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Mainpiece Title: Concert

Music: Vocal and Instrumental Music ....The orchestra was not very strong, consisting of no more than sixty persons, but it was incomparable-; Signiora Margarita del'Epine; sang, but she was by no means as pleasing as in the opera....She was the only person who sang. The instrumental music was extremely beautiful: Pepusch; who directs everything, and played the thorough-bass, excelled all the others. The violins too could scarce have been better. But most notable of all was a most charming concerto played with Pepusch by a flute and a viol di gamba. The person who plays the flute is a Frenchman called-Paisible; whose equal is not to be found....The second man, who played the viol di gamba with such uncommon excellence, is an Italian called-Signor Pietro


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Music: Instead of Act Tunes will be perform'd Select Pieces of Musick adapted to various Instruments, Being deisgn'd as a Concert Intermix'd with the Play. For theOverture: a Grand Concerto- by Dr Pepusch, in which the Kettle Drums are principal,; accompanied with Trumpets Hautboys Violin-; The Kettle Drums-Mr Benj. Baker; V: That celebrated Piece, The Water Musick-; by Mr Handel, for Trumpets, French Horns, Kettle-Drums, Hautboys. Concluding with a Preamble on the Kettle@Drums-Benj. Baker

Dance: II: Tambourin-Miss Rogers; In III: Scots Dance-Mrs Bullock; III: Two Pierrots-Poitier, Pelling; IV: Sicilian-Glover, Mrs Pelling; V: Comic Dance in the Footing Manner-Jones, Mrs Ogden, with some Additions to it, never performed before

Song: I: Mrs Wright