Girl). Afterpiece: a new Pantomime Entertainment. [Tickets at Mechel's in Newport Street.] Receipts: money #70 8s. 6d.; seals #71 14s. (Account Book); #150 (Rylands MS.). [The two dancers were charged #60 for their benefit. This is the last entry in the incomplete Account Book.


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Barber

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Master Ferg; Colombine-Mlle Mechel; Petit Maitre-Miss Woffington; Drawer-Little French Boy; Servant to Colombine-Miss Bellamy, who never appeared on any stage before; Pierot-Mechel Jr.
Role: Drawer Actor: Little French Boy

Dance: I: Concerto-Mlle Mechel; II: Minuet, French Rigadoon-Mechel the Father, who never appeared in any theatre in England, Mlle Mechel the Daughter; Minuet-Mechel the Son, Miss Polly Woffington, the first time of her appearing on the stage; IV: The Metamorphoses of the Windmills-Mechel, Mlle Mechel, Miss Woffington, Master Ferg, a little French Boy; lately come from France. End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy

Performance Comment: End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy.
Event Comment: Benefit for Wild, prompter. 1st piece: Not acted these 20 years; altered from Dryden (by Joseph George Holman (Not. Dram.)]. 2nd piece [Ist time; M.INT 1, probably by John Cartwright Cross. MS: Larpent 1028; not published]. 3rd piece: In which an Engagement between an English and a French Man of War, a Shipwreck, and a Grand Military Procession as it pass'd, when the French Colours taken by the British Army were conveyed from St. James's to St. Paul's Cathedral [on 17 May 1794]. The above Procession is represented by Moving Figures, in which the Horse and Foot Guards, the Band of Music, the French Colours, &c. are seen to pass in the exact order they appeared on that memorable occasion. Morning Herald, 17 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #293 2s. 6d. (112/17/6; 14/2/0; tickets: 166/3/0)


Mainpiece Title: Don Sebastian


Afterpiece Title: THE SHIPWRECK; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: Cast not listed, but probably same as17930527: English Characters. Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons//Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi. French Characters. General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland. Indian Characters. Indian Chief-Follett//Female Savage-Mr Rock .

Music: End of Act II of 1st piece a Solo on the Union Pipes by Courtney; In the course of the Evening a Duetto on the Union Pipes and Harp by Courtney and Weippert

Event Comment: Benefit for Wild. 2nd piece [1st time; F 1, by Robert Woodbridge]. Morning Herald, 4 June 1793: This day is published The Pad (price not listed). 3rd piece [1st time; BALL. P 2 (?), by James Byrn, altered from his The Provocation!]: The Incidents partly new, and partly selected from the much admired Pantomime called Provocation. In the course of the Pantomime a representation of an Engagement between an English and French Man of War; A Ship-wreck; The original Allegoric Scene from Provocation: A View of an English Camp; A Naval and Military Procession. Morning Herald, 9 May: Tickets to be had of Wild, No. 46, Drury-lane. Receipts: #335 1s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Every One Has His Fault

Afterpiece Title: The Pad

Afterpiece Title: The Shipwreck; or, French Ingratitude

Performance Comment: English Characters : Captain Briton-Byrn; Boatswain-Farley; Midshipman-Jackson; Cabin Boy-Simmons; Captain's Lady-Mme Rossi; French Characters : General Sanguinaire-Cranfield; Monsieur L'Ingrate-Holland; Indian Characters : Indian Chief-Follett; Female Savage-Mr Rock.

