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Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Role: Lady in Balcony Actor: Mrs Lefevre

Afterpiece Title: The English Merchant

Role: Amelia Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Molly Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Lady Alton Actor: Mrs Lloyd
Role: Mrs Goodman Actor: Mrs Bolton

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Cuyler

Monologue: 1784 03 22 End of 2nd piece Shuter's Post-haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton


Mainpiece Title: A Trip To Elysium; Or, Foote, Weston, And Shuter In The Shades (as Performed For Wilson's Benefit Last Season, At The Above Theatre [on 10 Aug

Afterpiece Title: The Miser

Role: Mariana Actor: Mrs Bolton
Role: Wheedle Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Lappet Actor: Mrs Lloyd

Afterpiece Title: Twistings and Twinings; or, Tea's the Twaddle

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Benson

Song: 3rd piece to conclude with Tippee against Twaddle by Wilson

Monologue: 1785 02 12 Following the Singing Joe Haynes's Epilogue, riding on an ass, by Wilson. imitations. End of Act I of 4th piece Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical, by way of Dialogue. A Gentleman (1st appearance [unidentified]) will take off the Speakers, and Decastro will take off the Singers, with a Dying Scene. After which, Plank, the carpenter, will take them both off


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Role: Ranger Actor: Mrs Greville
Role: Mrs Strickland Actor: Mrs Walcot
Role: Jacintha Actor: Mrs Bolton
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Milliner Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Hunter

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Song: End of mainpiece The Soldier tired of War's Alarms by Mrs Pinto

Monologue: 1785 04 26 End of Act II of mainpiece Collins's Ode on the Passions by Mrs Walcot. imitations. End of Act I of afterpiece, as 17 Sept. 1784, but An entire new dialogue in the Shades between Foote and Weston; added: Prospero (in the manner of Mossop); omitted: Prologue to Barbarossa


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Day
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Mrs Hunter.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in her Teens

Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Delpini
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Bolton.

Dance: End IV: Double Hornpipe-Mr and Miss Bourk

Song: End I: Crazy Kate-Chambers; End III: song-Arrowsmith

Entertainment: End II: Imitations-a Gentleman [unidentified]

Monologue: Vaudeville. End: Bunbury's Representation of the Prince's Bow. Teacher-Delpini; in which he will introduce a song, Woman turn us round about-Delpini


Mainpiece Title: Miss In Her Teens

Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Bolton, .

Afterpiece Title: Barnaby Brittle; or, A Wife at her Wit's End

Role: Damaris Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Mrs Brittle Actor: Mrs Bolton.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Bolton.

Entertainment: Monologue. End 1st piece: Scrubb's Trip to the Jubilee (as altered by the late David Garrick, Esq., in character,)-Death; Vaudeville. End 2nd piece: a new favourite song-Birkett; Dance-the Miss Simonets; A Pantomimical Interlude: Harlequin (with the celebrated Dying Scene)-Follett Jun., Clown- Follett Sen.; +A martial song-Birkett