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Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Dance: I: Comic Entertainment, as17541203; II: a Serious Dance-Miss Poitier; III: Comic Dance-Lucas, Lepy; IV: Comic Dance-Poitier Jr, Mlle Capdeville; V: A Masquerade Dance, with aMinuet-Poitier Jr, Miss Poitier; To conclude with a Hornpipe-a scholar of Poitier Jr

Song: II: By Particular Desire The Choice-Miss Poitier


Mainpiece Title: Alfred The Great

Music: I: Concerto on Hautboy-Vincent; II: Concerto on Organ-Arne Jr


Mainpiece Title: The Comical History Of Don Quixote, Part Ii

Song: Purcell's Mad Dialogue-Leveridge, Mrs Thurmond

Dance: Dutch Skipper-Thurmond Jr, Mrs Bullock; Thurmond's last new Mad Dance-Thurmond, others; Comic Dance-Thurmond, Miss Smith


Mainpiece Title: Woman's A Riddle

Dance: Newhouse, Sandham, Pelling, Cook Jr, delaGarde's Two Sons, Miss Francis; Four Scaramouches-


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fourth, Part I

Dance: Rice, Tape a Scholar of Topham Sr, who never appear'd on any Stage before, Topham Jr, Sandham, Miss Bullock, Miss Francis, Sandham's Little Boy


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Song: Mrs Bowman

Dance: Shaw, Thurmond Jr, Lally, Boval, Mrs Booth, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Tenoe, Miss Smith


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Music: Concerto on Little Flute-Baston

Dance: Shaw, Thurmond Jr, Mrs Booth, Mrs Bullock, Miss Tenoe


Mainpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Dance: Passacaille-Miss Tenoe; Dutch Skipper-Thurmond Jr, Mrs Bullock; Les Cotillons-Shaw, Mrs Booth

Music: Between the Acts: Select Pieces-


Mainpiece Title: La Vie Est Un Songe

Afterpiece Title: Arlequin Empereur de la Lune

Afterpiece Title: Le Francois a Londres

Dance: Pierrot and Pierraite by Le Sage Jr and Miss Verneuil


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part I

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue

Dance: I: Haymakers Dance-Granier, Miss Hilliard; II: Hornpipe-Poitier Jr

Song: A Dialogue to be sung-Baker, Mrs Chambers, wrote by Boyce

Event Comment: Rec'd stopages #3 4s. 6d.; Paid salary list #441 4s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #171 18s. (Treasurer's Book). Pay List 24 Jan. 1767 at #73 10s. 8d. per diem, #441 4s. per week (Winston MS 9), at close of season 1766-67. @Men Daily Weekly@James Lacy #2 15s. 6d. #16 13s.@David Garrick #2 15s. 6d. #16 13s.@#2 18s. 4d. #17 10s.@Yates & Wife #3 6s. 8d. #20@Holland #2 #12@Powell #2 #12@Palmer & Wife #2 #12@King & Wife #2 #12@Dance & Wife #1 1s. 8d. #6 10s.@Hopkins & Wife 18s. 4d. #5 10s.@Havard 16s. 8d. #5@Dodd 16s. 8d. #5@Baddeley & Wife 13s. 4d. #4@Bransby 11s. 8d. #3 10s.@Burton 10s #3@Moody 10s. #3@Rooker 10s. #3@Packer 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Parsons 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Aickin 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Hurst 6s. 8d. #2@Ackman 6s. 8d. #2@Hartry 6s. 8d. #2@Weston 6s. 8d. #2@Clough 5s. #1 10s.@Raftor 5s. #1 10s.@J. Johnston 5s. #1 10s.@J. Palmer 5s. #1 10s.@Castle 4s. 2d. #1 5s.@Strange 4s. 2d. #1 5s.@Fox 4s. 2d. #1 5s.@Marr 3s. 4d. #1@Mas. Burton 3s. 4d. #1@Philips 3s. 4d. #1@Keen 3s. 4d. #1@Watkins 2s. 6d. 15s.@Mortimer 2s. 12s.@West 2s. 12s.@ Women Daily Weekly@Pritchard #2 6s. 8d. #14@Clive #1 15s. #10 10s.@Abington 16s. 8d. #5@Pope 16s. 8d. #5@Barry 10s. #3@Reynolds 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Bennett 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Bradshaw 6s. 8d. #2@Lee 6s. 8d. #2@Plym 6s. 8d. #2@Cross 5s. #1 10s.@Simpson 4s. 2d. #1 5s.@Smith@Speres@Miss Simson@Mills@Pearce@Mathews 3s. 4d. each #1@ Singers@Arne #1 10s. #9@Vernon #1 #6@Vincent 16s. 8d. #5@Scott 13s. 4d. #4@Champness 13s. 4d. #4@Dorman 5s. #1 10s.@Fawcett 5s. #1 10s.@Kear 3s. 4d. #1@The Band #7 14s. 8d. 46s. 8d.@ Dancers@Guidetti 17s. 6d. #5 5s.@Grimaldi & Wife 16s. 8d. #5@Giorgi & Wife 16s. 8d. #5@Duquesney 10s. #3@Tassoni 6s. 8d. #2@Granier@Mathews@Roullet@Luchi@Tetley 5s. each #1 10s.@Walker 4s. 2d. #1 5s.@Hurst@Pope@Mas. Lelly@Eagan@Heath 3s. 4d. each #1@Heyward@Reinhold@Wallis@Brawn 2s. 6d. each 15s.@Office Keepers 2 at #1@3 at 15s.@1 at 12s.@Box Keepers 15 Doorkeepers (Palmer included) 9s.@Men Dressers 1 at 12s.@11 at 9s.@Women Dressers 16 at 9s.@Treasurer: Victor 8s. 4d. #2 10s.@Sub. Treas.: 5s. #1@Wardrobe: Heath & Wife 6s. 8d. #2@Wardrobe: Slaughter 5s. #1 10s.@Wardrobe: Johnston 3s. 4d. #1@Properties: Berkely Jr 3s. 4d. #1@Properties: D Jr 1s. 9d. 10s. 16d.@Numberer: Fosbrook 2s. 6d. 15s.@Housekeepers: Johnson 8s. 10d. #2 13s.@Hulett 2s. 6d. 15s.@Sceneman 1s. 8d. 6s. 4d.@Soldiers 14s. #4 4s.@Sweepers 11s. 6d. #3 9s.@Barber 4s. #1 4s.@Constable 2s. 12s.@Candlewoman 2s. 12s.@Pensioner: Waldgrave 1s. 9d. 10s. 6d.@Sinking Fund 1s. 15d. 10s. 10d.@Salary Fund 1s. 15d. 10s. 10d.