Song: End: Captivity (Supposed to be sung by an Unfortunate Queen [Marie Antoinette] during her confinement)-; End 2nd piece: Black Eyed Susan-; In 3rd piece: Farewell to old England dear Mary adieu-Incledon


Mainpiece Title: A School For Fathers

Afterpiece Title: The First Floor

Song: [Kelly introduced a song by Giuseppe Sarti with English words by Richard Tickell, and a duet composed by himself and Stephen Storace with words by French Laurence (Kelly, I, 296). Neither one of these is listed on the playbill]

Event Comment: Pepys, Diary: Then my wife and I to Drury Lane to the French comedy, which was so ill done, and the scenes and company and everything else so nasty and out of order and poor, that I was sick all the while in my mind to be there. See also Boswell (Restoration Court Stage, p. 280). W. J. Lawrence (Early French Players in England, The Elizabethan Playhouse and Other Studies (1912), pp. 139-40) argues that the play was Chapoton's Le Mariage d'Orphee et d'Eurydice. See also The Description of the Great Machines of the Descent of Orpheus into Hell. Presented by the French Comedians at the cockpit in Drury Lane. The Argument Taken out of the Tenth and Eleventh Books of Ovid's Metamorphosis (1661). Rugg's Diurnal the French players (BM Add. Mss. 10116, f243v)


Mainpiece Title: A French Comedy


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V, With Conquest Over French At Agincourt

Performance Comment: King Henry-Smith; Exeter-Tindal; Achbp Canterbury-Sparks; Fluellin-Shuter; Gower-Anderson; French Ambassador-White; Mountjoy-Baker; French Soldier-Holtom; MacMorris-Barrington; Jamy-Dunstall; Pistol-Dyer; Bardolph-Marten; Hostess-Mrs Pitt; Williams-Buck; French King-Gibson; Burgundy-Bennet; Dauphin-Davis; Constable-Clarke; Isabel-Mrs Stephens; Catherine-Miss Hallam.
Role: French Ambassador Actor: White
Role: French Soldier Actor: Holtom
Role: French King Actor: Gibson

Afterpiece Title: Coronation

Event Comment: Benefit Bencraft, Gibson, the French Boy and Girl. Tickets for Thomson and Lestrade also taken


Mainpiece Title: The Relapse

Afterpiece Title: The Stage Coach

Dance: I: Minuet (By Desire)-Lestrade, Mlle Ozanne; II: Les Characteres de la Dance-the French Girl; III: Je ne scay quoy-Villeneuve, Richardson, Miss Oates; IV: La Pantomime de Suisse & D'Alemande-the French Boy and Girl; V: Grand Ballet-Glover, Mlle Roland

Event Comment: Dancing by Mon: LeFevre & Mlle Prudhomme, 2 French children-Danc'd Well & Well Appl: (Cross). Receipts: #80 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple; Or, A Trip To The Jubilee

Afterpiece Title: The Chaplet

Dance: a Ca Comic Dance The Neopolitans-Lefevre, Mlle Prudhomme, the French Children; and a Dance in Demi@Characters-Lefevre, Mlle Prudhomme, the French Children (1st appearance on the English Stage)

Event Comment: The King's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but the play was entered in the Term Catalogues, June 1670, and the Prologue refers to the arrival of French royalty at Dover (May 1670); hence, it is likely that the play was first produced in the late spring. Edition of 1670: Written in French by Moliere; and rendered into English with much Addition and Advantage By Mr Medbourne, Servant to His Royal Highness


Mainpiece Title: Tartuffe; Or, The French Puritan

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. There is considerable uncertainty as to the date of production of this play. Because it was licensed for printing on 2 Aug. 1677, it was probably first acted not later than July 1677. Because some of the names in the cast represent younger actors, it has been thought to be a Lenten production (see Gray, Lenten Casts, pp. 789-90). It seems, however, that the play, because of its reference to performances by the French comedians (the Epilogue refers to "de French Troop at toder end o'Town ") and the offering of Rare en Tout on29 May 1677, probably was acted in June 1677. The Prologue also refers to the comedy as The Women's Play," suggesting that it was produced for the actresses' annual benefit


Mainpiece Title: The French Conjuror

Event Comment: London Post, 13-16 Dec.: There being a French Scaramouch Dance betwixt the second and third Acts, a certain Person went in a Frolick, Incognito, up into the upper Gallery, and so pelted the Dancers with Oranges, that they were forced to quit the Stage, and the Play-house was all in an Uproar; but some of the Auditory perceiving who threw them, cryed out, fling him down into the Pit, which so startled him, that he was forced to make the best of his way down Stairs; however, a Constable having been sent for in the mean time, he was secured. Preface to Ximena (1719): The Fop's Fortune lagg'd on the Fourth Day and only held up its Head by the Heels of the French Tumblers


