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Event Comment: [For the King (Cross). With New Music, Scenes, Machines, Habits, and other Decorations. Compos'd by Mr Noverre. All our Dancers appear. A good deal of hissing & Clapping & some Cries of No french Dancers; a great clapping too-the Dance is fine-(Mr Delaistre is a good Dancer) (Cross). [See for details of preparation, importation of dancers, especially of M Delaistre, The Chevalier Noverre, Father of Modern Ballet, Deryck Lynham (London, 1950), pp. 26-40. See also advertisement in Public Advertiser: 'Mr Noverre, whose entertainments of Dancing have been celebrated in almost all the courts of Europe, exhibits this evening his Chinese Festival at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, in pursuance of a contract made above a year ago with the managers of the said theatre: The Insinuation that at this time, an extraordinary number of French dancers are engaged, is groundless, there being at Drury Lane at present as few of that nation, as any other theatre now has, or perhaps ever had. Mr Noverre and his brothers are Swiss, of a protestant family in the Canton of Berne, his wife and her sisters Germans; there are above sixty performers concerned in the entertainment; more than forty of which are English, assisted only be a few French (five men and four women) to complete the Ballet as usual. As the intention of the Managers on this occasion is to give Variety to Entertainments of the town, it is not doubted it will meet with public approbation.'] Receipts: #210 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Afterpiece Title: New Grand EntertainmentThe Chinese Festival


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Cushing; Aimwell-Pinner; Sullen-Cross; Bonniface-Carter; Sir Charles-Johnson; Gibbet-Lynham; Foigard-Hind; Scrub-Cushing; Dorinda-Miss Mattocks; Cherry-Mrs Phillips; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Cushing.
Role: Gibbet Actor: Lynham

Afterpiece Title: The Harlot's Progress


Mainpiece Title: 1 Henry Iv; With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaff

Performance Comment: Hotspur-Lee; Henry IV-Furnival; Prince-Cushing; Worcester-Pinner; Northumberland-G. Hallam; Vernon-Lynham; Blunt-Edwards; Poins-Baker; Bardolph-Miles; Gadshill-Orpin; Peto-Simms (Daily Advertiser), Simons (Hogan, Shakespeare in the Theatre, p. 185); Lady Percy-Mrs Hallam; Hostess-Mrs Beckham; Carriers-Dove, Beckham; Francis-L. Hallam; Falstaff-Paget.
Role: Vernon Actor: Lynham

Dance: 1 As17461027

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Desire. A great Noise, the whole House against us-When Garrick appear'd one from the Slips cry'd out Monsieur, & great Numbers Hiss'd-the play went on-wch done, the Mutiny began, amazing noise-no plating, except one Apple; ye pit to ye Boxes cry'd-now draw yr Swords, wch makes us think, the Riot was occasion'd by the Box people being so busy & turning some out of the pit & Gall: before. Some benches were pull'd up, & Mr Lacy gave up the Dance to appease 'em-being Sat: our friends were at ye Opera, & the common people had leisure to do Mischief (Cross). [Lynham in The Chevalier Noverre, quotes from the Journal Etranger of 25 Nov. 1775: 'The blackguards...tore up the benches and threw them into the Pit on the opposing party; they broke all the mirrors, the chandeliers, &c., and tried to climb onto the stage to masacre everybody; but, as there is a magnificent organization in this theatre, in three minutes all the decor had been removed, all the traps were ready to come into play to swallow up those who might venture up, all the wings were filled with men armed with sticks, swords, halberds, &c., and behind the scenes the great reservoir was ready to be opened to drown those who might fall on the stage itself."Cross lists no Receipts.


Mainpiece Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Afterpiece Title: The Chinese Festival


Mainpiece Title: Piramo E Tisbe

Dance: End I: a new Ballet Anacreontique (composed by Vestris Sen.) Les Caprices de Galatee-Vestris Jun., Mlle Baccelli, Traffieri, Sga Tantini [Galatee-Lynham">Mlle Baccelli ($Lynham, 166)]

Performance Comment: ) Les Caprices de Galatee-Vestris Jun., Mlle Baccelli, Traffieri, Sga Tantini [Galatee-Lynham">Mlle Baccelli ($Lynham, 166)]..

Ballet: End Opera: a new Ballet Tragique (composed by Vestris Sen.) Medee et Jason. -Mme Simonet, Vestris Sen., Mlle Baccelli, Vestris Jun., Simonet, Traffieri, Slingsby, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Henry, Sga Jason Cast from libretto of Piramo e Tisbe: Medea-Mme Simonet; Jason-Vestris Sen.; Creusa-Mlle Baccelli; A young Prince-Vestris Jun.; Creon-Simonet; Furies-Traffieri, Slingsby, Sg and Sga Zuchelli, Henry, Sga Tantini; 2 children of Medea-

Event Comment: An Historical Account of the Ballet to be sold at the Theatre. [Lynham, 166: Armida danced by Mlle Theodore. Scenario (Milan, 1775) lists the parts: Renaud, Le Chevalier Danois, Ubalde, Armide, Lucinde; Esprits: Plaisir, Nymphc, Nayades, L'Amour, Les Graces, La Haine, La Vengeance, La Fureur. Public Advertiser, 25 Feb.: The music by Le Brun. Ibid., 27 Feb.: The duration of [the ballet] is about 55 minutes; and during that whole period the performance appeared perfect in all its parts; nothing was too much, nothing was wanting.]


Mainpiece Title: I Vlaggiatori Felici

Dance: End of Act I Pastoral Dance, as17811128; End of Act II a new Pantomime Ballet (composed by Noverre), Rinaldo and Armida, by Gardel, Mme Simonet, Nivelon, Mlle Theodore, Mlle Baccelli, Simonet, Leger, Sga Crespi, &c


Mainpiece Title: Gli Schiavi Per Amore

Dance: End I: Les Fetes de Tempe-[see17880228]; End Opera: a new grand Tragic Ballet, never performed, Euthyme et Eucharis[, composed by Noverre. Principal Characters-Mlle Hilligsberg, Didelot, Mlle Coulon, Vestris, Sga Bedini, the two Miss Simonets, Mme Vedie, Henry, Jacolet, Saulnier, Sala, Coulon. [Partial cast from Lynham, 170: Eucharis-Mlle Hilligsberg; +Mars-Didelot; +Euthyme-Vestris; +L'Ombre-Henry; +Bellone-Coulon.

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Mlle Hilligsberg, Didelot, Mlle Coulon, Vestris, Sga Bedini, the two Miss Simonets, Mme Vedie, Henry, Jacolet, Saulnier, Sala, Coulon. [Partial cast from Lynham, 170: Eucharis-Mlle Hilligsberg; +Mars-Didelot; +Euthyme-Vestris; +L'Ombre-Henry; +Bellone-Coulon.]