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs


Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and instrumental Music-the best Masters; viz., A Full Piece of the famous Signor Colista-Dean Sr, Holmes, Smith; A Solo for the Arch Lute and Violin by Dean Jr-Dean Sr, Dean Jr; Singing-Gates; A set of Airs for the Arch Lute and Violin-Dean Sr, Dean Jr; Singing to the Lute-Dean Jr; A Solo of the famous Archangelo Corelli-Dean Sr; Also several select Airs Out of Camilla and Thomyris-; with Symphonies-the best Performers


Mainpiece Title: The Devil To Pay; Or, The Wives Metamorphos'd

Dance: new dance %Bartholomew Fair-Fisher Tench, Miss Brett


Mainpiece Title: The Tender Husband

Afterpiece Title: Patie and Peggy; or, The Fair Foundling

Dance: Mrs Booth, Miss Robinson


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Officer; or, The Captain's Lady

Dance: Denoyer, Mrs Booth, Essex, Miss Robinson, Haughton, Mrs Walter


Mainpiece Title: A Lyric Ode; Alexander's Feast, And The Coronation Anthems

Music: After the Ode: A Miscellaneous Act-; New Overture-; Song-a Gentleman (his first appearance in Public); Concerto on Oboe-Fischer; Song-Miss M. Linley (composed by Bach); Concerto on violin-Linley Jr; Song-Miss Linley (composed by Sacchini); Duetto-the Two Miss Linley's (composed by Piccini); Chorus


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Dance: Shaw, Topham, Mrs Santlow, Mrs Bicknell, Miss Younger, Miss Tenoe; Fairbank's new Comic Dance-Topham, Miss Tenoe


Mainpiece Title: The Scornful Lady



Mainpiece Title: The True And Ancient History Of King Lear And His Three Daughters

Music: Between the Acts: Select Pieces-; particularly a Solo-Signor Carbonelli

Dance: Shaw, Denoye, Mrs Bicknell, Mrs Younger, Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Afterpiece Title: The Robbers; or, Harlequin Trapp'd by Colombine

Dance: The Scating Dance-


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Dance: I: Passacaille-Miss Robinson; II: Peirette-Mrs Brett; III: Polonese-Miss Robinson, Rainton; IV: Harlequin-Rainton; V: Spanish Entry-Miss Robinson

Music: II: Serenade on Violin-Roger , to his Mistress in the Character of Pierot


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Strolers

Music: Between Acts: Select Pieces-

Dance: End III: Spanish Dance-Miss Robinson; V: Coquet Shepherdess-Lally, Mrs Booth; End Farce: Pieraite-Roger, Mrs Brett


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Afterpiece Title: The Strolers

Music: between the Aetween the Acts: Select Pieces-; End II: The 8th Concerto of Corelli-; IV: The 5th Concerto of Corelli-

Dance: I: A new Spanish Entry-Miss Robinson; III: A new Chacone-Essex, Young Rainton, Miss Robinson, others; V: A new Pastoral-Miss Robinson; End Farce: Pieraites-Roger, Mrs Brett


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Dance: End I: Harlequins-Young Master Lally, Miss Brett; In Masquerade Scene: Polonese-Rainton, Miss Robinson Sr; V: Coquette Shepherdess-Lally, Mrs Booth


Mainpiece Title: The Lover

Afterpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Dance: III: Peasant-Rainton, Mrs Walter; IV: Tambourin-Miss Robinson; V: English Maggot-Rainton, Mrs Walter

Song: In The Jovial Crew: The Merry Beggars-Rainton, others