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Dance: End II: a French Scaramouch-


Mainpiece Title: Cartouche The French Robber

Performance Comment: Brighella : With his surprizing Disguises, and counterfeiting the Personages of a Foreign Prince, a Turk, a Petit Maitre, a Merchant, a Gniais, a Swiss, an English Waterman, an Armenian, a Florentine, a Venetian Gondolier, a Scaramouch, a Stuttering Musick-Master, and a French Dwarf Lady, condemn'd at last to the Galleys.

Entertainment: The Representation of a true Accident that lately happen'd in this City-; Likewise some Italian Catches, Musical Entertainments, extraordinary Comical by the said-Brighella; The usual Concert of Instruments will be augmented-; and the Dances entirely new, by several Grotesque Characters, the last-sixteen different Dancers; Dances-Signor Grimaldo Francolino of Malta, Operator for the Teeth, being on his Daparture will perform for this Time only some of his wonderful Dances; particularly one within a Dark Lanthorn


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Afterpiece Title: Italian Jealousy; or, French Gallantry; With the Tavern Bilkers

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Lun; Scaramouch-Grimaesse [Daily Journal or Pelling: Daily Courant]; Punch-Newhouse [Daily Journal or Pelling: Diary Courtant]; Noble Venetian-Legare; Lady-Mrs Legare; French Marquis-Salle; Masqueraders-DuPre, Moreau, Newhouse, Pelling, DuPre Jr, DelaGarde, Mrs Bullock, Miss LaTour, Mrs Ogden.
Role: French Marquis Actor: Salle

Dance: HHighlander and Mistress-Salle, Mrs Legare; French Sailor-Salle, Mrs Legare


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V; With Conquest Of French At Agincourt

Performance Comment: King-Smith; Exeter-Tindal; Achbp. Canterbury-Sparks; Fluellin-Shuter; Pistol-Dyer; Williams-Buck; French King-Gibson; Constable-Clarke; Isabel-Mrs Stephens; Catherine-Miss Hallam; Westmoreland-White; Gower-Anderson; Bardolph-Marten; Hostess-Mrs Pitt; MacMorris-Barrington; Jamy-Dunstall; Ambassador-White; Burgandy-Bennet; Dauphin-Davis.
Role: French King Actor: Gibson

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda and the Arcadian Nuptials

Event Comment: Evelyn, Diary: Saw a French Comedy acted at Whitehall. [See 2 Dec. 1661.


Mainpiece Title: A French Comedy

Event Comment: The King's Company. See Herbert, Dramatic Records, p. 118. See also The Variety, in Bentley, Jacobean and Caroline Stage, III, 149-51; and James Shirley's The Ball; or, French Dancing Master, in Bentley, V, 1079. See also 10 Nov. 1661


Mainpiece Title: The French Dancing Master

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the Theatre to The French Dancing Master, and there with much pleasure gazed upon her (Lady Castlemaine); but it troubles us to see her look dejectedly and slighted by People already. The play pleased us [Pepys and Mrs Pepys] very well; but Lacy's part, the Dancing Master, the best in the world


Mainpiece Title: The French Dancing Master


Mainpiece Title: The Mistake

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: In Flora: Wrestling Dance-Lanyon, Newhouse; Entr'acte: French Peasant-de St.Luce; French Sailors-Salle, Mrs Laguerre; Pierrot-de St.Luce; Flag Dance-Nivelon

Performance Comment: Luce; French Sailors-Salle, Mrs Laguerre; Pierrot-de St.Luce; Flag Dance-Nivelon.

Music: Preamble on Kettle Drum-Job Baker

Event Comment: Benefit Mr Charles, Master of the French Horn. 51. 6 P.M


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: A Solo and several Pieces on the French Horn by Mr Charles. And several Songs and Duets by the two Miss Youngs. The German Flute by Mr Pelicour [Balicourt in Daily Advertiser], lately arrived from abroad; Being the first Time of his Performing in England


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Dance: 1: French Peasant by Tench and Miss Rogers. II: Comic Dance by Nivelon and his Scholar. III: Wooden Shoe Dance by Leviez. IV: By Desire, a Ball Dance by Dupre and Mlle Delorme. V: French Peasants by Lalauze and Mlle D'Hervigni. End Afterpiece: Scot's Dance by Glover and Miss Rogers

Performance Comment: II: Comic Dance by Nivelon and his Scholar. III: Wooden Shoe Dance by Leviez. IV: By Desire, a Ball Dance by Dupre and Mlle Delorme. V: French Peasants by Lalauze and Mlle D'Hervigni. End Afterpiece: Scot's Dance by Glover and Miss Rogers .
Event Comment: Benefit Cibber. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Mainpiece: Written by Sir George Etheridge. Afterpiece: Taken from the French of Moliere


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode; Or, Sir Fopling Flutter

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: I: A new Punch Dance-Master Ferg; III: French Peasants-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; IV: Grand Ballet-Muilment, Mrs Walter

Song: (BBy Desire) Ballad of Mary Scot-Mrs Clive

Music: Instead of an Overture to the Farce, will be performed a Grand Piece of Musick with Trumpets (being the Mr Handel)-; with a Preamble on the Kettle Drums-Master Ferg

Event Comment: Benefit Mills. By Command of Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. Mainpiece: Written by Farquhar. Afterpiece: Taken from the French of Moliere


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: II: Drunken Peasant-Philips; IV: French Peasant-Vallois, Miss Scott; V: Ballet-Muilment, Mrs Walter

Song: In III: J'aime la Liberte-Beard; V: Ballad of Mary Scot-Mrs Clive

Event Comment: Afterpiece An Historical Dramatic Piece of on act (taken from Shakespear) with a representation of the Trials of the Lords for High Treason, in the Reign of King Henry V. The Characters dress'd in the Habits of the times. With proper Scenes and Decorations. On account of the Extraordinary Scenery, &c, and to prevent any interruption in the performance, it's desired no persons will take it ill that they cannot admitted behind the Scenes.--General Advertiser. [This adaption most certainly occasioned by the trial, which began in Westminster Hall on 28 July of Lord Kilmarnock, Lord Cromarty, and Lord Balmerino for participation in the Rebellion of '45! (Hogan, Shakespeare in the Theatre, p. 199).] An Historical Dramatic Piece of one act, taken from Shakespear, will be perform'd, after a play, at Drury Lane; it will be a Representation of the trials of Lord Cambridge, Lord Scroopv, &c for High Treason, in the reign of King Henry the Fifth. The Characters are to [be] dress'd in rich antique Habits of the times.--Daily Advertiser, 31 July. Last night the Dramatick Piece call'd The Conspiracy Discover'd; or French Policy Defeated, with a representation of the Trials of the Lords for High Treason, was acted at dl, with great applause, and will be performed again tomorrow night at the desire of several persons of Distinction.--General Advertiser, 5 Aug


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: The Conspiracy Discovered; or, French Policy Defeated

Event Comment: A Concert, etc. As translated into French from The Beggar's Opera. [According to the Daily Advertiser of 17 Feb. the play was performed. N.B. Mrs Knight played three parts.


Mainpiece Title: L'opera Du Gueux

Dance: HHornpipe-Greniere; End: Dance al la Ronde in the French Manner,-the Characters of the Opera


Mainpiece Title: The French Flogg'd; Or, The English Sailors In America

Performance Comment: Together with the Reception of Capt. Briton at the Indian courtv; the Manners, Customs, Peace, and presenting the Wampum Beltv for his Bravery in rescuing the Princess Sachema from the French Banditiv. Interspersed with the Droll Bahaviour and Odd Adventures of MacDermott Geoghaghan Ballingroguev, and the Witch of the Woods; or, a Woman without a Head.

Song: Diet, The Humours of Bartholomew Fair-Alley Croaker, Signora Ciperini; And a Song- on the late glorious success gained over the French by his Serene Highness Prince Ferdinand